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Sat 11th Apr 2009

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Skidmark commented on Review: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (Wii):

Excellent review of a much underrated game. Gone are the open levels of ps2 Tenchus and instead its a strictly linear affair with very little rooftop hopping. The new elements though are brilliant ie the Minds Eye, purple Shadows and extinguishing of lights. At first I missed the old style of play but I've grown to love the new.



Skidmark commented on Nintendo Sets Down Some New Release Dates:

Trust me. It's a rare and sweet thing when us Aussies get something FIRST. Usually we are left lagging way behind our northern hemisphere cousins.
As far as NPC goes....I'm all about the Metroid wiimakes.



Skidmark commented on Review: New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (...:

I am 'new' to these GameCube wiimakes having skipped the whole GC generation. I'm having a ball with this game. Controls took me the best part of a day to get used to and then I was slicing and dicing opponents on pro and ace level with ease. You have to swing quite a bit earlier than WiiSports in order to hit across court, but once you get used to the timing its great fun. Some of teh Mini games however are virtually unplayable.......meh.....I bought it for tennis not minigames anyway.