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Wed 21st April, 2010

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sillygostly commented on 3DS System Update, 9.5.0-23, Goes Live and Br...:

@crzysortagamer : I often turn the 3D off because the poor frame rate is simply aggravating. If they can't do something right, then they shouldn't do it at all. I've played both X and Alpha Sapphire and I have enjoyed them, but they are not up to the standard that I have come to expect from Game Freak.



sillygostly commented on Weirdness: Fan Creates Custom amiibo of Sonic ...:

I'm keen on buying all of the amiibo, but I would draw the line at something like this. Sega has caused irreparable damage to the Sonic franchise in my eyes. I'd rather they put the series to rest and either develop new IP or reboot some of their older IP (Alex Kidd, anyone?).



sillygostly commented on 3DS System Update, 9.5.0-23, Goes Live and Br...:

I hope that they'll improve the performance of older pre-installed 3DS apps on the New 3DS. I've noticed that it no longer takes as long for Nintendo 3DS Camera to load, however, StreetPass Plaza still has the somewhat annoying loading times and occasionally inconsistent frame rates (particularly in the DLC games).

I'm not expecting Game Freak to improve the performance of the 3DS Pokémon games, however, I am expecting something in the vein of Pokémon Z which would be exclusive for the New 3DS, and include 3D throughout the entire game (because let's face it, the best we can hope in the way of New 3DS exclusives are ports).



sillygostly commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

@schizor : I would define games with a "living, breathing world" as open world. I would not consider the Pokémon games to be open world experiences, for example. While you do have a large world to explore, your actions do not affect the environment around you, and the NPCs each have a very limited number of flags (most NPCs will have 3 possible flags of dialogue), giving the game a sense of stifling linearity. This is not necessarily a criticism against the main series Pokémon games. I love them, but these limitations are simply part of their design and genre.



sillygostly commented on Interview: IRONFALL Invasion's Developers on B...:

I'm disappointed that the game only runs at 30fps in 3D, even on the New 3DS (I haven't played it on the old 3DS so I do not know whether or not the older systems are capable of running the game at 60fps in 2D). The game looks stunning in 60fps and I hate having to choose between 3D and 60fps.



sillygostly commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

Ugh. I hate hearing news like this. It stings even more now that we know that it was intended to be a Wii U exclusive.

I'd love to see more open world games on Nintendo platforms, even if they are ports of past successes (I would love an HD port of Bully for Wii U or better, a port for the New 3DS). Heck, the DS had more open world games than the 3DS does. Hell, does the 3DS even have any open world games?



sillygostly commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

@steamtrain : I admire the fact that you've paid simply to give thanks to the developers (in the late 80s and early 90s, some "shareware" software were essentially the full version; the suggested registration fees were simply to support the developers), and as much as I would like to pay for this game, as I'm having a lot of fun with it, I just cannot support the microtransaction based business model as I find it to be reprehensible. I'd happily have paid $10, $20, even $30 for this game had it not been a free-to-play title though. I know I've paid a lot more for a lot worse.



sillygostly commented on Review: Paparazzi (Wii U eShop):

I'd imagine that an open-world style paparazzi game with a big budget on consoles and/or 3DS would be amazing. It's crazy that nobody has ever thought to make a shooter quite like this. ;)



sillygostly commented on Interview: IRONFALL Invasion's Developers on B...:

I was really impressed with the engine, and I want to support this release, but I know that I'll probably never get around to completing the game. The environments are detailed and pretty, but damn it, it's just so generic. The gameplay reminded me a lot of Watch_Dogs, and it got me thinking that if they can pull off a game like this on the 3DS, then just about any console blockbuster could be redesigned for the 3DS in the right hands. Also interesting to note is that this is the only game of its kind (that I know of) that carries a PG rating in Australia.

I would LOVE to see an open-world GTA style game be made with this engine. Another VD-Dev game, C.O.P.: The Recruit, while also technically impressive for the DS, was also really bland and repetitive. So much so that it's one of very few games that I'd traded in. After the first few missions, I knew the game wasn't going to offer anything that I hadn't already seen by that point.

I've had fun with whatever little I've played of Ironfall, but I can't help but yearn for the possibilities of a full-featured open world game on 3DS. Heck, I'd be happy with ports of the GTA III trilogy. If an $8 or so App Store release is profitable for Rockstar, I'm sure that there would be enough 3DS owners that would make GTA 3/VC/SA ports more than profitable with a $40-$60 price tag.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo España Appears to Confirm Super Mari...:

@earthboundlink : That disappoints me too. I was hoping that Pauline would have been a surprise character in Mario Kart 7 and later 8 but… nothing.

They did acknowledge her existence in the "Heroines" panel in Streetpass Puzzle Swap, but her existence is almost ignored completely in any other Mario-related material. =/

I couldn't care for Daisy though. She's just an uglier, less regal, palette-swapped Peach. At least Luigi has his cowardly demeanour working in his favour, and the sheer ridiculousness of Waluigi's name alone validates his existence. =P



sillygostly commented on Review: Tri-Strip (Wii U eShop):

It's hard enough looking at those screenshots. I wouldn't be able to stand staring at that image if it were on a larger display. =/

Nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia is so overdone nowadays. Unless there is a legitimate artistic reason for doing so, stick to what is better.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

I strongly doubt that Snake will ever appear again in Super Smash Bros.; at least not as a fighter. There were two Metal Gear Solid games released recently, and neither of them were released on Wii U. You'd think that the smart thing to do would be to support Nintendo's system, while in return getting virtually free advertising via Super Smash Bros. across both the Wii U and 3DS.

Konami screwed over Nintendo's fanbase by only porting Solid Snake for 3DS, and meanwhile, for the same price, provided a full trilogy for the other platforms, including Vita.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

Rayman doesn't deserve to be in the Super Smash Bros. games. Period. It's bad enough that the games contain a few trophies from the Rayman franchise.

Considering Ubisoft's appalling, seemingly contemptuous support of the Wii U, I would not want Nintendo to give Ubisoft any further undeserved publicity, not until Ubisoft gets their act together and adequately supports the system. Just yesterday I noticed a few new Ubisoft games on PS4, including a Monopoly Collection and Rabbids Invasion. They bothered to port Watch_dogs to Wii U but not these? Idiots.



sillygostly commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

I wish that they had released a complete paid version in addition to the free-to-play microtransaction-laden version. The most off-putting thing about this game is if I do find myself enjoying it, that I can only pay for minutes at a time unless I'm willing to cough up cash.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

While I could not see myself using it, I think it's quite disappointing that Nintendo was unable to launch the service in Europe. Heck, in Australia of all places, many of the Australian TV networks and other services are available on Sony and Microsoft's systems. It would have been nice if the Wii U had the same, if for no other reason than to be able to boast a more diverse multimedia feature set.

I suppose that this means that the service has also been cancelled for Australia by extension.



sillygostly commented on 'Apprentice Witch and Fluffy Friends' Aims to ...:

Most of these appear to be ultra-cutesy variations of Pokémon. I see...

  • The lovechild of Pidove and Porygon-Z
  • The product of Pikachu, Plusle and Emolga if three creatures were able to conceive a single offspring
  • A cross between Lilligant and Diancie
  • The offspring of Marill and Keroberos from Cardcaptor Sakura

And the other two look like they'd fit right in with the cast of Animal Crossing.



sillygostly commented on This Xenoblade Chronicles X Hardware Bundle fo...:

@mjharper : The Japanese title is "Xenoblade X" (pronounced "Zenobureido Kurosu" or "Xenoblade Cross"). The Japanese characters beneathe the title on the Japanese cover is merely a transliteration of the English (and this is the vast majority of the case where a Japanese game happens to have an English title).



sillygostly commented on Gunman Clive Sales Pass 400,000 Across All Pla...:

Considering that Bertil's a lone horse (plus his brother, who produces the music for the games), I strongly doubt that it will be worth Bertil's time and investment to port the game to other platforms. Perhaps if there was a larger publisher that would be willing to snap up the rights to the games and port them to other systems, I can see that happening (in theory), but I would imagine that Bertil would be burnt out from having worked on these games for so long, and would much rather move on to working on to new projects.



sillygostly commented on Gunman Clive Sales Pass 400,000 Across All Pla...:

Man, I'd hate to find out how low the Australian sales figures are as I assume that we've been plonked with the Europeans in those sales figures, but I have to take my hat off to this fella. He's a one man programmer/designer/publisher and even he takes the time and effort to ensure a release for the Australian market while much larger companies (cough Activision) don't bother at all.

I really appreciate your commitment, and I hope that you will continue to release your games to your (few) Aussie fans. I hope that you've at least been able to make SOME money from us.



sillygostly commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

What Nintendo should have done is release Pokemon Shuffle as both a free and a paid app similarly to how they handled Steel Diver: Sub Wars. The freemium version will function as intended with microtransactions and all of the other toxic money-gouging crap that is gradually, but surely, killing video games as we know it. The paid version will function as a traditional, complete game.

I refuse to pay money for one-time use cheat codes, which is what most microtransactions seem to be nowadays.



sillygostly commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

So... a white American who has spent his life absorbing the culturally imperialistic crap that the American entertainment industry has been feeding him is offended that other cultures are given some visiblity and reverence by a Japanese video game mascot?

Well, aren't we just precious.

I don't see any Indian or African people objecting to this. Do you? If anything, I think people would be happy to see their culture/ethnicity being given any visiblity at all, especially as many of their nations are not producing high quality video games for the global market.

What exactly is offensive about this anyway? Is the game ridiculing other cultures or ethnicities? No. Is it dehumanising anybody in the form of nationalist propaganda that is designed to brainwash the masses into believing that they, as the "other" somehow deserve to be dead? No.

Insignificant matters offend those with insignificant priorities. There are depictions of other cultures/ethnicities nowadays that are far more detrimental, and dangerous, than some innocuous homage in an old video game.



sillygostly commented on Super Smash Bros. Double CD Soundtrack Listing...:

YES! Duck Hunt Medley!!! :D I was afraid that I'd have to rip a version of this song from YouTube and convert that to an MP3. I'm so glad that I can instead source a higher quality version from this soundtrack. I know what I'll be blasting in the car for the rest of the year. :D

However, I'm enormously disappointed that they didn't include more WarioWare songs as their vocal stuff is amazing. While Mona Pizza was included in Brawl, I was disappointed by its omission from the latest Smash Bros. releases. I also would have loved Jimmy's aerobics song from WarioWare: D.I.Y. and that sweet baby making music from the Ski mode in Game & Wario. I would love to be able to buy these songs in some form.



sillygostly commented on Get Ready For The Most Expensive Video Game Au...:

Never underestimate human stupidity, particularly in this age of hedonistic purposelessness. People will do incredibly confounding things when they have no sense of purpose or responsibility to others than themselves.

This game doesn't even look like it's worth the AU$6.50 asking price that it would cost if this were to be released in the eShop.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS To Launch In Europe N...:

@Damo : This isn't a product launch though. Nintendo themselves are selling the ambassador units directly in very limited numbers to appease impatient die-hard fans and/or to create hype for the product when it officially launches at retail. Launching the New 3DS to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the launch of the original 3DS would be a sensible move.

If Nintendo were launching the New 3DS next week in Europe, then we'd have known about it by now. Store people would be privy to their inventory/databases, and inevitably, some of that information would be released to the public, even if Nintendo themselves fail to acknowledge it until they are prepared to issue a press release. Plus, it would be stupid of Nintendo to not want to at least capitalise on pre-order sales. I remember there being a lot of hype surrounding the DSi at the time of its launch in Australia (I never understood why as the improvements over the original DS seemed to be negligible, and the price was $100 more than the regular DS Lite, so I never ended up buying one).

People would have to be barking mad to buy these overpriced imports though, as there has been ZERO support for the New 3DS since it launched in Australia. You'd think that Nintendo, at the very least, would have bothered to implement amiibo support for Smash 3DS by now. If not for the minuscule Australian market, then for the Japanese at the very least. I'm sure that when the New 3DS launches in Europe and N.A. that Nintendo will give us a more substantial reason to upgrade.



sillygostly commented on Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS To Launch In Europe N...:

They'll be selling Australian imports. Nintendo may make some crazy decisions at times, but they will not launch a new console without any prior notice.

I would expect the New 3DS to be officially launched in Europe and N.A. by the end of March or April.



sillygostly commented on Gunman Clive 2 Delayed for a Few Weeks More:

This is precisely why I hate Nintendo's pricing of VC games. Struggling indies who design games from scratch often charge considerably less than what Nintendo charge for their years-old games. VC games have already turned a profit back in their heyday, and they cost very little to port to the Wii U today. I understand that Nintendo do not want to pull a Ubisoft and devalue their brands and content, but I do not see much, if any value in most NES games considering how limited and shallow most of them are.

I would rather pay full price for a retail disc with a definitive collection of Nintendo's own VC games than pay $6.50 or upwards of $10 for some of their old games. GameCube games are another story however. I'd happily pay up to $20 for those.



sillygostly commented on Video: Hacker Demonstrates Fully Functional Ga...:

While the data would have to be included on-disc so that players can use amiibos without the need for any further software updates, the presence of this data is by no means indicative that these amiibos will ever be released. Perhaps they will be, but it is by no means a certainty.

For example, the hidden area Hall of Origin in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which contains a Lv. 80 Arceus, was never legitimately accessible, in any part of the world. Ever. The Azure Flute, a key item which is required to access the Hall of Origin, was never distributed (however, players have been able to access this area due to hacks, cheats and/or glitches). I do not know whether Game Freak ever put it on the record and acknowledged the existence of this data, but it has been common knowledge amongst ardent fans of the games since their release.



sillygostly commented on The N64 Almost Got A Multiplayer-Focused Doom ...:

I just want the full, uncut versions of Doom, Doom II and Final Doom on a Nintendo handheld. The iOS version is tempting, but the game would be unplayable (especially Final Doom) without buttons. And single card multiplayer would be brilliant.



sillygostly commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

I really, really, really hope the next console will be fully compatible with all Wii and Wii U controllers, even if the Wii name is dropped (and at this rate, it will be). One of the things that I've especially loved about the Wii U is the fact that the only new controllers that I've had to buy are the Pro Controllers, and even so, I have enough Classic Controllers to get by, but the fact that the Pro Controllers are wireless, are so comfortable to hold and have such long battery life make them a worthwhile purchase. Of course, if Nintendo make a more responsive Wii Remote-style controller, I'd be more than happy to oblige, but only if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, I hope that all controllers, past and present, are fully compatible with their next console.

Every Sony/Microsoft console seems to have an arbitrary new controller that looks and functions indistinguishably from the last one to the extent that I don't understand WHY these consoles ever needed a new controller in the first place.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Download: 1st January (Europe):

I really hope the Slowpoke theme is based on the "Donaiyanen Yadon!" music video that was released a few months ago. It'll definitely be my first theme purchase if it includes the song. :D



sillygostly commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

Gold/Silver/Crystal for me. They improved upon Red/Blue/Yellow in virtually every way, the new Pokémon were amazing, the music was fantastic, and the graphics were beautiful in their modest simplicity. HeartGold and SoulSilver did not stir those same feelings and I would attribute any fault to the fact that it used the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum engine, which I absolutely abhor. Those games moved at a dead snail's pace, and HG/SS were bound by the same limitations as D/P/P.

Black and White however, were game changers in a sense that while they still used the tried and true D/P/P engines, they improved upon it in every conceivable way. Gone were the days when we'd have to sit through about 10 seconds just to watch that damned health meter deplete (it seemed like the worst and stupidest possible way to artificially prolong the length of what would otherwise have been a very short game).

If HG/SS had been released after Black/White and included the improvements that B/W had made to the D/P/P engine, then it probably would have been my favourite Pokémon game to date, but unfortunately, HG/SS is inherently tainted by all of the faults that made D/P/P so sluggish and insufferable. I don't think I could ever play a Gen IV game again. While I've almost completed HG (I still have to battle Red, and I have no way of levelling up my Pokémon without ripping my hair out, so I traded them all over to Platinum so that I could train them at the Battle House and trade them back to HG), I'm still yet to play SoulSilver. I may at some point, but after being spoiled by the enormous improvements in Gen V and VI, I don't know if I can go back to playing the most sluggish generation of Pokémon games again. I still loved D/P/P (especially Platinum), but I would definitely struggle if I were to go back to it now.