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United States

Mon 12th May 2008

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spiff commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

nintendo is really dropping the ball with the vc the last few months. what's the deal? we were getting good games regularly there for a while, but all we get is junk now.

the vc was the main reason i absolutely HAD to have a wii and now it's been months since there's been anything worth getting (not counting wii ware). it's really starting to get aggravating.



spiff commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

i went ahead and bought it today. i wanted to wait for some reviews to show up here, but i've been looking forward to it for too long and couldn't wait. i like the idea of being able to build your kingdom. i've always like building sims.

anyway, i've only played through the first day. i've got a couple friends over and don't wanna sit there and make 'em watch me play by myself, ya know. i'm not sure how good i'd be at a "review" but if i'll be sure to through some opinions in here once i got some real time on it.