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Shugo commented on Turn It Up To Eleven, Guitar Hero Is Making A ...:

So this is Activision's response to Rock Band 4, huh? I hope they can control themselves to not singlehandedly run music games back into the ground this time. The fact that this is also getting a mobile version doesn't make me too hopeful.

I guess I can at least give them props for bringing it to more platforms than RB4, but at the same time it's obvious why: this game doesn't even have 3D graphics; it's just FMVs.

I have a bad feeling about all this all around, but I'll keep an eye on it anyway since the new gameplay style is actually something different.



Shugo commented on Gallery: These Artistic Recreations of Women C...:

Also ha ha, they seriously responded to the Zero Suit Samus design criticism by disregarding it as "mansplaining"? Literally banana off.

Though I seldom like to admit it because it causes discussions to derail, I'm a woman. And even I don't like that redesign because, as any Metroid fan of any gender will jump to tell you, it doesn't make any sense in the context of the original character. Gotta love these types of people who always assume everyone who disagrees with them is a filthy male whose opinion should be discarded based on their gender. You can't get any more hypocritical than that.



Shugo commented on Gallery: These Artistic Recreations of Women C...:

@indienapolis You're right, there's nothing wrong with it from that perspective. The art is cool, and it's always cool to reimagine what these characters would look like in alternate settings.

The problem is that these pieces are being put forward as "sensible" and "progressive" "fixes" to these character designs. Artists telling other artists what to do come off as being pretty rude and self-centered. If the message was more of what you said, most people probably wouldn't care so much.

But instead, they're saying that these characters should be changed to suit these visions, regardless of the development and context of the original characters. To which the general response is going to be "What are you doing? Leave these alone. Don't impose your preferences on everyone else. Go make your own characters." It wouldn't matter if it was men or women doing it, it would be the same response.

I guess I can at least give Nintendo Life credit for not immediately closing the comments section. Other sites that have come through my feed with this same article closed them before anyone could get a word in (like Tiny Cartridge). I don't know why everyone's so afraid of criticism these days.



Shugo commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

I'd totally be down for this "made-to-order from the official store site" system people keep suggesting. I don't care if it takes longer to get mine. I just want the peace of mind knowing that I WILL get it and that I didn't pay seventy freaking dollars for an amiibo.

Even with the current system, I will never give into scalpers no matter what. If I have to check ten websites a day and eventually import from Europe for their higher MSRP, I will. But I will never buy from a scalper. I'm reading about people seriously buying into the $70+ eBay listings for gold Mario, and I just can't believe it. Don't these people realize that they're the ones supporting and sustaining scalper prices?



Shugo commented on Pokémon Champion Cynthia Nendoroid Figure Ava...:

$100? Nah, that's just Pokevault price-gouging. Her actual retail price is only 5,000 yen (about $50).

She will go up for sale on on March 7th, so just use Tenso to pre-order her there. Alternatively, she'll probably come out in the US, too, like Red did. You'll likely be able to order her for around $50 from Pokemon Center's site and their storefront (if you live in the US, that is).



Shugo commented on Video: Guess What, Super Mario Sunshine Looks ...:

I wouldn't exactly call this "remastered". It's just updated resolution and frame rate. It goes without saying at this point that these upgrades come with the emulation scene. A true "remastering" would be an upgrade of art assets and graphical effects. Wind Waker HD is a remastering. This is just the same game, only clearer (and buggier).

I'll never go the emulated route with GCN or Wii games anyway; Dolphin is an amazing piece of work, but it still has many inaccuracies (just look at the goo in Sunshine) and hacks like this only cause more errors since the games were never intended to run in 60fps, widescreen, higher resolutions, etc. I'll stick to my real systems.

I also find it funny that you guys keep reporting on Dolphin even though I've had comments edited out before for name-dropping an NES emulator and mentioning a ROM hack...



Shugo commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

This is news? I thought everyone knew this.

Suddenly all of my subscribed Nintendo news sites are posting about this. Is this seriously that unknown? I learned it when I was a little kid, probably from Nintendo Power.

I mean, it's even on GameFAQs. The knowledge has been around for a long time; it's not a new discovery.



Shugo commented on Weirdness: Even Masahiro Sakurai Struggles to ...:

It's been a difficult and constant process trying to collect these over the past couple weeks as a latecomer to the craze. But after placing many orders from many different countries (taking advantage of those differing regional rarity levels), I've finally completed waves 1 and 2 and have all of wave 3 on pre-order across three different sites.

Most recently, I've been anxiously spending my days checking constantly to see if wave 4 and the Super Mario series are up for pre-order in North America. I already missed the chance to pre-order the Japanese versions instead, and I really hope that wasn't a huge mistake. Here's hoping the NA pre-orders last more than fifteen minutes (and I mean that literally).



Shugo commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario Wor...:

I'm really glad that they aren't leaving the great handheld remakes of the Super Mario series behind, but would it be too much trouble to give them some upgrades?

SMBDX and the SMA series have incredible extra features and upgrades, but their presentation is hindered by the limitations of the handheld hardware they were on. Where is that same Nintendo that made these? Today's Nintendo is content releasing exact copies of these old games on newer hardware while the old Nintendo would be busy remaking them again to take advantage of the new systems.

Imagine a SMBDX that used the 3DS' full resolution, had 3D effects, and even more extra features, like an online leaderboard. Imagine SMA2 with its dragon coin counters and playable Luigi but at full res with the original (or upgraded) sound quality.

Instead, we get the old version with poor sound quality, a washed-out color palette (which was done specifically for the original GBA's unlit screen and looks terrible on everything else), and cut-down screen size. I still like this version, but Nintendo could do more justice to their classic games.



Shugo commented on Nintendo Download: 25th December (North America):

I'm glad they're bothering to bring back the handheld remakes of the Mario platformers. They're limited by resolution, but they have a LOT of great extra features.

Though if I recall correctly, it's impossible to 100% the photo album in SMBDX without multiplayer functionality. I really wish Nintendo would implement that, especially for games that require it to be completed.



Shugo commented on Reminder: The Nintendo Network Premium Promoti...:

Already made $20 from this, but once I get my Christmas gifts (which always, ALWAYS ends up being Best Buy gift cards since my family doesn't know what to get for a nerd like me) I'm just going to convert it all into eShop credit and buy up everything I even slightly want or think I'm going to want before the 31st, cashing in all those points along the way.



Shugo commented on Battleminer Screens Show Some Familiar Block B...:

I'm hoping this puts enough pressure on Mojang to start considering Nintendo platforms. It might be unlikely now that Microsoft owns them, but on the flipside Microsoft may actually be smart enough to see the potential. Unlike Notch, who avoided Nintendo platforms simply because he didn't like them.



Shugo commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (Europe):

Aww man, Game & Watch Gallery 3 finally arrives on VC. Here's hoping it comes to NA.

I'm still also waiting for Pokemon Trading Card Game and Super Mario Bros. DX. Why does NA always get the short end of the VC stick?



Shugo commented on Masahiro Sakurai Outlines the Challenges of De...:

This is why I still regard Nintendo and their second-party studios as being the highest-quality game producers in the industry. They're one of the only companies left who actually puts the effort into making a good, complete game. Like Sakurai said, a game with such open-ended gameplay and countless combinations of settings and situations as Smash Bros. would require a massive amount of people and time to debug it. And that's exactly what they do: they get that massive amount of people and give them that time.

Meanwhile you have other open-ended games such as Skyrim and Watch_Dogs releasing in incredibly buggy states, sometimes unplayable without patches (see: Skyrim PS3). Watch_Dogs was delayed constantly and yet the PC version released with horrible performance and crash bugs across all hardware. What were they doing with all that time!? Did anyone at Ubisoft even play the PC version? Because it didn't run well on literally any hardware setup, and I believe many of its performance issues remain unpatched.



Shugo commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

God forbid a woman be fit and slim, let alone show any skin. How disgusting, right? They should really cover up their disgusting body so as to not tempt the perverted masses. How dare Samus have LEGS and an ABDOMEN. Gross. Everyone knows real women don't have those things.

No, seriously, that's the tone I'm getting from this article.

This kind of attitude is dangerous, and it comes off as attempting to shame women who are 'conventionally attractive' or athletic. I see outfits like this on a daily basis from joggers on the sidewalk. Do you go up to those people and tell them they need to cover up? Do they make you uncomfortable and impose an overly sexualized image on other women? Take a step back and think about what you're saying to women who actually look like this.

I hope you also realize that just because you find Samus attractive doesn't suddenly cause her other qualities and personality to vaporize. Why is Samus suddenly 'over-sexualized' and not a strong and independent woman anymore just because she's not wearing her power suit?

And "Bikini-style" outfits? Are you kidding me? She's wearing shorts and a tank top. They come from her games; they're not some shocking new sexualized twist being added to her character just for Smash.

This is a pretty disappointing article to see come out of Nintendo Life. I usually regard this site as one of the few that actually reports video game news and writes great reviews instead of shoving the "GAMES ARE PROBLEMATIC TO SOCIETY" agenda down my throat. There are very few gaming sites left that don't do that, and I don't wanna have to weed you guys out of my RSS feed like I've recently had to do with the likes of Kotaku and Polygon. On sites like this I just wanna read about video game news and reviews, not a blog-like childish take on video game politics.



Shugo commented on Ace Attorney Trilogy Will Boast Visual and Dia...:

I've played through the Japanese 3DS Trilogy, and I'm fairly disappointed with the quality. The animations are missing a lot of frames and most of the visual effects (other than "fade to black") are missing entirely. This makes many characters seem a lot 'stiffer' than the originals.

The English script in the Japanese 3DS version was really outdated and poor compared to what we got in the western DS versions, too. Which is why I'm wondering what they're talking about here; are they just referring to updating the scripts from Japan by copying in the western ones? Or are they actually going to go through and edit the western scripts? It'd be nice if it was the latter, because those old games have a wealth of typos even in their final revisions (especially AA2).

However, unless they also plan on fixing up the lacking visuals I can't really recommend this version over the DS/WiiWare versions. The originals are far more polished and they aren't even expensive; the WiiWare versions are $10 a pop while the DS versions usually sit around $10~$12 used on Amazon. The 3DS version makes a good replay for veterans, just to see the new graphics, but newcomers should definitely go for the originals for the full experience.



Shugo commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Confirmed for Japan With Free...:

I'm okay with it.

Though I'm curious as to how this'll work online what with it being DLC and all. Perhaps it's already built into the game and is unlocked via the tournament (much like how Mario Golf did it).



Shugo commented on Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo ...:

@Tsurii897 The console versions actually do have texture packs. They're mostly paid DLC, however, but most of them do look better than the default.

I agree that PC Minecraft is superior for the obvious reasons (more updated, modding, actually infinite worlds), but to be honest PC Minecraft is crap on low-end computers. It used to run great for me back in 'the day', but as it's gotten more and more updates it now chugs at 30fps or below even on my high-end computer (unless I knock the draw distance way, way down). It's not exactly the easiest game for casual gamers with low-end computers to run consistently. The console versions make it much easier for those people, with silky smooth 60fps at all times and very easy-setup multiplayer (not to mention splitscreen is very fun). Each version definitely has its market, so I wouldn't discount the console version's entire existence just because of the PC version.

I think the real version of interest is the Vita version, though. We're finally gonna have a full-feature version in handheld form, and in that form it becomes way more appealing as a time-waster for long trips and waits. I kinda burned out on PC Minecraft, but I know even I'm interested in the Vita version. Cross-play with PS3 version is a very nice bonus, should I ever wanna play a bit at home.



Shugo commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

For the record, "pink gold" is a real thing; it's a mix of gold and copper alloy often used to give a reddish/pink tint to jewelry. So it's actually kind of creative when you think about it. It's at least more interesting than if they just did "Metal Peach".

While I do agree that it's a slot that could've been filled by a number of other characters, I am glad to see Peach take on a more 'hardcore' weight class. Hopefully someday we'll see Green Gold Luigi so I don't have to go middleweight to use my favorite character...

I also can't complain about the Koopalings because then I'd be eating my words from Mario Kart 7's launch. Back when I was complaining about that roster, I said "an easy choice would've been the Koopalings, and how cool would it be if they included all seven?". Guess I should be careful what I wish for.



Shugo commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island ...:

It's too bad they opt for the watered down GBA version rather than the original SNES version. The SNES sound chip is far superior to the GBA's and many visual effects were changed.

I guess this version does have the eight bonus stages, though. But most people probably won't even beat them without guide assistance; they're really tough.



Shugo commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

Oh, it's good to know there's different size and filtering options, because all these screenshots and videos I've been seeing posted of the unfiltered fullscreen mode was showing uneven pixels and I was a bit disappointed with Nintendo.

But anyway, ironically the only Advance Wars game I never owned was the very first one; I started with 2 for some reason and loved the series, but never got around to this one. Guess it's time.



Shugo commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

Simply increasing the resolution really doesn't make it look that good. The textures are still low-res and the lighting primitive. Wind Waker HD had completely redone and high-res textures, and they make a huge contribution to the final product.

Also I find it interesting that you guys have strict rules against talking about emulators and such and yet you post videos of Wii games running on an emulator.



Shugo commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

I can't believe so many people hate Apollo Justice. I thought it was great and a good refresher to the series by bringing in a new protagonist. The new characters were fantastic and very well-written. And when the dark secret underneath the overarching story is revealed, it's such a huge shocker. It was just such a great game.

Ghost Trick was wonderful, too. Would love to see Takumi break away from Capcom's shackles and be free to do what he wants. He should've been allowed to let Phoenix bow out for an all-new story like he wanted to or to make more all-new games like Ghost Trick. It reminds me a lot of Hideo Kojima; he wanted to end Metal Gear Solid a long, long time ago, but he outright said in interviews that he's basically forced to keep making MGS games.



Shugo commented on Let's Gaze With Admiration At Five New Courses...:

Gotta love Sweet Sweet Canyon for its obvious nod to Sugar Rush.

And even if it isn't meant to be, it's still really cool in how similar it is. The starting/finish line even has a crowd of gingerbread people, very similar to the crowd of candy people in Sugar Rush.



Shugo commented on Namco's Klonoa: Empire of Dreams & Mr. Driller...:

Well considering the Japanese VC is getting SMA2, WarioWare, Kirby Amazing Mirror, Advance Wars 1+2, Golden Sun, F-Zero, Zelda Minish Cap, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland, Wario Land 4, and Mario Tennis, I'd bet on some of those being announced at some point. :P

Really makes me wonder why the western Nintendos hold out on us. given that all of those have had western releases, it should be a drag-and-drop deal.

At least this VC is a VC where I'll probably already own most of the games I'd want anyway. I bought a loooot of GBA games back in the day, haha. Nintendo's gonna have to dig deep and pull out some rarities (or IMPORTS would be nice!) to hook me.



Shugo commented on A Tokyo-Based Business Will Get Your 3DS Runni...:

@TheGZeus Yeah, I read that quote in the Kotaku article just after I made my post. It made me kinda mad since I know loopy's capture boards have been around for a long time; He did original DS boards before he moved on to 3DS boards in mid-2012. I don't know when Katsukity started or who came first, but loopy's product is definitely quality and his customer service is great.



Shugo commented on A Tokyo-Based Business Will Get Your 3DS Runni...:

There's also a US-based guy who does this modification for a bit cheaper. He has the advantages of more native-English support/software and cheaper/quicker shipping but since he's just one guy he's constantly backed up with orders. He also only supports the original 3DS at the moment rather than XL. You just have to be lucky enough to catch him when he's freed up, which actually it looks like he is right now.

You can check his site out here:



Shugo commented on Preview: Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super ...:

@Bakajin In the NES SMB/SMB2(J), when you hit a brick block from below and broke it, you would ricochet back downward just like you would if you hit any other block. In the All-Stars versions of both games, breaking a brick block would pull you upward a slight bit into the space where the block once was.

It doesn't sound like much on paper, but the in-game difference is huge. In the original, ricocheting off of a block meant you kept all your running momentum and could continue running forward. The All-Stars version completely destroys all running momentum you had up until you smashed the block, which is really awful if you're just trying to quickly run through an area. Not to mention it made breaking multiple brick blocks in a row (perhaps searching for a hidden item) a pain since getting slowly pulled upward slowed down the process a lot.

A romhacker found that it was a really tiny error fixed by changing a single value. I won't link to the patch, but it's out there. I just wish Nintendo would've done the same when they rereleased the Anniversary Edition. It's really hard to pick that version over the original NES version whenever I feel like playing SMB/SMB2.



Shugo commented on Preview: Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super ...:

People actually dislike SMBDX? Other than the screen area it's pretty much the definitive version of SMB; it has so many great extras and bug fixes. Not to mention almost the entirety of Lost Levels. And I do not consider the All-Stars version the definitive or even better; until they fix the brick breaking physics bug that version had it's nearly unplayable to me. Romhackers fixed it years ago, and yet Nintendo released All-Stars on Wii with the huge bug still intact. I remember when Nintendo would remake their old games with improvements and new features rather than rerelease literal exact copies with gimped features. Whatever happened to those days?

But hey, it's free. I really can't see how you can complain about that. And if it's like Donkey Kong Original Edition or the Ambassador games, we likely won't see it available on eShop for a long, long time. You may think that Nintendo wouldn't hold back major games like this from the general service indefinitely, but we still don't have even better games on the eShop that lucky Ambassadors have had for ages now.

I'm just mad that I forgot to verify the email on my Japanese Nintendo Network account before the cutoff date. Now I can't get this. :( Here's hoping it comes to the US so I can get it on my other 3DS.



Shugo commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):

@unrandomsam Did you really just call the NES a 'junk console' because of how SMB3 looks compared to its SNES remake? Of course the SNES version looks better; the SNES is a more powerful, less limited console. This is basic logic.

But saying that the NES itself is junk just because some of its games have upgraded remakes on more powerful consoles is extremely short-sighted and suggests that you're a very young person who's too used to the modern state of games to ever go back to the earlier consoles and appreciate them for what they were. You will never understand what made the NES and its games amazing if all you do is compare them to modern versions.

At the time SMB3 was made, Nintendo had to take shortcuts to get a game that huge and amazing working on the aging NES/Famicom. The end product is actually a testament to both Nintendo's own developer wizardry and the NES's power. The fact that, despite artifacts like the discolored sidebars (which, as has been said, were intended to be mostly unseen due to overscan), the gameplay holds up even today as one of the greatest games of all time should stand as a testament to what the NES could achieve.

And, as has also already been said, not everybody prefers the All-Stars version. I personally prefer the NES version; the original music is amazing, and makes beautiful use of the NES's sound capabilities. The renditions in the SNES version sounded much more generic, and the GBA versions even worse (due to the very limited sound capabilities that the GBA was cursed with). I'm glad Nintendo hasn't forgotten about the charming original version and chooses to keep it alive, because I'm going to keep coming back to this version again and again, even if the All-Stars version is on-hand.



Shugo commented on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Proves That Cap...:

At least it's not as bad as Ace Attorney 2. That game's English script had not only typos galore but a SEVERE lack of commas. My brain was doing somersaults trying to process the invisible pauses into all the sentences. It's also, of course, the one responsible for "the miracle never happen". They made sure that the miracle "never happened" in subsequent re-releases, but they didn't bother to fix anything else. It's a shame; there's likely an army of internet grammar nazis that would fix all this stuff for free if Capcom would just ask. :P

All of AA5's errors seem to be real words that are just misplaced/mistyped. I've yet to spot an actual misspelling or punctuation error. My guess is that their proofreading process for this game was largely automated, which is why all these mistakes involving real words are left over.

I'm left wishing for a patch, but given their history of only fixing the most glaring errors I doubt the miracle will happened.



Shugo commented on Hardware Review: Wireless Super Retro 64 Contr...:

Such a shame that these repro/clone controllers can't ever quite get the feel right with the buttons/analog sticks. I don't know what it is about Nintendo's original versions, but they always seem to be far better than the clones. I've never used a clone d-pad that I liked, for example.

I'd pay good money for official controllers if Nintendo still produced them. I know it's never going to happen, but it's nice to imagine Nintendo still having brand new N64 and SNES controllers in their online shop.



Shugo commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

I see Nintendo's strategic reasons for having it, but honestly I don't think it does them as much good as they think it does anymore.

A couple things I disagree with:

You say that being region-free could limit the localized games we end up getting, but history itself has proven otherwise: just look at PS3. PS3 is the go-to console for JRPGs in this passing generation and yet it's region-free. Games that were strongly imported due to their perceived impossibility of western release still ended up getting one anyway, like Project DIVA F. DS and PS3 are huge testaments to the viability of region-free games.

Second, I feel that you're projecting a bit too much. I too feel cool for having an entirely Japanese console that I paid extra for, but I would still really prefer to not have to drop hundreds on something I essentially already own just because I want to play a few Japan-only games. I'm not made of money. Machines are also getting a lot more personal too, with profile features and things like StreetPass. Kind of annoying having two whole personalized consoles to maintain when I could just have it all consolidated into one.



Shugo commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Resolves DLC C...:

I guess I was right about the crash issue not affecting the Japanese version, because this fix patch is not available for my Japanese 3DS.

Good that they fixed it, though. NOW WHERE IS THE NA VERSION!?!?!?



Shugo commented on This Custom Twin Famicom Is The Stuff Hardware...:

I never really like these glossy custom paintjobs, but I have to say this one in particular is awesome.

I always kind of wanted a Twin Fami, but I'm happy with my regular Fami+FDS combo. There's something about the original white-maroon-gold color scheme that really tickles my fancy.



Shugo commented on Super Mario Bros. 2 Hitting The North American...:

@Melkaticox Authentic sound chip and proper output to a CRT. Wii U sadly lacks 240p output for VC games, which Wii actually had and I regret importing my VC collection to Wii U because of it. 480i on my CRT has this flicker that bothers the hell out of me.

If Wii U scaled the image up to 1080p without 16:9 stretching (Wii VC) and without blurry filters (Wii U VC) it'd be a great option, but if I own the original consoles, the original output to a CRT is still the best way to play, at least in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, though; I appreciate VC at least for its preservation of older titles. I just wish Nintendo paid attention to the technical details that would make the service more appealing to people like me. They always seem to get -something- wrong. (example: 3DS NES VC is plagued by some weird, slight horizontal stretching that blurs the image. I have absolutely no idea why it's there, but it ruins the whole thing for me because it makes my eyes hurt after a while.)



Shugo commented on Super Mario Bros. 2 Hitting The North American...:

I'll pick it up because I have the retroactive discount but I have my trusty Famicom, NES, SNES, and GBA on-hand so I have more than enough superior methods of playing this game...

Where's the 3DS version, though? Japan has had it for ages. SMB3, too. I don't understand what the hold-up is.



Shugo commented on Talking Point: Why Nintendo Life is a Part of ...:

@Geonjaha (Post #4) Come on, you should know that there's more to it than that.

They have to actually produce and distribute the game, for one, and since it's such a major release I bet there's quite a bit of work that has to go into getting enough copies to satisfy the entirety of North America AND Europe AND Australia concurrent with the planned release dates.

Second, with the sheer amount of new stuff in the game (which I can attest to as I've been playing the Japanese version for months), the localization work must've been pretty hefty even for just one language. They also had to do several other languages for the EU release, and I'm sure it would be within both NoA and NoE's interests to hold off on each of their own versions until both are done so as to prevent importers from skewing sales data. Don't forget about region-specific holiday events and items, which have to be made from scratch for every regional version!

And on top of THAT there's also the extensive testing that I'm sure this kind of game requires as well as bunches of red tape behind the scenes. There's a lot more that goes into these kinds of releases than it seems.

As for your post (#6) that just appeared while I was typing this, I can answer you: Diving only happens when you go to the tropical island, and you do have to chase down shadows to catch creatures. It's not all boring, though; you have to avoid jellyfish while you're doing this. The rewards are great, though; there are some really awesome creatures you can get from diving.



Shugo commented on Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS and DSi Consoles:

They've actually been doing this for a while now. Weird that news sites are only just picking up on it.

What I really wish for them to do is bring back older console accessories so now-hard-to-find things like S-video cables wouldn't be so annoying and expensive to track down, but I know it won't happen...