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cant wait for smashbros4 wii U!!!!!

United States

Well anyone who loves sonic and mario side by side and smashbros, then welcome to nintendo life.

3 days ago

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@KodyDawg Hi i need help in a couple of months i will be forced to choose the wii u or ps4 as a gift and i was wondering if you could help out. I am both a dragon ball Z nerd and a smash bros fanatic. And the fact that in both games you can make your own fighter makes it a even more difficult choice.



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Yeah it would be cool if smash bros did come on the vita. I both the vita 2 years back thinking that it would be having sales like the psp but i thought wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should've bought the 3ds xl. Buut then again with the NEW 3ds xl coming out maybe i should enjoy what i have and wait.