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Fri 30th August, 2013

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Smooching commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

I love the white Nintendo consoles. They are so pretty. I actually waited before buying a Wii U until there was a white premium model. In the end I got the Wii Party U Bundle, which was a great deal imho. I really, really love it. You're gonna need an external hard drive after your first large downloaded game anyway. The white is just so soothing. I even had to import white Wii U Pro Controllers from the US because those are not sold here (even though Nintendo had them at an event stand, so I bitched about it there) ... Totally worth it though :D
(Btw: It was cheaper to import two of them from the US including shipping and taxes than to buy them here retail.)



Smooching commented on Rumour: Customisable Mii Fighter amiibo Could ...:

Well, if you think about it... Nintendo could just make a service where you can select a Mii in Mii Maker or in Super Smash Bros. and upload it and purchase an amiibo of it through the eShop. Nintendo could just get high quality 3D printers or hire an external company and start producing these things on a larger scale? Maybe it isn't even necessary to use 3D printers as the parts you use for your Mii are limited so they could just produce these and glue them together? I don't know, just some thoughts I had about the feasibility...

It seems possible, although perhaps a bit too much effort? Although I must say I would personally love an amiibo of my Mii.



Smooching commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

I like the virtual console release. It is just an emulation so you can expect certain limitations.
What I do wonder is whether Nintendo implemented the emulation of the wireless communication of the DS. After all, you can still try to connect to Nintendo WFC. It might still try to connect to the now-offline servers, although that might be farfetch'd. I guess I could try to capture the network activity, but I can't be bothered to be honest.
Mario Kart 8 is much more entertaining if you ask me. Even though it lacks the extras like missions.



Smooching commented on Weirdness: Pokémon Fan Finds a Way to Trade F...:

Omg, I did almost the same about 3 years ago :p I allowed trading with yourself and injecting a new attack on the received Pokémon.
Roughly the same time as I wrote a Game Boy Printer library for Arduino. It's fun material.



Smooching commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:

@Ralek85 The head tracking works by illuminating you with an (invisible) infrared LED to the right of the camera. For that reason I think it will work in the dark rather fine.

What I do wonder is if the battery life suffers from the camera being used all the time.



Smooching commented on Super-Secret Bases Confirmed for Pokémon Omeg...:

Well, that's what they were going for with that trainer class if you ask me, so they did a good job in your case, haha. So I can imagine your feelings toward those "demonic creepy bug eyed abominations" :P We should have a chat conversation about this sometime .. ;)



Smooching commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

I love your word choice, haha. I agree with you on that.

But honestly, you could compare anything to heroin if you follow their logic.
Did you hear? Mayonnaise is addictive because 3 people ate too much of it. Sex is addictive because testosterone levels increase in the brain. Imagine combining those two, good heavens, an orgasm for crappy newspapers.



Smooching commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

While the idea is very nice, Nintendo giving lots of love to people like this, I fringe upon seeing the need of two usb ports for a peripheral. My external usb drive also needed the extra port. They just could have made the USB output current a bit higher so this wouldn't be necessary... Now if I want this GameCube hub-thingey, there is no room for the Disney Infinity base at all (unless I maybe use usb hubs that are externally powered, but that defeats the purpose I guess). But heck what does it even matter, because I'll be too busy using Mario Kart or the upcoming NFP to bother about silly old Disney Infinity anyway. :)



Smooching commented on This Amazing Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama Is Now ...:

@Gladius_X Indeed, same as I was thinking. Goodness, I have almost 5000 stars, but not the 7000....

I hated myself for missing it in the first place, now I get a second chance and I still don't have enough.... I'm gonna order several games then.

It just hit me, Luigi handles a "Poltergust 5000", so 5000 stars makes more than perfect sense. I smell conspiracies... :P