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Fri 25th Jul 2008

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Snorlax commented on Retro Styled Castlevania Coming To WiiWare?:

I was hoping that Megaman 9 would bring discussion about older styles being brought to Wiiware. I would enjoy a 2d metroid, 2d Castlevania, 2d Mario, 2d Adventure Island, 2d Street Fighter or Mortal combat, etc.

Hopefully this new "retro" thing will bring about a sort of devolution in gaming. The quality of most games seems to have went downhill, like music and television.



Snorlax commented on Official Helix WiiWare Trailer - Shake Your Bo...:

To bash a game for being casual are hardcore is a tad bit hasty. One could not look at games like Harvest Moon, Super Mario 3, Megaman, or Double Dragon, even Pong and know if they were good or not. Hardcore and Casual are buzz words, play games for fun people. Games always were and always will be about fun.

Sadly trying something new is a tough deal, people fear change. You will get bad comments from people quick to judge and quick to hate.

Congrats to everyone at Ghostfire for finishing their game!

I would say for replay, Helix two should add in experience or milestones. Say you do 100 of a certain dance step you get a special limb color. This way you can customize the color of each limb on your figure. Reach a certain level of dancing and you get new dance steps or new backgrounds, perhaps new songs. A quick pace mode of each song could be unlocked where the beats are sped up for tougher dancing.

This would be a lot to pack into an already full game but this might stop those people who still insist on using "hardcore" and "casual".

Thank you Ed for coming to speak with us game players, rarely do we get to hear from the other side.