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United Kingdom

Mon 4th Jan 2010

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Soyabean commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

I've got nothing against rail shooters - but they are low-budget easy to make games compared to a "real" game - if they had done a proper zombie game and a proper Dead Space game on the Wii - then that would say more about whether or not hardcore games will sell,
And as for Madworld - well I'm mostly a hardcore gamer, but that game has zero appeal to me personally - I'm not suprised it only sold to a small audience.
I had hopes for The Conduit, but it turned out to be a bit dissappointing.
People keep saying high-quality hardcore games don't sell on the Wii - well I'm still waiting to see a single really high-quality 3rd party hardcore game on the Wii so we can find out.