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Thu 31st Jan 2013

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SmallFryUnify commented on Video: We Want Your Super Mario Maker Levels f...:

We've been doing this for 4 weeks now on Games Lounge's live Twitch stream, every Wednesday from 7pm till 10:30pm. Viewers join us on twitch, post their level codes in the comments and we try out their levels as we go. Any we really enjoy we give them a star and possibly comment on.

We post up the ones we've tried on Facebook and YouTube for others to play or check out.

Nice to see Nintendolife copying our idea though, must mean we're doing something right lol



SmallFryUnify commented on Video: Here Is The First Footage Of 90s Arcade...:


The original announcer sound recordings actually have more reverb on them and sound better, think they've removed that for this video, not sure why, but trust me with the reverb it sounds better and matches the originals. I know because I recorded them and I've got the original here and I myself thought they sounded flatter, so I checked the originals and indeed that's what it is.



SmallFryUnify commented on Weirdness: A Mario Kart Movie Could be Epic:

This is something we're hoping to tackle with live action films based on video games. We don't think they need to be crap at all, it's like people don't put any effort into them, like gaming is an afterthought. The way we see it is why even bother, make something awesome or at least as good as you can otherwise don't waste peoples time.

The film we're working on now, The Real ZombieU, we've tried to make sure we've got something in there for game and film lovers, things you will appreciate and hopefully realise how much effort that's gone into making it.

Yes we're indie, yes we're low budget, however that has't meant that we've compromised on quality or trying to make something that gamers can watch and appreciate.

It's a pity Nintendolife's completely ignored us and felt it necessary to remove our blog post about the film, but hey, maybe once the films out it'll be clear we're actually trying to do something for the game community and putting all our passion into. Strange because we thought sites like Nintendolife would have jumped at the chance to report on our film, it's game related and actually having some proper effort behind it, most importantly it's Nintendo themed through and through.



SmallFryUnify commented on Rumour: Wii U Sold Less Than 40,000 Units In N...:


I never said you don't do articles or stories on Nintendo stuff, but I'm pretty confident in saying there's enough games or new that's out there to negate having to post every other day telling us it's, quote:

If this info is indeed true, it paints a pretty bleak picture of the Wii U's current fortunes in the US. What can Nintendo do to pull the system out of the mire?

We all know after about 100+ f'ing articles stating the Wii U needs big titles and that things need to improve, so why do you have to keep re-iterating the same nonsense.

Fine post sales figures, but to be honest those figures are pretty decent all things considering, however, again it's turned into some dire straits article about the Wii U's struggle against consoles that have gigantic games libraries and global hardware sales. It's like sites are continually pointing out the obvious and it's unnecessary.

For a site dedicated to Nintendo, you'd think they'd have a bit more common sense that to fuel what's essentially misleading information. The reality is, the consoles in a completely different environment from previous generations, it's up against two consoles that have 70+ million install base, it's still to get its big named exclusives, games we all know sell Nintendo hardware and most of all it's actually got some great games already with even more to come, like Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, exclusive Sonic games, Wonderful 101 and I'm sure many many more. Sales will come with the games, just like they have many times previous.

Like Emily Rogers said recently, if you keep harping on the same story over and over, whether its true or not, you end up with a set-fulfilling prophecy. I fear that so called Nintendo sites are doing exactly that, instead of generating hype and positivity about the, you know, positive aspects of the console.



SmallFryUnify commented on Rumour: Wii U Sold Less Than 40,000 Units In N...:


I completely agree and I think people completely missed your point. There's far to many pointless articles or news stories about doom and gloom, we get it ffs, the Wii U needs it's big hitters, can we all move on now and start enjoying the system instead or repeating the same bs every day or so.

I agree it would be better for games sites, especially Nintendo ones, to focus on games development and about the positive aspects of the Wii U itself. Why not go out of your way to secure exclusive interviews or write up exclusive articles about the Wii U features.

E3 is just around the corner and even the last Nintendo Direct gave some new info, so wouldn't it be a lot better to analyse that news and see the positive and report on that. Nobody is asking you to ignore the facts, to be honest with every other a-hole site out there like IGN slating the machine every chance they get, there's really no need to sing the same old story.

I'm honestly bemused how negative people actually are about the Wii U and makes me question if they've actually spent some decent time with the machine or not or if they're just moaning for the sake of it, because it's fun to be a whining little tool every two seconds.

I personally think the Wii U is fantastic, Miiverse is great and I find it surprising how people are missing the actual potential it has for game development. The games so far have been pretty damn good, yeah it would be great to get GTAV, Destiny, Madden etc also confirmed but to be honest if your really bothered about some games not coming, get a PC and get the best games EVER!!! Jokes aside, the games that have already been released have been fine, the games still to come look fantastic. If you're honestly that upset about certain games not coming then you're either complaining for the sake of it or your really deluded about the games industry. I have an Xbox360 and I never got certain PS3 games, heck I'm sure there's people with PS3's never got Halo4, poop happens and not every console has every game. The great thing is, minus several big hitters from 3rd parties, Nintendo is actually one company that can actually counteract some of that due to it's very wealth of own IP.

People keep saying can't Nintendo survive without 3rd party support, of course they can because the reality is, it's not completely missing 3rd party support, only certain games. It stil has limited 3rd party support, something that will hopefully improve as the console sells better this winter.

Anyhoo, I'm ranting now and getting into negative mindset myself. I play games and enjoy gaming for fun, not to be left feeling depressed or poop by reading pointless, negative articles every two seconds, I really hope NintendoLife and other Nintendo related fan sites can spend more time reporting the positive sides of gaming, stories about groups getting together and having a great game sessions, or how games improved some disabled kids life, or maybe just even reporting on the actual games coming instead of what's not coming.



SmallFryUnify commented on Miyamoto: Mobile Competition Actually Helps Wii U:

I personally think it's good that the machine doesn't have Music & DVD playback as standard. However I think there are still enough people out there that warrants the ability to install a software update to unlock both. Maybe it could be a small fee to download and it would unlock the features, covering any licensing fees for using CD/DVD/BluRay functionality.

If Nintendo does what it did with the Wii and not provide an option like above, then they really need to create alternatives means to streaming music and films. It needs to be something more akin to iTunes in that sense as having numerous apps like Netflix/Amazon/Lovefilm etc, make it a convoluted experience. It's possibly were TVii comes in, but as it is only the US has that and even then it's not fully working.

Like said already, I think it's a good thing to reduce consumer costs by removing that functionality but I think it should be something that is an option if wanted. I hate when people say stuff like, "You can get a DVD player for £15" or "I've already got numerous devices to play DVD's on so I don't need it", the problem with any comments like that is that they are missing a very valid point. You are not everybody and so what you want isn't what everyone else wants. Even if there's only 100 people out there wanting that functionality, isn't it better to add it as a paid app or download, something that doesn't impact anyone except those who want the service. That way costs are kept down and only those wanting the features have to pay to have them, covering the fees when required.



SmallFryUnify commented on Ubisoft Still Undecided On How To Use The Wii ...:


You're probably right, however the thing controlling the cameras is very similar to using Google Street U or in ZombiU when you look around using the Gamepad. Other than that it's just putting menus on the Gamepad that as always persistent unless you change them or go into camera mode. It's a more intuitive use than having to press a button to get the interface up on screen, it's also a lot quicker and removes clutter from the screen.

I genuinly think with Microsoft pushing SmartGlass and Sony now pushing the PSVita as an alternative to the Wii U's Gamepad, then there's a good chance they can code in those features as core elements. On the Xbox720 (assuming it doesn't have a touchscreen controller like the Wii U) then you would just activate it in settings to send the touchscreen stuff to the SmartGlass device of choice. On the PS4 you can use the touchpad for some features but if you have a PSVita, again you just activate it in settings. In fact it might be a good inventive for Sony to push and market the PSVita, that they will have access to extra features, features that are fun and intuitive, yet do not interfere with the main game.



SmallFryUnify commented on Ubisoft Still Undecided On How To Use The Wii ...:

I already posted on the previous Watch Dogs article:

I explained how I thought they could use the Gamepad without detracting from the other versions, it just meant that if you had a SmartGlass device or PSVita, you would essentially have the same game as the Wii U version. If you didn't have those devices then you would just use an on-screen user interface, however the Wii U would benefit by having improved user interface as the default setup on the Gamepad.



SmallFryUnify commented on Developer Says Watch_Dogs Will Offer The "Same...:

What is extremely encouraging regarding Wii U support, is that the PS4 has a little touchpad area, so there is very likely a high probability that games like Watch Dogs will be made with Wii U in mind for the screen stuff, but it's not so vastly different like the Wii was with the WiiMote, because the PS4 could emulate in a way the touchscreen controls. The fact that Microsoft is talking about SmartGlass as well highlights it even further.

I think there's a good chance that you'll see some excellent touchscreen stuff coded from scratch on all the machines, IF you have SmartGlass or PSVita to take advantage of it, but if not then there will be the normal setup with some extra features missing. Features that aren't essential to play the game properly, it's just that if you have the setup you can make it even sweeter.

This is where the Wii U is perfectly poised because EVERY Wii U will have a touchscreen to use the features, so they will always be there from the start. It's up to you to take them away, but why would you?

So lets say going off my idea I mentioned earlier with controlling the cameras as Player 2 on another Gamepad. It's not essential to play the game, if you don't have a second player you just use your own screen.

On the PS4 the extra feature will be limited by the touchpad unless you have a PSVita where you can get some more and have the Player 2 using that to assit you.

The Xbox720 will have SmartGlass for Player 2 stuff but if you don't have a way to use it then maybe their controller will have something like PS4 or Kinect stuff, but again it's non-essential to play the game, you just use the controller to access features instead.

The Wii U has the features BY DEFAULT and therefore your getting the definitive version as far as features are concerned. The other console versions will have the graphics trump card with maybe more geometry, on screen characters and better lighting/effects.

You'll have the choice, do you prefer prettier graphics, or do you prefer the extra controller features the Gamepad offers. Of course if you have either a Vita or SmartGlass device you'll get the ultimate experience of better graphics and extra features. Even then though it's not the same as the Wii U Gamepad, so the Wii U will always have something different.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:


Yeah but in 10-20 years Nintendo could quite easily expand into other areas themselves. Don't forget they have been around for 130 years and they've dabbled in many industries including Love Hotels. There's nothing to say Nintendo wouldn't provide a whole eco-system to rival iTunes for instance.

They could start providing music and movies from 3rd parties, while offering literally thousands of games from their previous machines, all streamable to the device they have at that time, kind of like PS4 idea with streaming.

What's interesting is Nintendo has been a constant throughout in the video games industry and has fended off many competitors over the years. With Games alone they are fending off conglomerates like Microsoft and Sony, who's to say that if Nintendo decided to start foraying into other markets they couldn't take their ideologies and philosophy, something that's served them incredibly well over the years, and use that to dominate other markets?

I think like everyone else knows, they will have to adapt in some way in the future, especially if everything starts going Digital, the console as we know it in a physical form might disappear, so they would be forced to start expanding into new territory.



SmallFryUnify commented on Developer Says Watch_Dogs Will Offer The "Same...:

How cool would it be if you could jump in as a second player, but Nintendo updates the Wii U so that two Gamepads can be used at a time. On Player 2's Gamepad screen, you could have access to all the cameras around the city, with a look similar to how Criterion has Need For Speed on the Wii U.

So you would have the Gamepad showing lots of camera thumbnails with all the cameras, if you click one you can view that camera in the same way as Zombi U allows you to look around. You would essentially be controlling the camera in 1st person, looking to see what's happening and based on that you could maybe stop the police, bring up the road bollards to stop the police car, maybe you could control the lights and create the scene that we saw in the first trailer.

This would allow both players to be using Gamepads and enjoying it's unique features and adds some multi-player features as well. The second player would almost feel like they're playing a strategic game, viewing the city map, creating blockades, marking the map with important locations, so that Player 1 can carry out his mission.

Say the main player is injured, well Player 2, the assistant, could be zooming into areas of the map nearby, locating a pharmacy and marking it on the map for you so you would see waypoints and how to get there. All the time trying to avoid detection from gangs or police. It would be up to Player 2 (the assistant) to help keep you safe and out of trouble. Imagine the chaos going on around you. you're chasing someone, but need to focus on that, so shooting while running for example, police are chasing you impeding your progress, so the assistant would step in and start blocking the police off, controlling traffic and the environment around you so that you only need to worry about the chase.

The more I think about that, the more awesome it sounds.......



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:


Thanks and yeah it's good to talk, no point getting all worked up about games, defeats the point, they should be enjoyable wherever you go or whatever platform you choose.

About the games on the Wii U, I agree with you when your saying stuff like Trine 2 is a port, however I have to take a step back and try look at it from a consumer coming to the platform for the first time. This is assuming they don't get confused with the Wii and Wii U, but lets say they are interested in the Wii U for discussions sake.

So they see a nice intuitive controller, the games that are on the shelves, some of which they won't even know about, some they will, like I'm pretty sure everyone knows of Mario. They will see about 25 games available and some look as good as, if not better on the Wii U.

If they bought a Wii U on the basis of the Gamepad functionality and current games, get it hooked up at home, when they go to the eShop they would see all these extra games available to download, like Trine 2, Little Inferno, Zen Pinball and many more. They wouldn't know that their just ports, all they will see is more games and options. Games that happen to look pretty damn good on the Wii U, Trine 2 and Nano Assault Neo as good examples. Then there's Google Street U, Miiverse, Demos and other stuff.

I think anyone looking to buy right now would be pretty content with the Wii U. However now is the quiet time in the industry as I said, so people aren't buying purely because of that. Give it to the busier months coming up, like March/April and systems sales will pick up, your also going to have new games like Need For Speed, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover, Moster Hunter 3D and many more. These games alone might not be system sellers like Mario Kart or Zelda are, but they will drive sales just because they will offer more incentive to buy the Wii U when they do release.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:


About the Wii U sales figures, I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually close to 3.5 million now. It was 3.2 million I think when they gave their last financial report, since then it's sold about 60k in Japan, not sure how much elsewhere though.

The reason why Nintendo reduced their own sales projections is the same reason everyones thinking it sold badly. nintendo projected 5 million coming off the amazing success of the Wii. The reality is that was an anomaly as I said, they over projected and ended up with an inflated number that would have been the Wii all over again. All I can go with is previous console launches and the reality is 3 million would have been a good performance, 5 million would have been incredible. So reducing it has actually really just put it in line with what they should have projected in the first place instead of getting ahead of themselves.

About the great games, well all I can say is it's subjective to each person. I think as a casual gamer looking in, they would see a lot fo good games, lots of variety there to choose from. Zombi U was great, ACIII and COD: Black Ops2 for the seasoned gamer, New Super Mario U is a great game for anyone who's not played one in a while, like myself, I haven't touched Mario for years so it's new to me in many way and it's pretty damn good. I sat and watched my brother playing it and it was really good fun, but that's maybe just me. NintendoLand is a phenomenal game when you actually get playing it and again it's perfect for casuals to understand the machine, but it's also got a ton of depth for more seasoned gamers. There's all the indie games to play as well.

It was a pretty good launch if you ask the majority of people who have experienced many launches, the only thing is they then had nothing to fill the drought in Jan/Feb, maybe that was a bit of bad planning on Nintendo's part and they should have got a game ready, maybe Pikmin 3 for that period.

I understand why they did it though, they wanted the Christmas sales and they got them, it's come at the expense of perceived slow demand immediately following it, when in reality it's just the years drought that every console company goes through until March.


I totally agree, wait till E3, get a much clearer picture of what each consoles bringing to the table. Hopefully we'll get prices and more info on other features, services and games.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:


Sorry I'm a little confused by what you said:

At this point I think Nintendo will stop making home consoles and stick to handhelds in the next 20 years. They are just to set in their ways and they are suffering because of it.

How exactly is Nintendo suffering? They had the best selling console last generation, outselling both the PS3 and Xbox360 by around 20 million units each and they helped widen the gaming demographic potentially.

If you're meaning they are suffering with 3rd party support, I think you should maybe give the console a bit of time. As it is currently, it's doing no worse than any new console, In fact it's done very well so far and is coming through a quiet period the games industry goes through every year. As far as I can see that's the main reason for the slower sales, it's not a negative, it's normal at this time of year and come March/April it will start to pick up again as new titles start to see their release.

I'm really looking forward to see what everyone's saying this time next year. Maybe I'll be eating my own words but it's going to be so amusing seeing everyone who's been forecasting doom or gloom suddenly do a U-turn and start saying that Nintendo got lucky AGAIN. How many times does Nintendo need to keep getting lucky to maybe actually get it in peoples heads that they actually know what they are doing. Of course they do stupid mistakes like every single company does, but I think a company that time and time again, shows up industry analysts and naysayers might actually be right and have a plan.

EDIT: I remember when the PS3 was announced and everyone was crying from the rooftops that Nintendo was screwed. How could the Wii compete with Sony's super computer that would display 1080p on two screens at once.The Wii didn't have Blu Ray, it's graphics were only SD, no third party support etc etc. Seven years or more on the PS3 and Xbox have obliterated the Wii ........

Sorry what? The Wii sold more than both those machines? .... Are you sure? How is that possible, how is Nintendo even still around?

I'll tell you why? Because it meant nothing in the grand scale of everything. The only reason the Wii has sold crap the last couple of years is because Nintendo decided to drop support and start working on 3DS and Wii U projects, otherwise I wouldn't have been surprised if it got close to the PS2's numbers eventually. The Wii was a massively inferior machine with gimmicky controls to apparently, no DVD/Blu Ray support, no third part support, terrible online, no demos...did I miss anything? Yet it commercially wiped the floor with two companies many times it's size even while they were throwing money at developers to get exclusives on their respective machines.

The DS was doomed after the PSP was revealed, the 3DS was doomed when the PSVita was revealed, the Wii U is now doomed that the PS4 is revealed. I'll go with history here and assume it's a pretty safe bet that in 5 years time the Wii U will be a commercial success. However I'll also have to sit through numerous posts of people calling it a failure even in light of the facts and then having to read how the next console is DOOOOOOOOMMMMEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

By the way, for anyone worried about the graphics, think about this. It's going to have games looking better than xBox360/PS3 by the end of the year, without doubt, just purely because we'll have Nintendo's games to show the tech off a bit more. We'll also have games like Need for Speed and see some more games due to come soon at E3.

Other than that, go on YouTube and check out the tech demo's from E3 2011, will gamers honestly be disappointed if Zelda looks like that demo, or if there are games looking like the Japanese Garden Demo, I don't think anyone would be unhappy with games on Wii U like that. They are beautiful and I'm pretty sure Nintendo will have games that take advantage of the Wii U's potential and hopefully 3rd parties will as well.

Also here's a link to IGN's first time seing the Zelda tech demo at E3 2011:

Go read some of the stuff that was shown almost 2 years ago and get excited again, imagine what Nintendo will be showing as they start to push the tech fully and games ARE coming and they are going to look fantastic. Pikmin 3 looks brilliant, it's maybe not a system seller but it looks great. They might not push 10 Gabillion polygons, or 5000 characters on screen at any time, but from what I've already seen and what I personally think we'll see, I'm pretty content.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:


You're most likely right that it's not going to hit almost 100 million like the Wii did. However, I think it's going to enjoy a very prosperous future, it's already started, just look at the indie stuff coming it's way and the extra features like Miiverse.

All that's essentially missing is some games, I don't even think the graphics matter in any way at all, as long as Nintendo brings their IP's like Mario, Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero, Metroid, Yoshi, Wario, Wii Fit U, Super Smash Bros and and everything else their own studios are working on at the moment, along with 3rd party games. We all know the Wii, despite lacking some BIG BIG games, had a ton of support, I'm pretty sure there's something like hundreds of Non-Nintendo made games on the platform, the Wii U is going to get the same and more. The launch alone has proven it.

OK so there were some shoddy ports, a dry spell and an unfortunate delay of Rayman Legends, but it aslo got games like COD Black Ops 2, that's a great start already. It's getting the best console version of Need For Speed, it's got Assassins Creed III, Zombi U, Mario, Nintendoland and many more. The machine is actually selling really well if put in context. Before the Wii U launched and no figures were thrown out there, if you asked what would be a good sales for the Wii U at this point, based off previous knowledge, excluding the Wii as that was essentially an anomaly, then if you said 3 million people and especially publishers would be delighted if it hit that figure.

I don't have figures but I remember many discussions of people saying that it took something like 6 months for the PS3 or Xbox360 to get that figure. Maybe it was 5 million in the first year or something, anyhoo, my point being is despite all negative press and articles out there, the Wii U is selling exactly as it should be.

This time of year is always quiet and it's why all the big games were due to come out around March. That's when things start picking up again sales wise after the holidays and going into spring. The Wii U sold brillant in Nov/Dec, slowed right down in Jan/Feb. Big games are coming next month and we will start to see sales pick up again.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:


Fair enough and if we're talking how it's going to affect Nintendo then I'm not really sure it's going to affect anything. What's likely going to happen is everyones going to panic as seen with every doom and gloom articles the last few months. Things are going to be taken way out of context like the supposedly terrible Wii U sales and people are going to get hyped up about the competition.

When the PS4 and Xbox720 arrive, say at the end of this year, they are going to have the same issues Wii U has had, if not worse and then we'll hopefully start to see Nintendo's big games come out, the system sellers like Mario Kart which sold over 30 million or New Super Mario Bros. which sold over 25 million on the supposedly awful Wii, some of the biggest sellers on any platform EVER I might add. We'll also see improved UI, a large indie catalogue, some big 3rd party titles like Watch Dogs and games starting to push the Wii U making it look markedly better than PS3/Xbox360.

The Wii U has absolutely NOTHING to worry about and neither does Nintendo. I actually think Nintendo is incredibly smart when it comes to this stuff, they're always thinking longer term, what's going to expand the market and drive long term success. I feel the other two so far are all about quick term success. Sell over powered machines with EVERYTHING, yet half the features or idea will never be used or dropped completely. It's all about show you the sizzle reel and hook you in but then you have to wait 2 years to get up to speed. During that time Nintendo's increasing the WHOLE market and selling ridiculous amounts of games. Is there even a game on PS3 or Xbox360 that sold remotely close to Mario Kart Wii? And that's with 70+ million user base each. In fact how many games on both those platforms combined came close?

EDIT: I just took a quick look at VGChartz to see the sales of what I'd call Mega Sellers, I know it's maybe not the most accurate but even on there, the PS3 is in last with 3 games selling over 10 million, the Xbox360 is in second with 7 and in 2st is the Wii with 9. Most impressively is every one of those 9 game son the Wii was a Nintendo IP and a system seller, games we've still to see come and most importantly some which are due around the PS4 launch. Sony and Microsoft NEED 3rd party support, almost all their 10+ million sellers are 3rd party multiplatform titles, the big difference is Nintendo does NOT need the. They benefit by having that support of course but it's in no way going to be as impactfull compared to the others if they don't get the support or exclusives, something the latter is becoming much rarer.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

What's interesting is people who like or are interested in Nintendo exclusives have a much better reason to buy a Wii U than say someone going from PS3 to PS4. The massive increase in performance of the Wii U when comparing it to the Wii including all the extra features makes it a fantastic upgrade and actually works way more in Nintendo's favour.

As seen all over the web, there are people not quite sure if it's going to be worth the upgrade to PS4. The reality is the PS3 will still be relevant for a good while after the PS4 launches, potentially it still has a good 1-1.5 years of life in it.

People who love Nintendo's consoles and games are now able to upgrade to the Wii U and it's almost like the jump from PS2 to PS3 or Xbox to Xbox360 for them because of the new stuff. What they'll also get is a good 5 years at least of fantastic support from Nintendo and hopefully 3rd parties & indies. There's also certain franchises that are long overdue and are most likely coming to Wii U, stuff like F-Zero and Starfox, so there's some amazing games to look forward to.

The more I think about some of these things the more positive I see Nintendo's situation. Even in the worst case scenario where developers don't support it like the other next-gen consoles, well it's still going to have Nintendo's fantastic IP's, on top of that though and most importantly, it's got a lot of the things people asked for, like robust online and demos, heck it's even got what appears to be superb support from indie devs, so even without those big 3rd party games, it's going to have bucketloads of content and features.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

By the way, I'd just like to clarify. At this point I have nothing particularly against the PS4, I just don't see it much of a threat to the Wii U like everyone else does.

Of course the graphics and it's technical capabilities are indeed impressive and there will be exclusives on there that will interest me. I'll maybe give the machine a year to settle in before jumping on board, when prices have dropped and there's a handful of games that I can't get on Wii U.

Other than that though the impressive tech stuff sin't enough for me, I want fun experiences and games. The Wii U is fulfilling most of that already, just needs more games. Stuff like slow user interface is blown way out of proportion, it's bearable and will hopefully get improved. Instant dashboard, albeit nice and all, isn't a selling point to me, I don't honestly give a toss if I save 30 seconds loading a game or system features. Don't get me wrong the Wii U would benefit from having no loading itself but it's not a deal breaker or in any way so detrimental that I can't use the system.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

I love how people spout of system specs as if that's the most important thing. It's going to help Sony and MS to have great specs because that's what they are all about, however I'm pretty confident Nintendo, even without coming close to those SUPER SPECS, will still have games that rank as some of the best this coming generation. In some ways the specs are irrelevant.

The Wii U does indeed have some similarities to Wii, however it's a completely different situation compared to previous gen.

First, it's not SD to HD. Of course the games will look superior on PS4/Xbox720, however it's certainly not going to look like such a gap as it did back then, some nicer textures, ai possibly, lighting and geometry. The Wii U will still look fantastic and I think a lot of gamers will be content, that's of course assuming the developers don't do lazy ports and make Wii U games run or look worse than PS3 or Xbox360.

Second, Nintendo has fixed a lot of issues that the Wii had, such as accessibility to indie developers. We're already seeing the benefits of this with a good showing of games on the eShop with lots more to come. It's only going to be a handful of big developers that can get the full benefits of the new super consoles and I don't think that's what indie devs are about, not the majority of them at least. It's about making games very cheap and being able to explore new ideas on a tiny budget. The Wii U has no issues here and is leagues ahead of the Wii's setup as proclaimed by many indies already.

Third, the Wii U does has robust online features now and just needs devs to support it. It's way better than the Wii's setup, in fact it's even got Miiverse, the Wii U's trump card. I personally think is a much better tool for gamers than both Facebook and Twitter and I personally do not agree that PS4's social features compare in any way. I'm actually surprised by how excited people seem to be about uploading YouTube videos, that to me IS a gimmick. Maybe I'm wrong and time will tell but right now Miiverse as a service offers so much more. Also from the screenshots of the PS4 dashboard, the chat system looks like some crappy web-chat setup, it's tacky as hell and I'll assume you've still got to type messages with the controller as default, something that feels and is so unintuitive after using the Wii U Gamepad. in fact the whole PS4 dashboard to me looks like some corporate webpage, it's horrible, I've never been a fan of Sony's dashboards. Wii's was a bit crap too and the Wii U would totally benefit from folders and some faster loading, but overall it's inoffensive and intuitive, most importantly it looks FUN.

All the issues from the Wii that potentially caused it problems are being addressed:

  • Better online support with Digital Downloads, DLC, Demo's, Miiverse
  • Standard disc format, as far as I'm aware it's just Blu-Ray discs
  • HD graphics, albeit less impressive but still HD
  • Standard controller options, albeit lacking analogue triggers
  • Indie support and already it seems more 3rd party support
  • Accessibility to develop on the platform, no physical office requirement

There's probably many more things that are improvements on the Wii but can't think right now, but even the ones alone put it in a totally different ball game when you had Wii competing against PS3 and Xbox360.

Nintendo's going to bring it's big games, some this year and some later on. there seems to be 3rd party support but maybe we just need to wait till E3 to get more ideas of how good it'll be. It's got a years head start, assuming Xbox720 doesn't surprise us all and release way earlier than expected. It's going to have price advantage by the time of PS4/Xbox720 release, along with game support from Nintendo alone, titles like WW HD, Mario Kart, Mario title and whatever else, systems sellers basically.

Back to my original train of thought though, stats in reality mean nothing, it's suit talk and shows how detached the really are from gamers. Talk about the fun, experiences and how you're going to make more enjoyable games. Adding more polygons pretties up the game and can add more sense of a cohesive world or whatever but that does not make a good game as we all saw many times in the past generation.

Show me the next Zelda or full on Mario with graphics better than PS3/Xbox360's best games, but also have their renowned experiences and quality and I think you'll struggle to have any PS4/Xbox720 games match them or make them more worthy of buying one machine over another.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

I think what some people are also forgetting is that here in the UK for instance, the Deluxe ZombiU bundle for instance was sold at £350 at some retailers even though I managed to get it for £300 at Zavvi.

What was even more annoying is due to stupid UK pricing with Nintendo, the exchange rate should have put the console at £230 and even after tax at £275, yet retailers bumped it right up for profit. It's now had slow sales and they are lowering it back to what it should have been from the start.

So lets say it's already at around £275 to match US price and that's with UK 20% tax, it's also with a game, extra bits and bobs including the Pro Controller, there's a very good chance they could reduce the price down to £199.99 with a game by the launch of PS4 or Xbox720.

If Sony or MS did do a subsidised price with a monthly/yearly subscription and they sold for £200, the Wii U is still going to look like a pretty sweet deal when it's got more games, a game with that console bundle, refined user interface from what it's currently at along with the intuitive touchscreen which will be a bigger selling point to families than a hardcore controller.

I'm pretty sure the Wii U will be looking pretty strong by the time either of the new consoles launch, because I can't honestly see either Sony or MS offering much to beat it at launch.



SmallFryUnify commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

I think realistically the Wii U will look underpowered on a purely graphical sense, however like many have already said the graphics will be good enough to please Wii U owners and hopefully developers graphic engines are scalable to port to the Wii U as well.

I've been having an interesting discussion with my brother about the PS4 and next Xbox and one thing I haven't really seen much people consider or mention is this. Remember Microsoft offered the Xbox360 for £99 on a subscription plan. Can't remember how much the plan was but it's not really the point, what if Sony or Microsoft release their more powerful consoles, that would normally cost say £400-£500 in the UK or something like $500-$600 in the US, but offered them around half that price but on a years subscription. Maybe even cheaper on a 2 year plan, much in the same way you can get a new iPhone or iPad?

I don't think either company wants to go through another generation of consoles losing money on hardware so this would give them a good option to appeal to the lower incomes or lack of available funds to use up front. They sell a PS4 for £200 in the UK but with a 2 year subscription to Playstation World or whatever they call it, costing say £19.99 a month. This is just random figures so don't put too much thought into the numbers, it's more just for an idea of we meant.

The benefit Nintendo has is that I genuinely believe that both PS4 and Xbox720 will sell just as slowly as the Wii U has to begin and will slowly pick up. There's every chance all next gen consoles could beat the previous generations hardware sales, but only if they make viable options to get the hardware at accessible prices and then offer services where people can pay a yearly fee but with free games like Playstation Plus to help subsidise those cheap prices. Nintendo also has the benefit of being able to knock the price of the Wii U right down and include bundles if needed to undercut any price of the new consoles and therefore offer some real inventive and value over their competition, especially if they have some heavy hitters along with 3rd party games like Watch Dogs etc.

By the way just out of curiosity, because I honestly think it sounds like another superfluos service on the PS4, do people really think that uploading videos to YouTube is a selling point and is it really that appealing? I'm not asking in a sarcastic way either, I'm just baffled because I think Miiverse despite being maybe technically inferior in that it doesn't have videos, is so much better and useful, it's the problem with PS4 in some ways. I guess I can liken it to watching the PS4 presentation where it just seemed like a bunch of suits spouting off stuff about sniffing a car, wtf was that about, then I watch Iwata and Miyamoto wearing Luigi hats and fooling around with a vaccum cleaner and I think they are the total embodiment of fun. It makes me happy I've got my Wii U and think they will always be fine as long as they have that fundamental trait.



SmallFryUnify commented on It Doesn't Look Like Bungie's Next Epic Is Com...:


If I'm a programmer and my boss tells me ok we are developing a game for the Wii U I'm not going to go oh crap I hope I have a job in a few months after release. I go in saying ok how do we make this the best game ever on any system! Yes the bottom line is always money not pleasing any specific system. You can do both and be successful!

Exactly and I'm glad you said that, nice to see a developer with some integrity and doing it for the love of it. As you say I understand money has to be made but I think like Criterion will hopefully show, make a great game with full commitment and you'll reap the rewards.

I feel a lot of the bad sales on Wii where due to sloppy ports or just awful games, but they use it as an excuse to then slag off the Wii when the reality is, even despite it's lower tech, they could have made amazing games for the platform as Nintendo proved time and time again.

I like to think of myself as a pretty logical kind of guy and I'm good at seeing flaws in things but also the positives. Now I 100% agree the Wii U isn't perfect and needs improvements with the sometimes slow user interface, improvements to the VC and backwards compatibility etc, however I can also see the massive potential in the console with features like Miiverse, the touchscreen for accessibility, even just the games Nintendo will be bringing to the table itself. I can't honestly comprehend a developer/publisher sitting there saying that the machine isn't good enough to support.



SmallFryUnify commented on It Doesn't Look Like Bungie's Next Epic Is Com...:


I wasn't disputing businesses paying for support, what I was disputing was why there was no mention of it on Wii U, there's no reason officially anyway why it's not been mentioned for Wii U and for that matter PC.

If Sony and MS are paying for it to come to their new console at launch then fair enough, however your continued reasoning about certain games not coming to the Wii U because it's selling poorly is utter bullpoopy. The console isn't selling crap and using that as a reason for a game not to release on the platform is just that, an excuse. All consoles sell pretty slowly at launch and slowly but surely pick up, I'll ignore the Vita sales here, but in general that's how it works. The console launches, there's usually a dry patch as games get finished off or new ones developed, maybe after a good 6 months do we start to see quality titles release and it starts to pick up.

So again I'll go back to the fact that if there is no Wii U version and if they say it's because there is no install base to justify it, then it's rubbish. It's that simple.

*** Oh and by the way Bankai, despite making money being the end goal for these developers to pay bills and feed their families as you put it, it's a pretty horrible world if that's your answer to every debate on here. I'd like to think of people as having a bit of heart and soul wanting to create art for people to enjoy. Making business decisions that exclude people for petty reasons isn't an inspiring trait in humanity I'd like to support. I say petty reasons because I'm pretty sure there's other ways to make games that don't involve money as the overall deciding factor, there has to be a balance, doing it for the passion and making it commercially viable. Unfortunately I find a lot of things are made just for the financial part and it's sad because I'm sure when these developers go home and think about some of the decisions they've made, like rushing games out that are utter crap, Aliens: CM is a perfect example, I'm sure they're questioning why they're actually doing it in the first place.



SmallFryUnify commented on It Doesn't Look Like Bungie's Next Epic Is Com...:


Numbers don't really lie, see. Businesses don't really care about these console wars and such. They just want to make the most amount of money while spending as little as possible to do it.
Supporting consoles with irrelevant install bases is expensive and not typically profitable. I'm not 'bashing' anything. I am not even stating an opinion here. I am relaying a simple fact.

Yet developers who are not even tied to a specific console will go knee deep into development for consoles that aren't even released yet? Those console, just like the PS3 & Xbox360 started off with 0 install base and they developed in the hope the install base would pick up, partly using their game as a good reason to pick up that particular platform, yet they won't support the Wii U the same way.

The fact is as Tech101 stated, the Wii U is selling as well, if not better than any console on release, excluding the Wii obviously but that was an anomaly, so there is NO excuse for developers not to support it now. The console has HD graphics now and if they make games properly coded for the Wii U it will be better than PS3/Xbox360 as Criterion has now proven and they didn't even code ground up. They have all the control option plus some more for Wii U so there's no excuse on that front. Saying they can't make something specific for the touchscreen or utilise it properly is just another bullpoop reason for lazy butt developers clutching at straws.

The reality is that Nintendo's platforms havn't had as good third party support is because developers keep ignoring a perfectly viable platform and make ridiculous excuses. As I've stated before it's all about the money. When did gamers/developers get so delusional and forget what gaming was all about in the first place, making amazing games for people to enjoy. Ignoring one particular demographic goes against everything a game creator should be about.



SmallFryUnify commented on Developer Interview: Why The 90's Arcade Racer...:

Shaun Paul Johnston 4 minutes ago
I was looking forward to the final product anyway and with the latest update it's even better, so I'm pretty chuffed.
An interesting little thing here, I was watching a speech by Jesse Schell at Dice 2013 and he's talking about how everyone is looking searching for some kind of utopia, whether it's in video games, the choices they make or whatever.

Anyhoo, the underlying point was that a lot of companies these days use bullpoopiedoodledingdongs marketing to try convince you that they can give you that utopia only to let you down when you get the final product, when you realise it's nothing like the utopia they promised or you hoped for.

Now in relation to The 90's Arcade Racer, I saw the project when it first started and it instantly sold me with it's visuals, taking me back to the good old days at the arcades playing games like Virtua Racing and Daytona USA. What's interesting though is these games are like fantasy worlds full of colour and making you feel like a baddonkey race car driver. It's completely over the top, exactly what I want from a racer, in fact it's my utopia for a driving game.

I find too many modern games, including racers, go for the realistic feel and as much as that can be fun, well it's just another version of reality in a lot of ways, the only difference is I get to control the cars. I play games to escape the mundane realities of real life so when games go for that hyper-realistic look, it's kind of defeating the point in my opinion.

Watch the speech, Jesse explains it way better than I ever could but my overall point is that this games ticks the boxes on so many levels and I'm so happy Pelikan13 & Nicolis are making it and that it's been funded successfully. Would be great to see the £20k and I'd urge everyone to spread the word, but either way it's gonna be awesome.



SmallFryUnify commented on Angry Birds Trilogy Flapping To Wii And Wii U ...:

I'm not a particular fan myself but even I can see the potential in this. Bring the game out as Free To Play and offer DLC for different themes like the Space theme or Star Wars one. If they don't go that route then it's silly, I think a game that is essentially free on other devices in it's vanilla form won't warrant any price tag regardless how much better it might be.

Go the Zen Pinball route even, have the game completely free and allow timed demos of the different themes where you can purchase in full direct from the game.

They could add in Mii support, imagine having your Mii's that where the pigs or even having a special bird that was actually a Mii and you launched yourself through the air, Ragdoll Blast style lol



SmallFryUnify commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Tees Off On 3DS This Su...:

Maybe EA decided to forgo the Wii U with the next Tiger Woods instalment because they are aware of Nintendo working on Mario Gold for the Wii U using the ideas from their E3 presentation in 2011?

The fact that Mario Gold 3D was just announced makes me think that they're also working on Wii U versions and possibly Mario Tennis as well.



SmallFryUnify commented on Developer Interview: Why The 90's Arcade Racer...:

It's looking even better now as well considering the extra support and it's definitely gonna hit it's 1st stretch goal, well it certainly looks that way. It be great if it could hit the second stretch goal as well though, allowing all the extra features they plan and possibly new cars/tracks etc.

£10k Checkpoint!
£15k Needs an easy right!
£20k Long easy right, maybe!




SmallFryUnify commented on The 90's Arcade Racer Confirmed For Wii U eShop:

@Jukilum I know there isn't but it's still a bit annoying that a system or idea is put in place that probably was designed to help the 'little' guy get his ideas off the ground and it's now turned into a way for larger companies to basically remove any risk and ask people to fund their ideas, the very companies that already have money.

Half the projects I see up there, they have a really swanky promo video to sell you on their idea. In the video you see their beautiful office space with 30 people working on iMacs and big conference rooms. To me, these are NOT what Kickstarter is about and totally de-values it's purpose.

It's now back to small ideas struggling to compete or be heard amongst companies with everything in place already. It's why this is one of the only projects I've backed so far. I saw 22Cans itch and I instantly thought, why the hell is Peter Molyneux asking for gamers money. The bull-doodoo story he put up about not being as wealthy as people imagine is exactly that, bull-doodoo. The guys a multi-millionaire. He's run some of the industries largest game studios and I'm pretty sure he pocketed a pretty penny when he sold off his previous studios like Lionhead.

Anyhoo, that's just my opinion, people will support what they want to support, I personally just see more value in supporting projects or people who genuinely need and deserve help.



SmallFryUnify commented on The 90's Arcade Racer Confirmed For Wii U eShop:

@Blue_Yoshi hahaha brilliant. I agree, I loved those good ol' days. I would love Virtua Racing on my Wii U too, like the PS3 version maybe but even better. Thing is I think I'd never quite get that full arcade experience like I did with back then, especially the one where it had almost a full F1 cabinet and the seat would inflate pushing you all over the place on turns.

I can remember literally getting up from the arcade and having a bruised back from getting flung around. I was only small mind so it probably wasn't meant for a small kid like myself, but even with the bruises it was awesome.



SmallFryUnify commented on The 90's Arcade Racer Confirmed For Wii U eShop:

I can't believe certain people feel the need to act like clowns when there's actually some good news. The reality is, Pelikan13 would have done a great job based on what he's already show so far, however, he'll be able to an even better job now with Nicalis's support. It's that simple.

I think allowing Pelikan13 to focus on the parts he does best while Nicalis can provide support with Unity and whatnot and the extra help in general opens the door to many more possibilities with the final result.

For those moaning about delays or bugs with Nicalis's previous games, regardless of any truth to them or not, why not show your support and back the project and with the stretch goals being met, there's every possibility to streamline or make the project more efficient all round. That way you can be happy that it's getting the best possible chance to shine.

People are happy to back Peter Molyneux's game with over £500'000 and in funding, even though I personally don't think Kickstarter should be used by established developers like 22cans, it's meant for small indies like Pelikan13, so it's a bit frustrating seeing people come out with negative comments to positive news. Get on the Kickstarter page and lets get the funding way over even the £20k stretch goal, this is exactly the kind of project that should be getting massive support.



SmallFryUnify commented on Developer Interview: Rebellion On Why Sniper E...:

Hopefully the developer is taking notes and watching the forums and comments. especially after all the Ubisoft bs that's been going on.

As a UK gamer all I can ask is that you release the game as a sensible price. £50 is too expensive for any port, especially if it can be bought elsewhere. If it's available for $40 on Xbox360 as someone stated and it includes the 5 DLC packs, then it ideally needs to be priced cheaper that that or at the very most the same price. The extra Gamepad use will just be negated by the DLC the other version gets, so there needs to be some incentive.

If they could release it for $40 in the US and maximum £30 in the UK it might do reasonable. It can go eShop only route to help save on costs by bringing it to retail, basically not much advantage in retail versions unless you decide to bring out a limited edition version or something.

also if possible bring out a demo, even if it's simple just to get a feel for the game as I've never played it myself and I think it's always a positive to be able to try before I buy.

Apart from that, it's nice to see a developer being positive about the Wii U. Hopefully if they have put in the hard work, it will pay off for them. Like I say though it needs to be priced correctly, if developers keep putting games out on the eShop at £50 that are ports then they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot. Put it this way, I planned to buy Nintendoland from the eShop cause I hate clutter but then checked and it was £49.99, checked and it was only £39.99, guess where I bought from. Silly really considering a retail copy involves more middlemen and the cost of physical media, so the eShop version should by proxy be cheaper or at the very most priced the same.



SmallFryUnify commented on Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends Delay Isn't Do...:

By the way, just to clarify, I still think they should be releasing the game on schedule and there's no excuse for not. Unfortunately for the developers it's not something I need to feel bad about or should have any guilt about by not supporting the game.

Yes they worked hard and slogged away on it only to be let down themselves, but the reality is this. There are enough games going to come out on the machine regardless of what happens with Ubisoft. Of course it would be great for all the other games to come to the Wii U as well, but if it doesn't the Wii U will still have plenty of amazing games.

Fortunately the Wii U isn't only about the games, it offer so much more and so I can live without getting certain games. I shouldn't have to but it's certainly not the end of the world for me. What is the end though, is my respect for Ubisoft as a company. I was genuinely happy with Ubisoft after E3 when they showed their support for the Wii U. Finally a company that was supporting the Wii U like they all should be, no excuses just new games for everyone, then they go and do this and it's literally extinguished any respect I have for them. In a single day they destroyed my respect for them by making a pathetic decision, screwing Wii U owners over to appease PS3 & Xbox360 fans.

I hope any small indies out there follow this debate and they think twice about selling their souls to the devil and signing with publishers who only care about profit or shareholders. The possibilities are so much better now where developers can use Kickstarter or make one man games and publish themselves to eShop or Steam etc. Follow your heart and passion for games and do not sell yourself out to money or greed because all that will happen is you'll end up having to apologise for decisions that you no longer have any control over.



SmallFryUnify commented on Ubisoft Confirms Rayman Legends Delay Isn't Do...:

Either Ubisoft genuinely believe that the game would sell better by delaying it for 7 months and releasing on all three consoles or they are getting a money from Sony & MS to put it on their machines and remove any exclusivity.

The fact that Ubisoft is pretty much ignorant to the uproar by just rehashing it's previous stance, then I'll assume it's the latter. If that is indeed the case then I understand it from a financial point of view, however it leaves a lasting impression that they are a sleazy company with no integrity. That they will quite happily screw over potential customers just to make a bit more money.

Like I stated on another forum, all they really needed to do to appease customers waiting for the Wii U version, was to include in their statement something along the lines of,

"We apologise to al the fans eagerly awaiting the Wii U release, however it's making more financial sense for us to hold off and release it on all the consoles at the same time. The delay might be painful in the short term but please be assured that Ubisoft will be bringing it's big hitters to the Wii U, these include Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell:Blacklist, AC IV, Ghost Recon and a port of Far Cry 3."

This wouldn't have been perfect but it certainly would have taken some of the sting out of the news and at least gave us something to look forward to that they confirmed games people are hoping will come and should come.



SmallFryUnify commented on Nintendo Download: 31st January 2013 (North Am...:

@Chriiis Ooops, never even noticed, what a tube I am. Sure NA will get it later today though. I checked the eShop at 1pm UK time and it wasn't showing on the front page or New Software section, then I did a search for it and it showed up. I downloaded the main game and one of the DLC tables and when I went back into the eShop which must have been about 30-60 mins later, it was showing on the front page. So maybe it will show in the NA eShop if you search otherwise maybe around 1pm US time wherever you are.