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United Kingdom

Wed 8th Jul 2009

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SiO commented on Brand New Infinite Space Trailer:

I was expecting big things from this game but after playing some of the Japanese version it has been a big disappointment.

The biggest letdown was the “Real time” combat; this is reminiscent of Final Fantasy IV DS remake:
1) The game flies you directly towards an opponent’s ship(s) (you can’t strafe, it is on rails and you can only control the speed at which at which time passes/ship travels)
2) Wait for an opponent to get into range.
3) Fire a weapon (If you choose a big weapon it will take you ship longer to reload), like any RPG the weapon can miss or have a big/little effect. Later in the game you can probably put shields up or something like that.
4) Wait for you ship to reload
5) Repeat steps 3-4 until all the opponents are destroyed.