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Tue 10th August, 2010

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sketchturner commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Wii U eSho...:

I love Nintendo Life with a passion but there are two game reviews I strongly disagree with and this is one of them. (The other is JFG). After your GBA review of this game rated it so lowly, I was hoping you would rectify yourselves by having a new appreciation for the game on WiiU. Oh well...



sketchturner commented on New Online Multiplayer Modes Revealed for Supe...:

I am concerned about them making a point to recommend a wired connection. It goes without saying that wired is always better, but if they take the time to point it out, it makes me feel like the wireless will be too laggy to be playable. Unfortunately, my game systems are not set up where I can hook them up to an ethernet cable. I do have high speed wireless, so hopefully that will be enough...



sketchturner commented on Your Support Is Needed To Make This Lego Metro...:

I would buy a Metroid Lego set in an instant... if it were Lego Technic and was well done. This looks like they turned Metroid into a Saturday morning cartoon for 4 year olds. I am sure this is only a concept, not the final build, but it still isn't enough to fill me with hope.



sketchturner commented on Swedish Speedrunner Breaks Record For Fastest ...:

This is awesome, but I am most impressed by him beating 100% of the game in under 5 and a half hours. That is insane. It probably takes me a good 30 hours every time I get 100% on Majora's Mask. I can't imagine the level of time management involved in strategizing a 100% speed run of that game.



sketchturner commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Warping To North Americ...:

Dang... I promised myself I wouldn't be tempted buy GBA games on WiiU since I still own a Micro and play it. But Amazing Mirror and Fusion on the TV... I just can't help but want to buy these again (even though I still own Fusion on GBA). What's wrong with me. Nintendo-addiction?



sketchturner commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

This is a great game, but frankly I played the crap out of it on my Micro and have no intention of playing it anymore. Still, a great release for those who haven't experienced it before. This is the ONLY turn-based game that I have ever enjoyed.



sketchturner commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Men ought to be bothered by this just as much as women. Turning women into sex objects is ultimately bad for all of society. I agree with those saying violence in video games is a problem, but that doesn't diminish the dangers of sexism. Nothing good can come from either.



sketchturner commented on Hardware Classics: Bandai WonderSwan:

Great article! I remember being aware of handhelds like Game Gear, Neo Geo, WonderSwan, Lynx, and Game.Com. However, I was too busy with my GameBoy to care at the time. It's nice all these years to get more educated on what else was out there.



sketchturner commented on Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Systems Now $200 on N...:

I am very tempted by this, but I have an unhealthy attachment to those Club Nintendo points. Plus I am holding out to buy a special edition WiiU (I don't want black or white) whenever one eventually releases. The Zelda WiiU wasn't special enough, IMO. I want metallic blue!



sketchturner commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

This is one of the very few N64 games I have never played/owned. Every so often I get tempted to buy it and then I read reviews saying that Legacy of Darkness rendered CV64 obsolete. Then I look at prices for LoD and am not willing to shell out $30 for a game that looks so rough around the edges. Would it be worth buying the less "perfect" CV64 considering the major price difference?