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Wed 21st April, 2010

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sillygostly commented on If Nintendo Did Decide To Make A Smartphone, W...:

The above design seems to resemble something obsolete, like a prototype for a smartphone before smartphones had ever hit the marketplace. Nevertheless, if Nintendo ever did make a phone, I'd still hope for a standalone console equivalent as I would buy both (and a Nintendo phone would be the first that I would ever buy).



sillygostly commented on Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is...:

I got Sochi for free with the Mario Kart 8 promotion and I regretted it almost instantly due to its horribly convoluted interface and control mechanics. The great thing about party games such as Wii/Mario Party and Wii Sports is that you can get into the games almost instantly with little guidance. Every mini-game in Sochi had an arbitrary tutorial that put me off fast.



sillygostly commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash and Its amiibo Confirmed...:

It's nice to see Chibi-Robo! receiving some attention from Nintendo (it's ridiculous that they brought back R.O.B. but neglected to include Chibi-Robo as a fighter in Smash). If I had known that Chibi-Robo was a Nintendo IP during the lifespan of the Nintendo DS, I would have bought the DS game (particularly as it was so cheap).



sillygostly commented on Video: Gengar Confirmed as a Fighter in Pokké...:

It makes no sense for Gengar to be in the game considering that Ghost-type Pokemon are completely immune to fighting-type attacks. =/ Even if we were to discard that fact, Gengar doesn't appear to have the physique to be a particularly effective fighter.



sillygostly commented on Review: Bubble Gum Popper (Wii U eShop):

This looks like one of those cheap and nasty games in those 1001 in 1 (FULL VERSION!) PC discs, and they usually cost no more than $10. Here you only get one of those 1001 turds for $2. =P



sillygostly commented on Review: A-Train 3D: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

@Topbanana : It is a high price considering that it is a download-only release that is locked to a single console. The Sim City games were full retail releases for PC, and many of the older Sim City games can still be played on modern PCs. In fact, I can buy the latest Sim City game for as little as $10 in Australia. That is a retail copy with a disc that I can keep and play on whichever PC I like, and can continue to play the game should I buy a new PC at some point in the future.

$40-$50 is a fair price for a physical retail version of a game; but not for a download-only single-console licence.



sillygostly commented on Splatoon Wii U Hardware Bundle Confirmed for P...:

I love these Wii U bundle box designs, but it's a shame that the Gamepad and the Wii U itself doesn't have "ink" splashed all over it.

I'm also baffled that they would omit the Squid amiibo, which is exclusive to the special edition of the game in PAL territories. =/



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

I'll probably download Kirby's Adventure Wii and I have the MK8 season pass purchased so I'll obviously be downloading that as well (and I'm particularly excited about the new amiibo outfits as they look awesome). While I'm by no means hot on Pac-Man, I love the animated Pac-Man amiibo outfit. :D



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

I still want to get a hard copy of Kirby's Adventure Wii before splashing out on the eShop release. Perhaps I should just stop being so damned superficial and settle for the download. =P



sillygostly commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

@GoneFishin : That was only in North America. Europe and Oceania received the Nintendo Selects series considerably later (sometime after the release of the Wii U, in fact), and the games are still widely available today. In fact, I've seen Twilight Princess available for around AU$20 or less (in fact, I had paid AU$20 for it during the peak of the Wii's popularity), so you can deduce that there really isn't much demand to be seen here as everybody who wanted the game would already have it by now, and experiencing the game on Wii (as both new Wii consoles and the game are now dirt cheap) is a considerably better deal than buying a New 3DS and a hypothetical Twilight Princess 3D remake (which would cost at least AU$250+ for those who haven't yet upgraded). It just doesn't make sense to me from a business perspective. Sure, there would be some fanfare from Zelda fans, because the hardcore Zelda fans that have played the game back in 2006-2007 would perhaps feel some nostalgic inclinations to justify forking over the money for a remake, but for the general marketplace, where the game is still widely available, and at a cheap price, it makes little sense.

Nintendo have already released no less than FOUR Zelda remakes this generation (Ocarina of Time 3D, Four Swords Anniversary, Wind Waker HD, Majora's Mask 3D), with the majority of past Zelda games being available in at least some form via the eShop or at retail, and I would argue that Nintendo have nothing to gain by further saturating the brand as there are already plenty of Zelda games available in the marketplace, and Nintendo should perhaps devote their resources to covering franchises that have had no presence yet this generation (cough Metroid cough). A remake of Twilight Princess and/or Skyward Sword, or an HD/4K double pack would be a sensible move come next generation, but certainly not now.

On the other hand, a remake of Xenoblade Chronicles made sense only because it was issued a very limited release on Wii, and interest in the series had been boosted once Shulk was included in the latest Super Smash Bros. games. It also gave Nintendo and Monolith Soft a testing ground for the New 3DS hardware (while raising awareness of Xenoblade Chronicles X) without breaking the bank as the game is comprised of existing assets.



sillygostly commented on Social Networks Go Into Meltdown Over Apparent...:

Twilight Princess was only just recently rereleased as part of the Nintendo Selects range, so it makes no sense to commission a remake now when the game is still widely available. Sure, those that have played it way back in 2006 may appreciate an HD (or 3D) upgrade, but there is hardly enough demand to justify its existence. Maybe some time in the 2020s...



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

@Grumblevolcano : I could have been mistaken. I thought I redeemed my codes at the beginning of the month, but it turns out that I did this on March 31st. If that's the case, then I'm really lucky to have scraped in at the nick of time. Still, Nintendo has stated in the past that Club Nintendo codes will expire 5 years after the product's release date. Codes issued with third party games, however, specify the exact expiry date in the pamphlet.

If first party codes no longer work, then third party codes should still be valid.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

@Grumblevolcano : No, you can continue to register any valid Club Nintendo cards until the end of the Club Nintendo programme (in September 2015). Mario Party 10 is still valid, otherwise Nintendo would not have bothered including a Club Nintendo card in the first place. Incidentally, I've registered mine AFTER April 1st.

Club Nintendo cards will no longer be included with games released after April 1st 2015 (or with reissues of any games after this date), and Club Nintendo points will no longer be offered for any digital purchases made via the eShop after April 20th 2015.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

A while ago, I was snooping through the games section at my local Target, and I kid you not, every last Nintendo game's case was opened, and I suspect that somebody stole all of the Club Nintendo cards inside (because the idiots at Target often leave the Club Nintendo cards inside the unsealed cases).



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

You should have a Club Nintendo card in the box, though I suspect that staff at certain retailers may tend to steal them. I have a few games that should have had Club Nintendo cards in the packaging, but for some reason don't (such as Wario Land: The Shake Dimension). I also ended up with TWO Club Nintendo cards in one of my Professor Layton games because the idiot retailers insist on breaking the seal of all software and shoving the manual and discs/cartridges in a draw behind the counter as a security measure. I've even ended up with the WRONG game in the case on two separate occasions.

I have a friend who bought a 3DS XL about a year and a half ago and I asked him if he had a Club Nintendo card in the box (as he was eligible for the free Super Mario 3D Land download at the time), but… nada. :(



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

My account history only goes back 12 months, but here's a general idea of how Club Nintendo stars are allocated in Australia…

Wii U retail software (Nintendo published) - 200 stars
Wii U retail software (Third party published) - 250 stars
Wii retail software (Nintendo published) - 250 stars
Wii software via Wii U eShop - 200 stars
3DS games (Nintendo published) - 200 stars
3DS games (Third party published) - 250 stars
Budget releases: Tetris (3DS), Tetris Party Deluxe (DS/Wii), Super Mario All Stars - 150 stars
Wii U / Wii console - 500 stars
eShop exclusive software (including free software) - 50 stars

50 stars are also given to eShop exclusive software that is available as retail software elsewhere in the world (such as Shin Megami Tensei IV, Conception II etc.).



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Australia Lists eShop Offerings Redee...:

At the moment, I have around 16000 stars after I had spent a good day filling out all of the surveys on my digital purchases and redeeming all of my cards that I've been holding on to for all of these years (I easily could have accrued over 20000 stars but many of my cards had already expired :(). I've been reluctant to use my Club Nintendo cards any earlier as the stars expire after an 18 month (give or take) period, and there was nothing in the Australian Club Nintendo worth a damn (I'm still peeved that I've missed out on the SNES Controller and Gold Nunchuk).

So far, I've only redeemed my stars on the two Game & Watch Collections, and the Kirby Triple Deluxe, Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 3D World soundtracks. I had no interest in the Luigi diorama, nor the golf ball set that was released some time ago.

I'm still holding out for more surprise physical rewards (fingers crossed for Gold/Silver Mario amiibo), but I won't hold my breath. Worst case scenario is that I'll have plenty of eShop titles to add to my collection.



sillygostly commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Devours 1 Million Pl...:

@OorWullie : I was in the same boat. HATED the demo, but I bought the game anyway due to positive responses from fans and critics. I sat on it for about a year and a half before finally playing it regularly. The demo really doesn't do the game justice as it's much too difficult for first timers such as myself; but after playing the Monster Hunter 4 demo, my interest in the series was reignited and I decided to finally get around to playing MH3U (and I've been enjoying it since).

I can't see myself ever playing the game for 100-200+ hours like some of the more obsessed fans here, but I'll probably get a good 40 hours or so out of the game before moving on to MH4U.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

That's some ridiculously expensive DLC for Smash. :( They're just freaking costumes (the very kind that was unlockable in Mario Kart 8 with amiibo figurines), and I hardly use the Mii fighters anyway, but being the completist that I am, I'll end up buying them.

To put matters into perspective, the (dual console) Smash costume bundle is only a few dollars short of the 2-pack DLC that we got for Mario Kart 8, and that gave us a hell of a lot more than a few bloody costumes.



sillygostly commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

Short answer: no.

This seems like the sort of game that could easily have been a runaway success during the lifespan of the Wii, but the Wii U's user base is far too minuscule to be able to turn this new IP into a hit. I could be wrong though. It'll certainly sell more units than The Wonderful 101, but I can't imagine Splatoon beating it by very much.



sillygostly commented on Review: Jet Dog (3DS eShop):

$10.40 in the Australian eShop………………………...

The game looks clean enough, but the 3D and animation is absolutely hideous. Some people are just completely shameless.



sillygostly commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Opens Pre-Orders ...:

@MadAdam81 : Are you sure about that? The European Nintendo Direct (which, for the most part, applies to Australia/New Zealand as well) only mentioned the Splatoon + Squid Amiibo Deluxe Pack, the standalone Splatoon game, and the individual Squid Boy and Girl figurines. The Direct indicated that the Squid amiibo will be available exclusively via the Deluxe pack in Europe and it made no mention of the 3 pack whatsoever.

The 3 pack was probably mentioned in the U.S. Nintendo Direct, which doesn't apply to us.



sillygostly commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

I'm only disappointed that they're charging money for the costumes. Considering that it'll cost about $10+ to download them all (at least in Australia), that's quite a hefty amount considering that they offer absolutely nothing gameplay-wise. The Mario Kart 8 DLC cost a similar amount and offered half of a retail game worth of content.

I think that Nintendo should have allowed amiibo to unlock the DLC costumes in Super Smash Bros. as they do in Mario Kart 8. Considering how much of an investment amiibo are for those who collect them, I think that they could easily have subsidised the cost of developing those costumes through amiibo sales. I'll probably cave in and buy the costumes, but Nintendo is really pushing it.



sillygostly commented on Pokémon White Makes Surprise Appearance in UK...:

I'm not surprised that it hasn't sold particularly well. For one, it's a port of a game released less than five years ago on a system that is better suited to this sort of experience (and genre). Secondly, it's exclusive to a platform that not many people own yet (and of the relative few that do, probably 10% of them would be interested in a game like this). Most gamers aren't going to buy a New 3DS for this game alone when the original Wii and Xenoblade Chronicles would be a cheaper purchase overall.

I believe this game would never have been ported if they weren't capable of doing so inexpensively, and let's face it... a game like this would never have been made from scratch for a handheld device, at least not for one with as small a user base as the New 3DS. The only large scale games that we can hope to see on the New 3DS are console ports, at least until the user base reaches a point where the market can sustain larger scale projects (but by the time that happens, Nintendo will have announced their next handheld console).

I was interested in getting the original Wii version, but unfortunately it seemed to have a strictly limited release in Australia, and I don't believe that the game was ever restocked (I refused to pay $90-$100 for it). The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are still available in relative abundance though.



sillygostly commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

I wish Nintendo bothered to increase the native resolution of their VC library (mainly N64 and DS titles). I'm not asking for improved textures or even widescreen support (as this could prove problematic for some games as all N64/DS games were designed with a specific aspect ratio in mind), but just an increase in resolution.



sillygostly commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

I'd prefer the separate retail releases due to the fact that I'll want as many save files available to me per path as possible as I'd like to experience both paths. Plus, those covers look absolutely stunning. I essentially paid around $120 for Awakening (with DLC), so I don't see how this is any more of a rip-off. The Awakening DLC was underwhelming at best and both "if" games together will probably cost me around $90-$100 at launch (costing me LESS than Awakening + DLC but with what I assume will be considerably more content).

The end result is that I will be paying about the same amount as I did for Awakening plus its DLC, but now I'll be getting two retail packages and an additional DLC pack that can be used with BOTH games. If anything, this is a much better deal overall than Awakening and I welcome it.



sillygostly commented on Video: WarioWare Touched! Arrives On Wii U Vir...:

I'm itching for a new WarioWare game. D.I.Y. was too limiting for its own good. It worked as a spin-off, or as a separate "app", but it doesn't quite fit as a full fledged entry in the WarioWare series. Game & Wario had some neat ideas, but it needed more of them, and it pales in comparison to the ridiculously fun and replayable Smooth Moves.

Incidentally, we are four years in and there is not a single Wario game for the 3DS. You bonkers, Nintendo?



sillygostly commented on Video: Mario Kart DS Skids Onto Wii U Virtual ...:

I don't see why they couldn't incorporate DS Download Play into this title. That would have made all the difference in cementing it as a must have game for the system. I just don't see much of a point to having this on the Wii U purely for single player when there are far superior options available for the system (i.e. Mario Kart 8 and Wii).

It's nice to have them available on Wii U for those who want them, but really, DS games should be cross-platform and cross-buy at launch. The 3DS already has the DS hardware built into it so there would be no emulation required at all. This would of course come at the expense of restore points as the game is being run on native hardware but I hardly see that as a detrimental omission. I wouldn't mind double dipping and having my DS library on my 3DS if the price is right.



sillygostly commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

Banjo-Kazooie does not belong in Smash as he Is no longer a Nintendo-exclusive character, nor is Rare keen on releasing any future (or past for that matter) Banjo-Kazooie games on Nintendo devices. They just want the free publicity and prestige that comes with being on the Smash roster.



sillygostly commented on Game Freak's GBA Title Drill Dozer Rated By Th...:

@Souldin : If it's coming out in Australia, then it's definitely coming out in Europe.

Australia misses out on a LOT of eShop games (I'd estimate more than 50% of all 3DS Download software and DSiWare; though we tend to get most of the VC games), but Europe hasn't missed out on anything that Australia has already. The only such example I can think of is the whole Scribblenauts fiasco in Europe. With that being the sole exception I can think of (at present), there is no 3DS or Wii U content that is exclusive to Australia.



sillygostly commented on Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack Brought ...:

Awesome to see more amiibo outfit support. I wish they would support all currently released amiibo figurines though (considering that the costumes wouldn't require much work to produce).

@Iggly : I believe a season will be chosen at random for the Animal Crossing track. This is to keep the level feeling fresh and surprising every time you play it.