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Nintendo gamer since '85.

Male, 31, United States

Some of my favorite games include Donkey Kong Country 2, Metroid Prime 2:Echoes, Shadow of the Colossus, TimeSplitters 2, Trackmania, Shovel Knight, Pikmin 3, Majora's Mask, 1001 Spikes, Jet Force Gemini, Star Fox 64, and Maximo:Ghosts to Glory.

Tue 10th Aug 2010

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sketchturner commented on Gunman Clive HD Collection Has Sold 9000 Copie...:

I don't own a 3DS, so I bought the HD collection immediately. I beat both games several times and thoroughly enjoyed them.
The final boss of #2 was awesome. I'd love to see an entire game filled with enemies like that. Kind of like a 2D Shadow of the Colossus.



sketchturner commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (North America):

Every week they should pick at least one well liked game to be on sale... Mega Man X, Mario World, Guacamelee, etc. Even if it's just a tiny sale.
Seeing something better in the lineup [even if it's a game many of us have already] would at least make these lists look like they're trying.



sketchturner commented on Alien Dinosaurs Will Be Invading The Wii U And...:

@BulbasaurusRex "Yeah, I really want to play a brand new GameBoy game on my modern HD console," SAID ME. I will always be a gameboy nut. The sound of GB music is magic to my ears.
@Kirk I agree. I was completely sold until the words "randomly generated maps." In 30 yrs I have only played two games that effectively pulled off randomly generated levels. One was Steamworld Fig. The other was an amazing Windows 95 Indiana Jones game.



sketchturner commented on Feature: A Year in Development - Yacht Club Ga...:

This is one of my top 10 games ever. Looking forward to the added content but even more so to their next project. I'm not a big amiibo fan but I will get SK when he comes out. It's honestly much better implementation of extra content than anything Nintendo has done with amiibos.



sketchturner commented on Video: Check Out This Footage of Paradise Lost...:

I keep hearing about how there is an overwhelming number of Metroidvania games from indies. But imho there have barely been any good ones so I say keep them coming. Once the market is oversaturated with top notch Metroidvania games, then we can talk about whether indies need to diversify.