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Thu 21st Nov 2013

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SinzKitten commented on Kamiya Doesn't Think Bayonetta 3 Will Ever Hap...:

I WANT A SEQUEL SO BAD FOR OKAMI!!! I don't count Okamiden, sure it's a cute game but I want the heart break that I got when I finished okami! I still cry every time because the ending is so beautiful and sad! Not to mention, we get to see the celestial plane but never get to go there! I think the sequal should be of Amy getting to restore the celestial plane, getting to learn more about the moon tribe, and maybe even getting to go on a few adventures with her pup before he's sent to Nepon. Okami is the best game ever and I wish that we hadn't just been left hanging at the end of it.
I also wouldn't mind a more in depth look into Nepon 100 years before, I mean we were told that there was some issues before that caused the village to not trust Shiranui, why? Why were they so scared of him? I would love to learn about all of this, and to actually get to play it X3 If there is like a sign up for those who want this sequel I would also LOVE to learn about it and hope someone could email me about it