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I'm one out of ten people who like the Wii U.

Tue 16th April, 2013

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SockoMario commented on Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th A...:

Here's a comment I found on YouTube:

"Nooooo!!! Nintendo why u do this? I play this because its a silly racing game that doesnt have real cars!!'"

There's a kart in MK8, I forget what it's called, but it's a yellow sports car that looks just as out of place as the Mercedes cars. Why do people always forget about that kart?



SockoMario commented on Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th A...:

@gingerbeardman "remove fire hopping"

...why? Bikes with inside-drifting have a HUGE advantage over karts, and now that fire hopping exists, they are nearly on-par with inside-drifting bikes. Why would you want that remove? If they remove fire hopping, they should remove inside-drifting. Because inside-drifting is more broken than fire hopping.



SockoMario commented on These Awesome Articulated Nintendo Figures Are...:

I'm facepalming so freaking hard at the people who say "Y R THEY RELESING THESE?? AMiiBO IS COMING OUT SWOON!"

I am shocked and stunned that people think these cheap figures will affect Amiibo sales. Amiibos are STATUES. THESE ARE NOT STATUES.

Why do I even bother reading the comments on this site? I give up.



SockoMario commented on Video: This Is Possibly The Most Almighty Falc...:

@dumedum Are you freaking serious? No, come on, REALLY? Falcon uses kicks for 90% of his moves, he BARLEY uses punches and you're saying THAT ruins Little Mac??? I'm speechless right now... I'm in a lost for words... I can't believe this. You know? I'm done. I give up.



SockoMario commented on Target Blast Mini-Game Blows Up on Super Smash...:

@ikki5 "it will be too late. The Wii U version will be over shadowed by the 3DS version."

Honestly, who cares.

"most people are just going to jump on the 3DS version, then play it to pieces and then get bored and many will not bother with the Wii U version."

Only casual Smash players will do that. People who have deep love for the franchise will continue to play the games for years (like me).



SockoMario commented on Captain Toad Won't Be Tracking Treasure In Eur...:

Wow, I see people in the comments section here who don't care about Smash Bros. I am deeply concerned for these people. I will send them a card to get well soon!

Oh, and Captain Toad getting delayed in EU? That sucks, I guess.



SockoMario commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

@Gaminguy010 Sakurai DID NOT remove Roy in Brawl because he was a clone, time constraints is what removed Roy. Roy is even located in the files of Brawl, along with Mewtwo.

@yoshisaredragon "I would have liked an explanation of why he put in Lucina"

...did you even read the article?

"However, even though Lucina shares her physical stats and techniques with Marth, the characteristics of their attacks differ. When two such similar characters function in an even slightly different manner, I give them a separate spot on the roster since that will affect battle records and whatnot. In that sense, you could say she was very lucky to join the fray!"



SockoMario commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

To the insane people who think Rayman is playable: WHHHY would Sakurai show off a trophy for a new character, before OFFICIALLY revealing that character? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

Also, some of these third party character requests I see make me lose all hope in humanity.