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SonataAndante commented on Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Is Not A Playable ...:

I agree with his given logic, he's just a bit inconsistent with it. Ganondorf and Wario spring to mind as characters that aren't terribly accurate portrayals. It's actually pretty disappointing that Ganondorf hasn't been given a rework. The slow, powerful Captain Falcon inspired moveset is very fun, but I always figured it could be passed on to Black Shadow with no issues and Ganondorf given something more fitting. His depiction in Hyrule Warriors is much better in my opinion, as it's a good mix of heavy swordplay, dark magic, and a bit of Ganon here and there.

Wario just happens to have a whole lot of nothing from Wario Land and I was disappointed to see his side smash changed from a shoulder bash to a generic punch (his basic A combo, ftilt, and fsmash are all simple punches now, talk about boring). I'm glad he wanted to give Ridley a proper representation, I just wish he'd be a bit more consistent with that train of thought.



SonataAndante commented on Gallery: Gorge Yourself on These Assets For Th...:

@AlexSora89 Oh I get what you mean and I know it's not comparable since Europe's been given the short end of the stick for ages. I'm not implying you said this or meant this, but I dislike the notion that NA isn't allowed to complain because Europe's been ignored for years, as if it's only fair that one region gets ignored in order favor the other. It really shouldn't be one region or the other, it should be both.



SonataAndante commented on Gallery: Gorge Yourself on These Assets For Th...:

@AlexSora89 I've said it before on here and I'll say it again: Nobody likes being left out of getting cool stuff. Nobody. Good for Europe for getting attention lately, it's been a long time coming. Trading places with NA isn't what I would call a nice situation though. In an ideal situation we would all enjoy close release dates and receive the nice special editions of series we've supported for over a decade or two (or newer series like Bayonetta, of course).

There's a lot of disparity between Nintendo's major regions and nobody should ever be surprised when people missing out on something are upset. I would love to buy some special editions for series I've loved for most of my life, but NA doesn't get them. It's actually getting pretty irritating that Nintendo creates these SEs and simply doesn't distribute them to all regions. Region locking the games makes this even worse.



SonataAndante commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

You know, I did notice that when launching and closing the demo that the 3DS takes a bit more time than it does for any other game. On top of that when you close the demo the 3DS says to "please wait" and the screens go black for a few seconds before the menu comes back. I found that curious but had a suspicion that Smash is so taxing that the 3DS needs to do a bit more computational gymnastics to get it going. Seems I was right. No big deal though, I don't really use Miiverse ever and the 3DS browser is frustrating at best after using a decent Android phone's browser.



SonataAndante commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

Oh wow, I haven't paid attention to any of this so kind of surprised me to see this happening. Cool though, I look forward to it! I've had homebrew on my Wii since the only way to do it was with the now patched Twilight Hack. I have 2 shelves of physical Wii games by the way, so don't even suggest I did it to pirate Wii games.

I understand the concern for the health of online games, but do keep in mind this is a different generation. The DS and Wii had online games wrecked by cheats because neither console had any real system in place to deal with it to my knowledge. There was absolutely nothing to stop you from playing online if you so much as had a wifi connection. Nintendo's online isn't so primitive these days and will likely be able to prevent cheats from being enabled online.

As a final note, if this will eventually result in a Virtual Boy emulator so I can play VB Wario Land on my 3DS (like I've been suggesting to Nintendo for ages on Club Nintendo) then I'm sold. I would gladly give Nintendo money for the few good games on their dead and buried console, but to date they're not interested. Maybe someday.



SonataAndante commented on Meta Knight Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. on...:

I didn't think for a second he would be cut, but it's nice to see none the less. Personally I loved playing as Meta Knight. Before Brawl even came out and he was announced I was thrilled. He was my number 1 most anticipated character and he pretty well delivered in-game. Shame he was broken levels of good, but I was just happy he was in the game.



SonataAndante commented on Former Cing Vice President Would Like the Stor...:

I love Hotel Dusk and bit the bullet on importing Last Window awhile back. It was a bit pricey, just a little bit, but I didn't care. I like Hyde and wish Cing hadn't closed it's doors. I'm not much for text heavy adventure games on PC but the style found on the DS was right up my alley. Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk/Last Window, all fantastic games.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@Starwolf_UK Interesting, thanks for the info. It seems like with retail games you get a pretty fair amount of stars to go with your CN's higher prices and stars from 3rd party games is pretty nice. What do post play surveys give out if you get them?

NA Gives 50 coins per Wii U game and 30 for 3DS games (not sure if Wii is still 50 and DS still 30 as they used to be. Might have been reduced). 10 coins per post play survey, which appear 1 week after registration and last 4 months. Some games give an extra 10 if you register within the first 2 weeks or so of release and others might have Intend to Buy surveys awhile before launch which tack on another 10 coins when registering. Coins expire after 24 months much like stars do, but I don't know if the pin code slips ever expire. Never really thought about it or looked into it.

I agree with you, it would be nice to have some sort of breakdown on how the local points system works to inform people how relatively difficult it may be to get some of those rewards. Japan's does sound brutal. After looking into enough of it, I think all 3 Clubs have some things worth being envious over and some things where they get screwed over. NA's physical shop is abysmal right now and Europe has a halfway decent one. NA gets a rotation of eShop and VC games to pick from each month and Europe doesn't get squat. Too bad we couldn't combine the best parts of our Clubs yeah?



SonataAndante commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

"Of course, it would be really easy to make a game by churning out a ton of similar characters, but that's not how I produce games."
"Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth ... their strength, speed, and special attacks almost identical."

Thanks Sakurai, for being consistent. I'm very happy with the inclusion of Robin and while I like Lucina as a Fire Emblem character, I'm very disappointed they just copy pasted Marth and tweaked him a bit. They should have either made her a Falco tier clone or not added her at all. For goodness sakes Roy stood out as more different than Marth compared to Lucina.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@Wolfgabe You (and several other comments like yours) are overreacting more than the posts you're implying are overreacting. A good many of the comments here are just expressing general disappointment, not being entitled. The disappointment comes from precedence and expectations, not from selfishness. Some people are acting angry and like Nintendo betrayed them, yes, but by far they're not representative of the whole comment thread.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Alright so uh, this is a bit off topic, but since it's Club Nintendo related I figured I'd post it here. I was glancing through my to-do list and found something quite odd.
I'm sorry, what? I completely forget if they even gave out post play surveys for older DS games back at the start of Club Nintendo, but holy crap I registered Partners in Time like 5 or 6 years ago. Excuse me? Anyone else got anything odd like this pop up?
Edit: Pffffffft 2008. Untitled



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@ikki5 The European Club Nintendo is an odd ball. They simultaneously get the crap end of the stick and get some really good stuff. I'm not familiar with how many stars they get per game so I don't know how relatively expensive their rewards are compared to NA's. I'm a real sucker for OSTs so I'd kill to have the opportunity to buy those with coins, even if they were expensive. Those Pikmin keyrings are adorable too. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1300 coins and nothing to spend them on presently. Like the picture I posted earlier shows, there really isn't anything to spend them on right now.

Like I said, Europe's odd. They get screwed a fair bit compared to NA, but I'm also envious of their stars catalogue. I'm not European though, so I can't speak for how they feel.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@russellohh Yeah, I totally won't deny the monthly games are a great idea. Bought a fair few of those with my coins over the last year or two (I forget how long they've been offering games). Their rotation isn't the best sometimes (Kirby's Adventure for two months in a row is a recent example) but I don't complain, I just wait another month to see what pops up. As for the physical rewards, different strokes for different folks yeah? I like them, but they just collect dust for other people like yourself.

I gotta say though, the coin rewards section (outside of the games) is getting pretty desolate of late. It's a tad worrying.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Hoo boy, I hope someone is ready to read a wall of text about this. I've been a member of Club Nintendo since before it was even named Club Nintendo. Back in the day there wasn't much real benefit to registering items besides warranty extensions if I recall right. On the odd occasion a reward would pop up with some specific requirements attached. For instance, I got The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition disc through this.

When Club Nintendo rolled around to NA, I was pretty excited. Physical goodies for registering my stuff? Neat! I've reached Platinum every year and I've been fine with everything given out so far. People were pretty grumpy with the pin set offered 3 years ago and the cards/posters 2 years ago, but I thought they were neat enough. Physical Nintendo collectibles tend to be pretty uncommon outside of cheap, mundane things like candy dispensers and kids clothing. Personally, I really like physical goodies. I have a shelf at home bursting with odds and ends I've acquired over the years, and the Club Nintendo Plat rewards are always nice additions.

I also buy quite a lot of games throughout the year. It's my prime hobby and twenty years later it still brings me a lot of joy. When Club Nintendo started offering 4 eShop games as coin rewards each month I was thrilled. Many months the selection brings nothing I desire, but occasionally I pick up something. I think it's a great idea. Extending it to the Gold and Plat rewards, however, leaves me disappointed. To echo so many other people here, I already own every game there that I have any interest in. I'll probably grab Game & Wario due to sheer monetary value. I'd be happier with G&W if I had enough people I could sit down and enjoy it with, but sadly I'm a solo player 98% of the time (which also left Nintendoland feeling a bit flat to me).

This is kind of a hard thing to talk about though. Looking at it objectively, this is still very nice of Nintendo. The Club rewards aren't owed to us really, it's just something they've been doing to reward fans for 6 years now, and it's pretty cool of them (even if the some of the coin rewards have been kind of lame). A selection of free game downloads given to fans is great too, so I can't say this is bad at all. Everyone feels differently though due to different situations.

Perhaps people that are new to CN are happy with this as they don't own many of those games. Good for them, and I hope they get something they can enjoy! Others like myself though, should be allowed to be disappointed. Having already bought the vast bulk of the games on offer (if not all of them) makes the reward feel pretty empty. Are we owed some sweet physical piece of swag? Nope. Does it feel pretty lame that after 5 years of physical goodies we get a pretty bum selection of game downloads instead? Yeah, it does. I'm not mad about this, I'm not going to act entitled, and I'm not going to send Nintendo a cranky email about it. My reaction to the Plat rewards every year is always "Hey, that's neat! " This year all I can muster is "Oh... ok. "



SonataAndante commented on Eiji Aonuma Vows to Reduce Hand-Holding in Fut...:

Skyward Sword's level of handholding in some spots was insultingly bad. I recall one specific part that really made me hate Fi and SS's manner of doing things in general. If I recall right, it was in the basement of the Ancient Cistern. There was a window along the left wall that overlooked the boss key chest. I noticed the window before getting near it and planned to look through it to begin with. Then as I approach it the game decides to direct my attention through it automatically via a small cutscene. Great, thanks. Whatever. Then Fi pops out to describe in words what I had just witnessed with my eyes. She tells me there's something over there and we should try to get to it. GEE. THANKS.

Pour one out for Fi? Nah, Fi can burn for all I care.



SonataAndante commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

@Action51 Interesting, but I'd still wait it out for a week or so to see if it keeps up. Consider that people are suddenly learning about this new technique in droves and are wanting to try it out. Someone says it's better with certain characters and karts, they'll pick that combo to try it. If the tech isn't as good as mind blowingly useful as they thought, they'll drop it after a few tries. If it's good enough to actually be a game changer in multiplayer races, then we actually have a slight issue on our hands.

I'm not fond of knee jerk reactions to anything. I wait and see just how things pan out before screaming bloody murder, it helps me make informed opinions. This comment section is filled with knee jerk reactions and it's driving me up a wall.



SonataAndante commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Looks pretty minor to me. I'm agreeing with the people saying it'll likely have next to no impact in multiplayer due to the utter chaos that erupts. Comparing it to Snaking is overreacting to a massive degree for that matter.

@Action51 As for you, that scenario is fairly ridiculous. People aren't going to start playing exclusively heavy characters online. They have tradeoffs, the main one being a lack of acceleration. Remember all the items being chucked around can make this hard, and being slow as molasses for a bit after being hit certainly doesn't help you win.



SonataAndante commented on Hyperkin Finally Shipping Its Retron 5 Console...:

Aside from my already owning all of the consoles it plays, the controller looks pretty terrible and $140 for some emulators on a board is a bit much. I don't know, I suppose there is a market for it, so I'll respect that. For me personally though, it's either original hardware or full emulation. That controller is still terrible looking though.



SonataAndante commented on Tecmo Koei Hopeful That Hyrule Warriors Will T...:

I'll most likely give it a whirl, seems like an interesting game and I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game. I imagine the gameplay will be quality, but I still don't like the use of Skyward Sword's very cartoony looking Bokoblins. I personally think they look a bit out of place with everything else shown. SS has a distinct art style and I don't think directly lifting assets from it and mixing them with other things is the best idea.



SonataAndante commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Looking forward to it. I'm concerned about the coin grind for vehicle parts though. That wasn't any fun in MK7. After awhile it started to get to what, 500 coins between parts? At only 10 coins max a race that's a serious grind. Also a little concerned about the roster. I don't know if Thomas is allowed to tell us or not, but I hope the roster shown to us isn't the full one. I was personally never fond of all the babies MKWii has and 8 just adds another, so I feel like they're hogging roster spots other characters could have had (Diddy, King Boo and Dry Bones come to mind). Sure, 7 Koopalings takes up a lot of space too, but at least they're an established set of unique characters and I won't complain about them. Meanwhile we have 3 versions each of Mario and Peach driving around. Eh.



SonataAndante commented on Review: Mega Man II (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

I bought the first 3 GB Mega Man games and beat them over the weekend. I think they're decent enough little games. Didn't look particularly bad to me (though I did recognize the scale problems mentioned). Music was a mixed bag too. I didn't expect a ton from some remixed content down ported, but I enjoyed them enough.

That said, maybe I'm a bit of a snob but, I felt the games did commit a few game design sins here and there. The free falling part right at the start of Metal Man's stage was absolutely terrible thanks to the spikes and blind jumps. Sometimes I'd bump into an enemy I would have no idea of knowing was coming before it was too late as well. Hopefully 4 is better. I assume it's up next, unless Xtreme 2 is.



SonataAndante commented on Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong Land Is Coming To...:

I hope this means we'll see re-releases of all of Rare's Donkey Kong games in some form. It'd be good to get them all back out there again. A distant dream for me would be Rare allowing Nintendo to take DK64 and remake it, that and Nintendo actually wanting to do it. It'll never happen, realistically speaking. I think DK64 had some great ideas and an excellent world to explore, but it's a bloated mess in other ways.



SonataAndante commented on Sonic Lost World Gets Free Legend of Zelda DLC...:

Oh cool, I've been wondering when this would come out. For anyone that didn't notice it back then, the Zelda DLC was teased when they revealed the Yoshi's Island DLC. A second Nintendo-themed DLC was mentioned and a Triforce was stuck in the picture somewhere. I'm looking forward to this one, as it's, at least mostly from the looks of it, a 3D level. Yoshi's Island was neat but it was a short 2D level that ended up being good just for farming lives. I wonder if Sega will make anymore DLC after this one. It doesn't have to be Nintendo themed or free, but I am curious.



SonataAndante commented on "Dark And Edgy" Sonic The Hedgehog Film Report...:

“dark [and] edgy” "will use a combination of live-action and animation"
Gimme a second, I need to be sick somewhere. I swear if this is real then Sega has no idea what it's doing with Sonic. They've been doing so well recently with the tone of the series. Bringing it back to a very cartoony and silly tone with Unleashed was exactly what the series needed. Regardless of what you think of Unleashed, the game did return to a considerably less realistic and serious world, and I prefer it that way. I was so certain Sega had learned their lesson after '06. People do not like "dark and serious" Sonic the Hedgehog. Do not make it. I'm very skeptical this is true, however.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (North America):

It kills me how there are more NES games re-rereleased on the 3DS VC than actual GB/GBC games of late. Yes, let's spend the time just porting over the same NES games the Wii VC has instead of picking out handheld titles. Going back through the eshop I think the the last two GB titles to come out are Mario Tennis and Shantae, and Shantae was quite awhile ago was it not? I'm just really disappointed with the VC of late. I can't even imagine what happened to SMB3, once upon a time announced for the day after Christmas.

At the very least I have Donkey Kong TF to finish up and Dark Souls 2 is rolling out next week.



SonataAndante commented on Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition i...:

I nabbed this from the last Humble Bundle and greatly enjoyed it. I beat the game with the bad ending and have been meaning to get around to exploring everything, finding all the hidden chests and getting the proper good ending, but after seeing this, likely not. I'll wait around until this comes out so I'm not totally burned out and can enjoy it for the new content.

Seriously though, Guacamelee is fantastic. I love the art style and combat and humor and just everything. It's a wonderful game, I'll be willing to double dip on this one.



SonataAndante commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

This is not what I expected at all, but I'll try to remain objective here. Tails and Amy look fine, Sonic's concept art looks alright but he looks a bit worse in-game. Overall I'm not really fond of the wraps on everything and Sonic's a bit too lanky looking.

Knuckles is everyone's point of contention, and I get that. OBJECTIVELY, Knuckles doesn't have a terrible design. He's the powerhouse and he looks the part. Problem is the large chested, small headed powerhouse character is sort of a dull and tried trope now. The redesign looks especially weird to everyone familiar with the series, because we're used to the old way. Knuckles hasn't really changed a lick since he debuted in Sonic 3 so seeing him go from Sonic-sized to being a red Hulk seems really odd to everyone. I don't think it's a BAD design, but I don't think it was necessarily the best design for Knuckles, who apparently still moves roughly as fast as Sonic.

I'm not a fan of the dubstep either but it's just a trailer. I highly doubt the main in-game music will be dubstep. Overall I'll play wait and see with this. It could be interesting, and it might be a flop. We'll see.



SonataAndante commented on Preview: Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super ...:

@Tsuchinoko Certainly, as you say we all have valid complaints. I think sometimes we sort of pass over Japan when thinking about being left out though. We don't really hear very often about what you folks don't get on time or at all. Instead we're shown all the things Japan gets and we don't get. As you might have noticed it's mostly just people going on about EU and NA, but you're very much correct. We all miss out on something here and there, and nobody likes it.



SonataAndante commented on Preview: Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super ...:

Are people really trying to measure the advantages and disadvantages NA and EU get? Again? Here's a thought: when one side complains they're missing out on something, the other side shouldn't go "Oh we've had it worse before!" That's just stupid, because regardless of past occurrences NEITHER side likes to be left out of something cool or be months behind the rest of the world. NOBODY likes that. I'd say BOTH sides have a right to be a but bummed out when they're behind or left out (and when something awesome is Japan only we ALL have something to complain about don't we).

That said, I wouldn't say no to SMB Deluxe for free, it's a great little GBC game considering the extra content. I'd bring up the fact that it has the Lost Levels in it too (albeit slightly altered here and there), but the Famicom original is on the 3DS VC too. On a side note, I'm kind of surprised they didn't release SMB1 and LL with their All-Stars graphical and sound upgrades on the GBA. I guess they figured SMB DX was enough?



SonataAndante commented on Monster Hunter 4 G Due In Autumn / Fall This Year:

@Relylp Oh dear lord you just made my day (I went to go look it up myself to be certain and it's true). That said I expected the far off date on it and was JUST about to post that we wouldn't see MH4 until roughly 2015 now. Looking at release dates for Gen 3's incarnations, it takes them between about 6 months to a year or better to localize MH games.

Oh man I just couldn't be much happier now. I love this series even if I only started with Tri.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

Dear me that's a shallow list of titles released. I really do have to wonder what's going on with SMB3. It's already out on both VCs in Japan right? I was hoping for Pokemon Bank as well since Japan got it back Tuesday but I'm resigned to waiting for it at this point.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

"It became a kids IP platform and we don't really make games for kids."
Valid source or not, comments like this always confuse me. The console itself doesn't determine entirely what games are made for it, it's the people that make games for it that determine that. I mean look at Activision, they put Call of Duty out on the Wii U and that's not what I would call a "kids IP." Ubisoft seems quite content to release a lot of their IPs on the Wii U, ranging from Splinter Cell to Assassin's Creed, and I doubt I'm the only one waiting patiently for Watch Dogs. Just because Mario's around doesn't make it a kid's only platform, and every other dev and publisher can understand that.

I'm guessing this is either a very opinionated EA employee or a false source, because it's a rather silly reason.



SonataAndante commented on Review: Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder (3DS eShop):

Yeah I tried the demo out and had the same sort of issues with the photo taking. I thought the concept was pretty cool and I was interested in buying the game, but the demo changed my mind. The demo gives you 2 simple films to try out. The first was a simple circle, no details shown to hint at what it might be. I tried taking a picture of an orange perfectly lined up a few times, got nothing. Tried a roll of tape out too, mostly nothing. It finally hit over 60% accuracy with a rather skewed picture of the tape and revealed that the item was a pin. Great.

Second film seems pretty blatantly like an electrical outlet, easy enough. I used up all 9 tries on that one and still didn't get it to accept my pictures. I tried the simplest, most well lit outlet in my house and the game didn't seem to care. I was frustrated with the game at this point and since you can't buy more film in the demo, I just quit. Yeah, nah, not buying this. The draw of the game to me was the camera usage, and it was so frustrating and inaccurate that I won't buy it now.



SonataAndante commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

I like the concept to a degree and I remain interested, but the visuals need some serious work. I'm not talking from a graphical fidelity standpoint either. The art styles are very badly clashing. We have King Dodongo in the more realistic OoT art style and Bokoblins from the more bright and cartoony Skyward Sword. It's basically a poor mish-mash of art styles and I really don't like it.The game really needs either its own unified art style for everything or it needs to pick ONE Zelda game's art style and go with that. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt currently but if it releases like this I'll be disappointed.



SonataAndante commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Are Updated for December:

Oh that's just plain tricky. When you slap a Wii U banner across the picture of the game's title screen you make a guy think it's available on the Wii U. Nope, though it's technically on Wii U... if you go into the Wii menu and download it there. Bit misleading today eh CN? And hahah oh wow at Balloon Fight's price. I bought that for 30 cents, 200 pieces of fictional currency is too rich for my blood.



SonataAndante commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

I only take issue with the "has been indefinitely disabled" part. I understand shutting it down in the short term, and I would have hoped they took the time to do something like remove photo and sound clip support, add reporting or blocking, etc. It was a neat little app for the sketching part of it and I think it's a shame that it's getting fully axed as opposed to changed. Personally I'm not holding my breath for it, but maybe it's going away indefinitely because Miiverse actually is on its way with drawing capabilities, much like on the Wii U.

I personally didn't use SwapNote much, just a few notes between one of my friends, so this doesn't have a huge impact on me. Still, I think it really is a shame because so many people did use it in a proper manner.



SonataAndante commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Hmm, it only has mono sound with its one speaker. It outputs stereo via headphones but it still seems like an odd choice. After the initial confusion I had, I see a point to this thing and wouldn't mind having one some day. Then again I'm a collector of console variants so eh.



SonataAndante commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

I guess that if we should be fair, the Wii U GamePad looked awkward to hold when it was first shown. Turns out it's pretty comfy and easy to hold. Maybe this thing, despite looking incredibly odd, is the same way? My only concern is the screens are permanently exposed, leaving them more prone to damage without a case.



SonataAndante commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

What the heck am I looking at? That shape does not look very enticing. It looks awkward. That is so incredibly strange looking I don't know what to say. The clamshell design they've used since the GBA SP was perfect for a 2 screen device, so rolling with... this is just weird. I understand the point to a discounted 3DS sans 3D. After all, not everyone even cares for the 3D. I personally never use it. But that design is just really out there.



SonataAndante commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

Glad I pre-ordered my copy. I kind of figured it'd become uncommon and expensive in a short span of time. This is a very strange story and I'm curious to see if any more details will pop up soon.

Also, what in the world is up with that "VINTAGE" banner on the page? Honestly, vintage? It came out last year, how is that vintage?



SonataAndante commented on Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Fr...:

The amount of people saying no to a new F-Zero or a port of GX and talking about how it was bad or needed changed is bothersome. Did people even play the game? As for the notion that people only want realistic racing games like Forza now, holy crap did you forget MARIO KART exists? There is a market for non-realistic racing games. It's there. You can't even possibly begin to assume there's no market for a new F-Zero game when we haven't had a new one on a console for TEN YEARS. The last F-Zero games we got were on the GBA, and I don't think anyone remembers the GBA for its racing games. Nintendo's excuse is also incredibly lame. I'd personally like to see a new F-Zero game come to the Wii U but if they need to do an HD remake of GX to gauge interest or anything like that first, do it. Don't let the series rot for no reason.



SonataAndante commented on New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Trailers Re...:

In case nobody considered it the original games were on the GameBoy Advance, then ported to DS. As a result, the crime scenes and whatnot weren't exactly bursting with graphical fidelity. It was all just static pictures. Now everything is done in 3D, making it a bit more "realistic," or as realistic as PW will ever look probably. That alone could jump the rating.



SonataAndante commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

@element187 Actually I would say there remakes, ports, and upgraded ports. I would class remakes as something more drastic, like Metroid Zero Mission and Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver. A port is a straight up no real changes copy paste of the game, like say, the Classic NES series on GBA or Super Mario All Stars on Wii. An upgraded port would be self explanatory, and I would call things like Star Fox 64 3D and WWHD upgraded ports.

I guess I'm just being really pedantic, but I would never call WWHD a remake.



SonataAndante commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

It's stunning how rude some people can be regarding a damn opinion. It's not like he's DEMANDING Nintendo adds a ton of new stuff, he's just saying it'd be a lot better if they did and that, to him, it feels a bit lazy right now. Personally I'm reserving judgement until I see if they did or didn't add anything else of significance. After that, it'll come down to price. I'd say it's fair to assume it's full price based on other recent upgraded ports as well as GameStop and Amazon preorder prices. It bugs me that people act like it's a total crime to want a bit of new content added to an older game though.



SonataAndante commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for July:

I'm not sure why they repeat DK94 so frequently but oh well, it's a fantastic game and I hope more people play it. Nothing for me this month, as I own everything listed besides Aura (seems to be a trend in these comments) and it's only $2 if I do want it. They're not going to toss out all the best stuff for free every month anyways. They still put out some new gems too. I've been wanting to get F-Zero X for ages and I've been searching for a cartridge copy of it, as they run about the same price as the Wii VC version. Then all of a sudden it pops up as a June reward and I'm able to get it for free. No complaints from me.



SonataAndante commented on Talking Point: The Uncertain Collectible Futur...:

@Hyperstar96 I was about to make a similar point actually. Gaming is young enough right now that loss of access to games has yet to be a huge sweeping issue, but depending on what road it all goes down piracy might very well be the only method of preservation of some games, particularly digital only games. I don't condone the piracy of things like WiiWare games, which are still being sold, but I can't ignore the possibility of those pirated copies being the only way those games survive for any decent length of time. I hope it never comes to that, but the digital trend isn't terribly old right now so it's hard to tell how much support previous gen digital shops will get.

Heck, the whole piracy as preservation issue stands for some physical games too. Anyone remember the Game Boy Advance Mega Man Anniversary Collection that got canceled? It was supposed to be a collection of the 5 Game Boy games with color added. Problem was is that apparently Capcom managed to misplace the source code for some of the games. A real shame, as due to that we might not see all the Game Boy games on the 3DS VC. Obviously we got Wily's Revenge so that game is safe, but what of Mega Man V? The cart alone is uncommon and pricey, and we may never see it released digitally.

Eh, that ended up being a rant, but overall I agree Hyperstar's sentiment.