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Male, 35, Costa Rica

Been gaming since I was 5. I play mostly games on Nintendo and Sony systems. I currently own 3DS, Wii, Wii U and PS3. Favorite developers include Nintendo, PlatinumGames, Naughty Dog, among others. I love games with soul and sense of humour.

Wed 18th May, 2011

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sinalefa commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS User Interf...:


Kid Icarus Uprising, his first 3DS game, also had the battery indicator. I find that terribly useful. I hate when the blinking light is the only indicator of a low battery without having to interrupt my game by going to the Home menu.

I like that menu, the bad thing is that it is for the top screen so you can't touch the options to select them. Small nitpick, but I love to select my options by touching them if possible.



sinalefa commented on Review: Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop):


Since this is Siesta Fiesta, you earn a gold medal for seeing what I did there. ;)

And I support your idea. I would even like to know if we need to write a letter, petition, etc. to have the file size for every game. For a site that prides itself in reviewing every Nintendo download game, it would make a lot of sense and add even more value.

So, @ThomasBW84 @Damo, what do you say? If you need volunteers, I am pretty sure some of us would be willing to assist.



sinalefa commented on Review: Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop):

Glad to see my hunch was right. This, Armillo and Scram Kitty all looked special to me. And since I have Friday off, starting tomorrow I will have the party of my dreams with Siesta Fiesta!



sinalefa commented on SteamWorld Dig May Have a Discount on Wii U Fo...:

Well, Pushmo World never got a discount, it was Pullblox World the one that did. We love you NOA!

This is a great game, but even with a discount I don't see myself double dipping. Sometimes I feel Nintendo is not doing these crossbuys because you could get the game on Wii U, get the credit for the Deluxe Digital Promo, and then get the game on 3DS for free.



sinalefa commented on Video: Here are Plenty of Awesome Super Mario ...:

I was close to hating this game, after weeks and weeks of hearing people whining about its absence in the North American Wii U/3DS VC. But if after beating some of its hardest levels you don't hate it, there is no way you will. So many memories.



sinalefa commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

I remember seeing a forum thread here about some people trolling the Miiverse moderators. It was unrelated to this issue, but it shows to what extent some persons will go to cause issues in the communities.

If the images can still be shared by other means, I don't see what the problem is. There are armchair comic critics everywhere anyway ;)