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Wed 16th May, 2012

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Splashman commented on Video: Watch The Virtual Boy's Galactic Pinbal...:

I've been saying it ever since they first announced the 3DS: Virtual Boy on VC needs to happen.
The platform was a complete flop and prolongued usage of the hardware gave you headaches, but on 3DS those issues would be a thing of the past. People sometimes equate "sales flop" with "poop library", which is true in some cases (CDi), but otherwise also gives perfectly decent titles like on VB, 32X or 3DO the unfortunate fate of falling into obscurity.
Mario Clash, Teleroboxer, VB Wario Land etc don't deserve that fate.



Splashman commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

The original game is pretty fun, but of course they had to opt for this shoddy NES port that looks like an Atari title. Even the C64 version looks better than this!



Splashman commented on Review: Mega Man III (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

This is one of my favorites of the whole classic series. Technically MMIV and V are the better games, but of III I have the fondest memories. Beating the brutal Dust Man and Wily Stages left me with a true feeling of accomplishment, like I was ready to best everything Capcom could throw at me.



Splashman commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

@JaxonH Don't you mean "WiiU title"? There are tons of tools and soundtracks ripped from Wii ISOs.

And yes, in a perfect world, every game publisher would ramp up their game and make their whole music catalogue plus bonus discs with beta/demo/unused tracks available for all their fans.
But for Nintendo, that's one of their last priorities at the moment.



Splashman commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

@JaxonH Hacking your personal system for sound ripping isn't exactly necessary, true that. But to develop the ripping tools, emulation and data decryption, the system itself first needs to be reverse engineered by the hacking community.
For now, 3DS/WiiU sound data are still trapped in a black box, thanks to Nintendo's security efforts.



Splashman commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

With regards to the WiiU hacking thread from yesterday, game music is one perfectly good reason for hacking and decrypting our closed game systems.

If the publisher decides against an OST release and doesn't create a sound menu for the game, the only way to enjoy the music outside of the console would be to make a direct line-in recording from the running game. Those often vary in quality, because of interfering sound-fx and whatnot.
The best possible achievable quality however would be to look for the asset files inside the game data and directly convert them into WAV/MP3 sound files, either via emulation or stream decoding tools.

So you can either hope for the publisher to eventually release an OST, or trust the hacking community to make the jobs easier for game music rippers, who want to give you the best possible listening experience to enjoy.



Splashman commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

Good. It always pleases me to see more developments in that direction. I'm of the firm belief that once you've bought a device, it should be yours to use and modify, be it under official terms, homebrew, region unlocking, piracy or whatever the hell you please.

The WiiU hacker team at 30C3 also personally stated, they'd rather enable the device for homebrew alone than piracy. But according to them, piracy on modern consoles is much easier to pull off than homebrew, and the interest in WiiU homebrew use and development isn't very high to begin with. So there...



Splashman commented on Nintendo Ends Partnership With Austrian Distri...:

I just realized that the same thing happened to Germany's southern neighbor a while ago. For decades, Waldmeier AG was responsible for our local distribution and support, but now we finally have a legit Nintendo Switzerland in D├Ąttwil, Baden. Hooray for Club Nintendo points!



Splashman commented on An Official Mega Man [Board] Game is Coming!:

With all this merchandise hubbub and no real games, the least thing they could make would be a new Rockman anime! It doesn't even need to have an overarching story or follow any plot from the games. Just keep the details straight, like in the Archie comics.



Splashman commented on Review: Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Wii Virtua...:

@Alucard At last! Someone who shares my opinion on the game. Monster Land 1 definitely deserves more love, as it's a near perfect blend between RPG and fast-paced Arcade action.
Instead of Zelda, I used to play the Commodore 64 port back in the days. There was no other game like it on the system.