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Re: The Guy Who Designed Sonic The Hedgehog Supervised On Mario & Sonic At The Rio Olympics


@NintendoFan64 "from what you've heard"

from what I have heard Smash bros, and earthbound are totally bad games, (you like those right? ness avatar guy") I haven't played them myself but i know for a fact they are bad games.

Also Sonic is a plague, as you put it, don't be surprised when people discriminate for random reasons, There are lots of people who won't even touch a sonic game. And there are sonic games just like this yoshi game that get trashed just because they exist. Lost World for instance.

Re: The Guy Who Designed Sonic The Hedgehog Supervised On Mario & Sonic At The Rio Olympics



Actually (pushes round frame glasses up the bridge of his nose, glasses that have clearly been taped in the middle cause hes been punched so many times cause hes a giant nerd) it is the same exact game as the first one.

The people who didn't like it were children when they played the first, and they spread the opinion on the internet that it was a bad game, which clearly the people who don't play games have taken wholeheartedly.

Long story short this isn't a bad game, and if it is it's only because the first one is. It looks nicer, it plays tighter, theres more variety, and it looks nicer, I know I have said that already, but it does.

Yoshis new Island isn't a bad game. Yoshis Island is a bad game, you just remember it.

Re: Terraria Still Planned for Wii U in 'Early 2016', as Greater Detail is Confirmed for 3DS Version


@ChromXsome Just cause we don't need it doesn't mean we should abandon it, other 2d games used it and it looked great. Shantae ans Shovel Knight both look far nicer in 3d, and some of the Genisis games have the best 3d on the console and its used for 2d games.

Also 2d games fit 3d gaming far better because you are always looking at the screen from a fixed perspective.

Re: Nintendo of Europe Confirms Its Second Batch of eShop Cyber Deals


Everyone one in here complaining about deals, you've been doing black friday for what 5 minutes now, you can't just expect to compete with America. This is there national holiday, bigger than Cristmas in America, and you want to compete? Its like a toddler trying to go up against The New York Yankees, sure it would be cool to see and you can hope, but what were you expecting to happen, really?