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Re: Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope Could Come to Wii U if Kickstarter Stretch Goal is Met


@ScorpionMG Just cause you say an argument is invalid doesn't make you right. You're stating its an "argument" (exactly what I am talking about someone like yourself is satisfied) Well majority of those who own the WIIU are not. So again its not an argument its a fact. (now theres a difference) There are many articles to support that. If you can't see it then I'm afraid we disagree.
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Re: Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, The Grass Isn't Always Greener


I agree with a lot that is said, but there is one third party title that I think you fail to mention. GTAV - Arguably one of the biggest games to come out this year. Nintendo has said "good chance coming to WIIU" but I have heard nothing. I don't want to purchase a 360 again just to play one game. Just bring us GTAV at the very least for third party support. If other third party's see Rockstar putting their hottest selling franchise on WIIU, then I think others will likely follow I think some would buy a WIIU just to experience it on the gamepad with off TV play!