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Sat 1st Dec 2012

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Spike6958 commented on Current-Gen Pokémon Mew Distribution Details ...:

I've said it before,and I'll say it again, this store exclusive Pokemon stuff is garbage. A few years ago GAME closed a lot of their stores due to nearly entering administration, both stores within a reasonable distance from me where included in these. If I wanted to get this now, it's a 3 hour car drive. I'm not making a 3 hour car drive every month just for a Pokemon. I could understand it other years because they want these to be rare, but the 20th anniversary should be the one year they let everyone get these Pokemon. Just offer them over Wifi or don't bother.



Spike6958 commented on Feature: Five of Our Favourite Nintendo Direct...:

I personally just loved how random and layed back the Direct where. When it comes to Sony, Microsoft and other publishers doing events, it's all business, and mostly for the press. Where as Nintendo cared more about the fun side and talking directly to the people who would be playing the games they made. I just hope Iwata's passing doesn't also mean the directs will lose what made them special (though Iwata was a big part of that).



Spike6958 commented on The Game Awards Will Take Place on 3rd December:

I don't know if Splatoon is best Shooter, but it's certainly best new IP. Mario Maker will also probably win something I'd imagine because the media fell in love with it. Nothing else for Nintendo though, which is there own fault because TBH they've not released much else of note this year, and Xenoblade X won't be out in time.



Spike6958 commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

Interesting, maybe I've read it wrong, but the way it's worded seems to imply that the King K.Rool costume is 3DS only. Could that mean King K.Rool will come as a playable character for the Wii U version, but only a costume for the 3DS?



Spike6958 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th June (Europe):

Aww. I saw Harvest Moon, and thought it was gonna be Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for Wii U Virtual Console. Anyone know if we'll actually be getting that, because it's just released in USA?