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Nintendo gamer since '85.

Male, 30, United States

Some of my favorite games include Donkey Kong Country 2, Metroid Prime 2:Echoes, Shadow of the Colossus, TimeSplitters 2, Trackmania, Shovel Knight, Pikmin 3, Majora's Mask, 1001 Spikes, Jet Force Gemini, Star Fox 64, and Maximo:Ghosts to Glory.

Tue 10th August, 2010

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sketchturner commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

This game will always hold a magical place in my heart. I was 11 when it released and the level of excitement these controls, graphics, and level design created cannot be overstated.



sketchturner commented on Mario History: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 ...:

The original Wario Land is phenomenal. IMO it is better than even Super Mario World. A lot of touches of brilliance in that game... My favorite being how several of the levels get altered as things happen in the overworld, making their replays significantly different.



sketchturner commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Tale o...:

I was completely not hyped for this game because it looked like a rehash that couldn't possibly live up to SMG. However I ended up buying it day one just because I had extra money. I loved it so much that the original Galaxy became boring to me in comparison.



sketchturner commented on Rare Co-Founder Has No Idea Why Nintendo Didn'...:

Nintendo abandoned them at exactly the right time... Rare had a great reputation (good for market price) but most of the talent had left or was in the process of leaving. Companies like Free Radical were, in essence, the new Rareware.