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Wed 18th May, 2011

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shonenjump86 commented on Infamous Series was Originally Inspired by Ani...:

Whoa... Did not see that coming. I play Animal Crossing everyday on 3DS everyday, I'm hooked on it. As for the Infamous games, the 1st game was pretty good, but I couldn't not get into the 2nd game. Hopefully Second Sons will be good.



shonenjump86 commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

Ace Attorney is one of my favorite Capcom series, I had no idea about this. The first 3 games are the best, but I still like the later games. I look forward to more Ace Attorney in the future. I hope there is work on another Ghost Trick game as well.



shonenjump86 commented on Platinum: Nintendo Has Been The "White Knight"...:

Yeah, Bayonetta is the main reason I got a Wii U. I loved the first one so much on 360, I liked the characters and the gameplay and look of the game. The story is kinda dumb and somewhat hard to tell what's going on, I actually forgot what the story was about. I did enjoy the cutscenes and homeage to Sega and Capcom games though. I was still bummed that I can't get the sequel on 360 but least I can't still get now.



shonenjump86 commented on It's Not Waluigi Time In The New Super Smash B...:

I thought it was kind of strange that he was not in Mario Kart 7. I probably would not have used him anyway though. I don't really hate the guy, so I don't care much if he is playable in Smash or not. It would add another villain to the lineup though, which I think Smash needs more of.



shonenjump86 commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Just got a Wii U a couple of months ago, nothing on the 20-11 games interest me at all. Some of the games I already have on another console. I have Resident Evil on 3DS, and I just can't stand NSMB games. Still enjoying Monster Hunter and Mario 3D World, so I will just stick with those for now.



shonenjump86 commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

I've been dying to have a new SOR game for years, I was even hoping that a character in SOR would make in the Sonic Transformed racing game :(. I think Sega is just to scared to make a new game for it, they know the fan base is there. They like to rerelease those games on the current consoles though.



shonenjump86 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

I voted for Bayonetta 2, loved the first game so much on 360. I look forward to Smash and Mario Kart as well. I may keep an eye on X. Hopefully there will be more games than this on Wii U in 2014.



shonenjump86 commented on Rosalina And Luma Work Their Magic On The Supe...:

The Pegi 12, and Smash symbol in the beginning of the video made it pretty clear that it was Smash Bros. it was nice, and added a new female character. Also it looked liked there was a boxing stage in that video, hope that means Little Mac will be in the game.



shonenjump86 commented on Platinum Games Producer Hates "Pedantic Port-B...:

Bayonetta is one of my favorite games on 360. It's the MAIN reason I got a Wii U. I'm looking forward to Bayonetta 2 more than anything else on Wii U. One thing I don't get though, I read some post that said the game is being published by Nintendo and won't come to other systems. I get that... But Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge was published by Nintendo as well, and that made the jump to other systems.



shonenjump86 commented on Review: One Piece Romance Dawn (3DS):

One Piece is one of my favorite manga series out there. I've never actually played any of the games, except for the crossover Jump Superstars games. Looks like I won't be this game either.



shonenjump86 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I would have to go with a Wii U this Christmas. It just feels like the the right time for me to get one. I'm looking forward to playing Super Mario 3D World, and future releases such as Bayonetta and Smash Bros. I still plan on getting an Xbox 1 later. Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct are two games I gotta play,and I'm sure there will be good 3rd party games that will probably not come to Wii U. Not really into the PS4 at the moment though.



shonenjump86 commented on Xbox One UK Sales Set to Pass Wii U's Lifetime...:

I'm actually getting a Wii U pretty soon. Now is the time to get one. Getting the bundle with the NSMB games, not really high on NSMB games that much but it doesn't hurt to have games that come with the console :). I still plan on getting an Xbox One as well in the near future. The new Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 are must haves for me.



shonenjump86 commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

An IPhone controller seems cool and all but I don't think this spells doom for Nintendo. I would just be happy with just having a regular IPhone. The games I play don't actually need a controller such as Hay Day, Jet Pack Joy Ride, Simpsons Tapped Out, and a few others. I probably would not get this, I'll stick with the IPad and 3DS.



shonenjump86 commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

Lots of comments on this one. I think the Wii U will be in 3rd place, but I don't really care if it is or not. I see myself having a Wii U and Xbox One. Not right now though, sometime in 2014. Gonna have to stick with the 360 and 3DS for now. Oh, and whatever time wasting games I have on IPad.