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Male, 35, Costa Rica

Been gaming since I was 5. I play mostly games on Nintendo and Sony systems. I currently own 3DS, Wii, Wii U and PS3. Favorite developers include Nintendo, PlatinumGames, Naughty Dog, among others. I love games with soul and sense of humour.

Wed 18th May, 2011

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sinalefa commented on Review: Ninja Battle Heroes (3DS eShop):

Just got this and beat the first world. I am having a blast. Something that the review fails to mention is that you can block incoming attacks, which adds strategy and helps you to keep your combos intact.



sinalefa commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

If someone makes me buy an Xbox One, it will be Kamiya with Scalebound. So the irony that I want the American console to play a Japanese game...

W101 is easily one of my favorite games of this gen, and judging from the demo I will enjoy Bayonetta 2 immensely. I would love to see some other games on Wii U, whether they are exclusive or not.



sinalefa commented on Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Is A Fan O...:

What has Mikami to do with bringing the REmake to Wii U? He is not at Capcom anymore....

And regarding The Evil Within, most likely it was Bethesda's call, as they are the publishers and they skip Nintendo systems.



sinalefa commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:


If we ever get both (instabuys for me, of course), I would say Bayonetta because she has two games under her belt. And obviously it will make for a very attractive Amiibo ;)


I am not new, but I usually cope with their peculiar way of thinking/acting. The whole Amiibo stuff should have been handled better, even for their standards.



sinalefa commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:


I have two choices: one is getting it along with Bayo 2 this Friday (although you may guess which game will be played and which one will be left untouched) or wait for BF to see if I can find it cheaper. DLC means it will actually be $80 full price, regardless of the amount of content.

And about Amiibo, I sometimes feel that Nintendo shares my viewpoint. The NFC seems secondary to them, it appears to me that they are banking on the brand power and have the toys sell on looks alone, and what they do ingame goes later.



sinalefa commented on Round Table: Let's Talk Super Smash Bros. For ...:

I actually prefer this format, with questions instead of just the team free talking with no fixed subject. And I guess it helps with editing as well.

I may play this in a week or two so I can't comment on it. Kudos to Conor for giving Wonder Red some love.



sinalefa commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Live Nintendo Dire...:


Funny world when I am more hopeful of a demo than you are :)

Your theory sounds interesting, but this demo should allow us to transfer the Amiibo progress to the main game, like Bravely Default for it to be worthwhile.

I still would like the demo this week, Bayo 2 is M rated so I don't see it taking its sales or its thunder, specially after having its own nice demo and those awesome reviews.



sinalefa commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

By the time they overcome those issues, everyone will have gotten the game in other systems (or don't care about the game anymore) so they will lose a ton of sales. A lot more than just the sales of the people who have the 8GB model.

And anyway, just how big this one is anyway? I still find amazing that EAD Tokyo can fit 3D World in less than 2GB and other devs struggle to keep file sizes reasonable.



sinalefa commented on Project CARS Delayed to March 2015 on PS4 and ...:

Well, reading that it seems the biggest reason is the holiday schedule, with the extra development time coming at second place. Even if the Wii U version is not released in March, I hope that at least it is not that far apart, as with Watch_Dogs.



sinalefa commented on It'll be Possible to Catch All 719 Pokémon Us...:

Cool stuff. I bought HG just to try to get more Pokémon for my Black 1 Dex and I did not enjoy it, I am still in the middle of the game.

And even with all Pokémon in just two games, it is a gigantic task to get them all.



sinalefa commented on Trailer Shows Off Today's First Batch of Hyrul...:


I am actually in the same boat. With the season pass you save like 3 dollars per pack, so that is a lot. That second villain looks very fun to use.

My guess is that the season pass will be available for purchase until the last pack is released. Maybe Black Friday will give us a nice discount for this game, or maybe I will relent and pay the whole $60. Plus $20.