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Sun 1st Jun 2008

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siavm commented on Beenox Won't Be Working on Spider-Man Games An...:

Its been 11 years since a great Spider-Man game and movie came out. I really hope marvel gets their games to where they got their movies and tv at. I just want the awesomeness Spider-Man 2 brought but made better for these times. Is it that much to ask.



siavm commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

This game is rated m so there is no defending this to me. But it is free to start so whatever. If they are going to bring something from Japan they might as well keep it as is. Japan being creepy is nothing new. But I suppose NOA censoring things is nothing new. No one cares anymore. If they did, they could easily get Nintendo for letting both senran kagura games for coming here. Even though they didn't make them. But again whatever.



siavm commented on Video: Catch Up With Combat Tips in the Xenobl...:

I remember watching these the first time and not knowing what was said. In English though it explains a lot. I did not know the system got really complicated. It still is the same system from the other game just greatly expanded. And if robots this may take a hour or three for me to get used to it in December.



siavm commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

This is a game that needed a delay. The E3 previews were not the best for this game and the graphics were not the best. So this is very welcome. I suppose now this makes xenoblade the big holiday game for the year. But it hits after Black Friday so Nintendo is not going to be doing good here in the US this year. I suppose the Zelda game on 3ds can help them but I am not interested in that. I wish they weren't stalling the other Zelda game for Wii u. I know they are holding it for release on nx.



siavm commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

i didn't see it as a Wii but I suppose in a way it kind of is. But if so I don't see it changing anything. Seeing the size restrictions on game sizes (200mb) and having to store the rest on iCloud. I don't see Apple TV being that big for their gaming. It still looks like it is more for tv shows and movies.



siavm commented on Exclusive: MercurySteam Has Been Working On A ...:

I would say this is bad but seeing the metroid we are getting maybe it's not so bad. And this is a third party that wants to work with Nintendo. With the state Nintendo is at maybe they should think about letting them do it. Maybe under Nintendo they could make something great.



siavm commented on Nintendo NX Could Get A Port Of MMORPG Final F...:

They have been avoiding putting any major games on Nintendo consoles for almost 20 years. Now I am supposed to believe they are bringing numbered final fantasy games and dragon quest to it. Sure.

They support Nintendo's handheld but that is pretty it apart from a poor spinoff on the consoles. So until more is known next year, I will not care for most of the rumors a crap about nx. I know the square stuff is not a rumor but it just seems something is wrong. Unless another company, like a western one, says they are in talks to maybe bring something I am still going to think of the nx as something that is probably going to disappoint us.



siavm commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Devil's Third Apparently...:

Nintendo of America just tweeted about Devils third. Saying more info is coming soon. Hopefully this clears up game sites not asking about the title and just going on second hand info.

And here is the words from their tweet:
"We know you are eager to hear more about Devil’s Third. We are excited to bring the game to Wii U and will have more to share soon."



siavm commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

I really hope this last day we get a release date for Devils third for us in America and they show that game and fatal frame on treehouse. They have few games they might as well try to sell us on them.



siavm commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

I love Nintendo and after Sunday thought they were going to top the awesome things they did last year. They didn't. The surprises did not work for me and a metroid game with no samus is something that just hurts the heart. I also do not like the wait on xenoblade.

Star fox excites me but that more was from the treehouse event and after platinum is the one making it was announced.

Even if I did not see and kind of attend the playstation event I would still be disappointed. maybe the treehouse can be the saving grace for them this e3.



siavm commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Slashing Its Way to 3DS:

If this version has all the dlc I would get it. I did not get the Wii u version cause other games were out. Now for a cheaper price and extras included I would buy it on 3ds.



siavm commented on PlatinumGames to Unveil a New Title at E3:

It seems this may be a ps4 exclusive seeing as Nintendo, and now Microsoft have games from them. But it could be anything. So maybe it could be something for Wii u. I have most of their games across the systems I have, so what ever it is I will get it.



siavm commented on Konami Not Turning Its Back On Consoles After ...:

After metal gear 5 that pretty much is their last relevant game. For the this gen. They cancelled the silent hill game, they destroyed castlevania, and metal gear is nothing without Kojima. And they aren't making games for Nintendo consoles for about two years now and that's not changing by much in this horrible future they have.

So if you have the other had consoles that have mg5 play that and know it will be the last great game from konami.



siavm commented on Nintendo Wanted To Make Its Humble Bundle A Gl...:

The main purpose of this is to give to charity. Sure they offer great games but it is about helping great causes. I bought this because I hope it encourages Nintendo do this more. And instead of the rest of the world whining give to some local charities. This is just the first one and maybe sometime later this year Nintendo does this again and it will be open to Europe too.



siavm commented on Unused Textures in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U...:

@King_Stannis when I made a game I had unused art in the game I forgot to delete before putting it on a mobile store. It is still in the code. I might delete to bring down the file size. But after the years of time this was in development of course unused assets will be in the code.



siavm commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Localisation Work is "W...:

Hearing that crazy story I wonder how the Monado will fit in. I am going to assume it or some other type of blade will be In the game since it is still called xenoblade. This will definitely be a day one for me.

I really hope though the side quest are easier to figure out this time. It took me over 200 hours to beat the game and I did most of the side quest except for like 10 or 20 and that was with a wiki.



siavm commented on Super Smash Bros. Pro Players Tackle the Probl...:

Diddy is barely a character anyone is putting when I play online. And when I do fight them and they try aerial stuff I air dodge and counter them right back. In my hundreds of battles online I have pretty much got most of the tricks and things people use. So I hope no more changes happen outside of making custom characters.



siavm commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

The trademark keeps getting updated. Yet nothing is happening. The only thing that happens is a article like this keeps coming up. So I will care when nintendo does something past that don't think about this update to the trademark to much. They must do it to keep ownership from others.



siavm commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

I will wait for a officially statement before I start to worry. And it is weird that they say they confirm it tomorrow when the game awards happen. I would think nintendo has something to show there since they, along with others, are making the show.



siavm commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

I will be playing mine today sometime after ups drops it off. I can't believe this game is so close to being on my tv again. The 3ds version is good but I so want to play some event battles and play a 4 player smash with a lot less lag.