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SKTTR commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

I guess Toki Tori games are best for 2D puzzle adventure fans. Especially Prof. Layton and Oldschool-Zelda fans. The Layton and Zelda audience is very patient, they love to try around and think, they pay attention to the details in the world and get the subtle hints, they like the comfort of simple controls and audiovisual brilliance. Toki Tori 1 (and especially 2) does all of this.

Many younger gamers nowadays are just too hectic for such an extraordinarily fresh experience. If there's no jump or shoot button they don't seem to find other solutions to overcome hurdles and think the game is stupid.



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Unleashes Some Awesome Wii U eShop Tr...:

Stick it to the Man looks very innovative and kinda... Ghost Trick-y.
I was sold on Teslagrad and Nihilumbra ages ago, so they can come already.
Now even Armillo looks much better than ever and seems fun.
Cubemen 2 is the only one I'm not so sure about (where's Cubemen 1?) but with a demo or video series explaining the game mechanics I'd consider it as well.



SKTTR commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

One of those hidden gems. A series that got Game of the Month/Year awards. I hope it's a wellmade remake, and if that's the case I'm gonna buy it for 20€. I love 2D platform adventures. If you're into stuff like The Cave, Toki Tori 2+, Knytt Underground or UnEpic, this should be another neat addition, if not the best.



SKTTR commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

Apparently it's one of those indie hits for a reason, and I'm willing to find out.
When it lands on Wii U.

I have no problem with controversial and/or religious content. With so many religions on this planet, there come many truths and lies. With the exception of a few enlightened people, religion is conditioned opinion after all.



SKTTR commented on Feature: Games That Almost Were - A Look At Ca...:

Cubivore wasn't cancelled. It was released on N64 in Japan as Doubutsu Bancho.

Echo Delta was an interesting title... that eventually turned into Pikmin if rumours are to believed.

Well N64 saddest moments were indeed the cancellation of Final Fantasy 64 (which turned into Final Fantasy VII for Playstation) and Earthbound 64.



SKTTR commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

I'm on holidays and have no access to a tv. But I hooked up my Wii U and can play almost anything on the GamePad. Even when home I rarely use my tv anymore. Off-TV-Play is a big comfort and a system seller for me.
Not to mention that Wii U Touchscreen (and Wiimotes) enhance controls in good ways while Kinect is a total failure but that's a different story.

Not every game needs asymetric multiplayer or innovative GamePad use. It's all about good games. And good games are even better with Off-TV support :)



SKTTR commented on Review: Cocoto Magic Circus 2 (Wii U eShop):

Puddle is the only thing I liked from Neko. It had an artistic side to it and a bucketload of fresh ideas.
Kung Fu Rabbit was too short, easy, generic, and too mobilegame-like (audiovisually).
And Cocoto games always looked like plastic peripherals selling shovelware.
I kinda wanted to try Cocoto Fishing Master and Cocoto Platform Jumper on WiiWare, then I saw dozens of different Cocoto party, shooting, racing games for Wii on retail, and it felt like a sell-out of a series with mostly mediocre games. Demos would help. Still I would pay 29,99€ only for a complete Cocoto compilation, but not for this game alone.



SKTTR commented on Spin the Bottle DLC Update and Increased Price...:

There's still 3 weeks left until the price rises (it's only 2€ more then).
If people really want this game so badly, they should get a Wii U.
2 bucks doesn't really make a difference, especially when the price point is so low to begin with.
Most people don't really care if they buy a game for 67,99€ or 69,99€. Why should they now?
Seeing the new content in the update, 2 bucks is reasonable.

Ah, and the game is really fun and unique for a party game. If you have 4 or more players around it's worth a try.



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (Europe):

I'm mostly playing indie games, so I'm fine with the games offered every month. There's enough to play, enough fun stuff to play until the next update.

Last month I got Knytt, RUSH, and NES Remix.
The month before that I got Tennis, Bowling, EDGE, Toki Tori, Coaster Crazy.
This month I got the games on sale I was missing (Duck Tales, Mystara, Star Wars Pinball, the other Zen Pinball 2 tables)
Next month I'll be getting CastleStorm, Wii Sports Club Golf, and of course Unepic.

I like the variety, the quality and the prices of most indie games on Wii U. There are some exceptions of course, but even not so great games like Spot the Differences Party and Funky Barn Download have been updated to a certain quality standard.

VC isn't of much interest to me. I already have all the VC games I want (around 100) on Wii U / Wii mode.



SKTTR commented on Review: Unepic (Wii U eShop):

It seems the delay paid off. We now got a much more polished game with great off-tv features. Good decision, EnjoyUp! Can't wait to pick it up when it comes to Europe this week.



SKTTR commented on Review: Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver (Wii U):

Firebrand Games? On Wii they have a history of very good racers (Trackmania Wii, Need For Speed The Run)

But now they make Fast&Furious Showdown on Wii U and this? I can't believe they've gone that bad, really need to try one of their new racers for myself.
I'm very surprised that a talented studio like Firebrand Games don't get their games right on Wii U.



SKTTR commented on Silicon Knights Loses Appeal in Epic Games Law...:

There aren't many dark/spooky games with a good story on Nintendo's consoles.
Since the release of Eternal Darkness twelve years ago, I found only 3 horror games that were on the same quality level: Resident Evil 4 (2004, Gamecube), Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2010, Wii), Project Zero 2 (2013, Wii).
So yeah, of course Eternal Darkness is one of Nintendo's finest horror games. Don't believe the hate! That's just todays youth. They have no clue that it was an amazing game 12 years ago. They see the words 'Horror game' and wish for violence and gore, instead of an intimidating story. Judge the game for yourself.



SKTTR commented on Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and N...:

That sucks! What a cruel world. How stupid have gamers become?

If you consider yourself an intelligent gamer, do yourself a favour and buy their games now! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! They released 4 gems on Wii U. Go and snap them up. They're criminally underpriced at just a few bucks! Top quality evergreens. Especially Toki Tori 2+. That's one of the best puzzle adventure games of all time!
Toki Tori, EDGE, and RUSH also reek of clever level design, beautiful visuals and music, value and content. They're also easy to understand, simple to control, innovative games.
Give them a try!



SKTTR commented on Tantalus Media Seeking Staff With Wii U Experi...:


Funky Barn Download (Wii U) received an update. It fixes many issues.

  • No more crashing. (water trough bug fixed)
  • Loading times reduced from minutes to just a few seconds.
  • Unskippable intro/credits scene was removed (still viewable in the credits option)

However, the sound bug is still in there (all audio output randomly stops, no ingame music or soundeffects anymore, until restarting the game).

Anyway, the game is a lot more recommendable in this format, as the biggest issues are now a thing of the past.



SKTTR commented on Unepic Confirmed for 16th January on the North...:

I need an odd original RPG experience like this from time to time. One of my most anticipated indie games. Hope they don't rush it and bring the best version possible to Wii U.

And yes @ post above. EnjoyUp needs better translators.



SKTTR commented on Tantalus Media Seeking Staff With Wii U Experi...:

Funky Barn could have been decent.
With better controls utilising the GamePad, and the bugs and weird crashes and the repetitive petting and crazy long loading times removed.
I wished that the company would release an update fix, but they never seem to care.

The 50€ price was way too much as its quality and content is even below eShop standards. Now that it's 15€ it can be seen as a digital game and it's all more forgivable but it still feels like a rushed, untested, damaged product.
It had potential, it was fun for a few hours, but man is it flawed. Since it cannot be completed 100% because of a Wii U freezing bug and nothing was done about it, it's one of the few downloads that I would like to trade back in.

Most Wii U developers brought updates to fix glitches, bugs, and crashing in their games. They talk to their customers on Miiverse even.... but no one at Tantalus seems to even acknowledge that their game is broken.

I'm obviously cautious now. Didn't have a good start with them.



SKTTR commented on Physics-Based Puzzler BLOK DROP U Is Slotting ...:

Since it's one of the first Nintendo Web Framework titles that demoes of what can be produced by 3 people in a few months I knew not to expect too much graphically. But if the game is fun, is running great, and has a good soundtrack, who cares, especially for just 1.99€?
However, 15 stages seem like it's way too short. Could be over in a few minutes. I hoped they meant something like 15 worlds with 10 levels each. But they're gonna update new stages for free so I might just trying it.



SKTTR commented on Soapbox: Nintendo's Appearance at VGX Underwhe...:

i never watched vgx, never even heard about it until yesterday when i watched 8mins of new DKC footage and the interview with Reggie and the guy from Retro (what's his name again?).
A show of this format is not representative of where the industry is heading.
Seems i picked the best part and yeah, one moderator was annoying. It would be better if he could shut the hell up when someone from Nintendo speaks.



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (Europe):

I emailed Nintendo. They have no plans to release Wii Party U as Download Code with a Wiimote Plus and a GamePad Stand. I guess the 44,99€ eShop Download doesn't come with a Wiimote Plus and GamePad Stand. So better buy the disc version new on retail for 39,99€ which comes with both. It's a multiplayer party game that is perfect to have as a download, but this pricing is ridiculous. I'll skip this for now and wait for a better bundle.

I'll be all over RUSH though.



SKTTR commented on Renegade Kid Provides Status Update, With Trea...:

Renegade Kid released games in Europe before, so why do they have trouble with the ratings now? It's been months since Mutant Mudds Deluxe was released on Wii U in North America. If cost is one of the reasons I guess around christmas would be the best time to release it in Europe.



SKTTR commented on Nintendo Download: 28th November (Europe):

This is the 4th new VC game (not available on Wii) in EU.

1. Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (SNES)
2. EarthBound (SNES)
3. Golf (NES)
4. Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (SNES)



SKTTR commented on Nintendo "Would Like to Enrich" Its Virtual Co...:

It's time for Game Boy, GBA, Gamecube, Wii, Saturn, and Dreamcast downloads. And bring C64 back again!

More RPGs: EarthBound Zero, Terranigma, SoulBlazer, Shadowrun, EVO: Search for Eden, ActRaiser 2, Secret of Evermore, Ys III, Lufia 1+2, Robotrek, etc.

Translated classics: Fire Emblem, Famicom Wars, Secret of Mana 2, Famicom Detective Club, Shin Onigashima, Animal Forest, etc.

More classics: Maniac Mansion, Doom, Contra, Lemmings, etc.

More arcade games.

Enhanced Virtual Console menu, with boxart for each game.
PAL 50hz and NTSC 60hz versions for each download.



SKTTR commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Leaping To The Wii U An...:

Overhype for a title that was released about 10 times in the last 20 years, with two versions (NES and SNES) already available on Wii/U. Now where is Terranigma, Ys III, ActRaiser 2, EVO: Search for Eden, Shadowrun, Pro Wrestling, Kung Fu, Earthbound Zero, Bangai-O, Tetrisphere, Maniac Mansion, Doom, etc. ?