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Fri 30th August, 2013

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Smooching commented on This Amazing Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama Is Now ...:

@Gladius_X Indeed, same as I was thinking. Goodness, I have almost 5000 stars, but not the 7000....

I hated myself for missing it in the first place, now I get a second chance and I still don't have enough.... I'm gonna order several games then.

It just hit me, Luigi handles a "Poltergust 5000", so 5000 stars makes more than perfect sense. I smell conspiracies... :P



Smooching commented on This Year of Luigi Diorama Brings a Dark Moon ...:

My god, I haven't got enough stars (yes, they are stars in Europe) because I bought that Year of Luigi Coin...
I need that statue, any ideas to solve this? I wish one could just buy stars... I mean, I have enough money for it in real life anyway... Maybe I have to look on eBay afterwards or something.



Smooching commented on Pokémon X & Y Update Mandatory for Online Pla...:

Anyway..., I think it's good that they are capable of putting out these updates on the 3DS system. I remember that people had to submit their GBA games to Nintendo to fix the problem where berries were not growing anymore. I am also happy about the fact that Gamefreak pays attention to cheating and everything, I think it ruins the Pokémon experience for others. I really hope they encrypt the crap out of Pokémon data entries.



Smooching commented on Rumour: Cherry And Mango Wii U Colours Outed B...:

Yes, exactly, same here...

By the way, I did take a good look at it. They do state the UPC code with it and they also have the New Super Mario Bros. U + New Luigi U bundle on there which was discussed on here as well ( Rumour: Wii U New Super Mario Bros and New Super Luigi U hardware bundle sighted ) so all in all it does seem very legitimate. I wonder what kinds of bundles November will bring...



Smooching commented on Online Multiplayer Comes To The Super Nintendo...:

My thoughts exactly. It works only when a game does not apply randomness. Even then you may cope with synchronization problems.
This would only work if the video of one of the consoles is also transmitted for display on the external tv. Other than the technological part of this, for myself it would not be really interesting.