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Sat 28th March, 2009

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Sonatina_Gena commented on Need Some Tetris Lessons?:

"... in the relative comfort of his own home." Hahaha. I smiled when I saw this. I love the beginner class, where half of the time you're just watching him play; and how in the other class, you're playing drunk.

I'm a minor, so I think I'll pass. I need that money for more Wii Points, anyway.



Sonatina_Gena commented on Pixel Customizes Wii Remotes:

That's pretty sweet. I'd never use them, though. I'd be afraid to ruin the artwork. I should scribble on my extra WiiMote.

We still want the game, though. I have the Freeware version, but I'm willing to spend money on this game. It looks awesome.



Sonatina_Gena commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

Oh, wow. I was not expecting that. I guess odd games can be good sellers after all. I do like the artstyle, though. It's actually cute.

It's just seems a bit expensive, though.