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I love Shonen Jump manga :)

Male, United States

Got a Wii U and a Xbox 1. I may get a PS4 later down the road. I play mostly for fun, wanna play Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, or Monster Hunter? Hit me up. Wanna throw down in a friendly fighting game match on 360? We can do that too. Happy Gaming :)

Wed 18th May, 2011

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shonenjump86 commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U Confirmed fo...:

Sucks that there is no KOF or Blazblue. I Also don't get why DOA is never included in Evo. As much I love the Smash games I don't think we need 2 of em. Yeah I get it, Melee is real competive but with the other fighting games on this list being pretty new and recent, I just find it weird that we gotta bring out the GameCube. Whatever, it should be a good Evo. I'll be keeping an eye on Ultra SFIV, Smash Wii U, KI, Persona, and maybe UMVC3. I look forward to seeing what Tekken 7 is about too.



shonenjump86 commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I never really wanted the GameCube controller, but I did get an Amiibo that I wanted. That would be Peach since she is my main in Smash. I want an Ike Amiibo next because I use him too. If there comes a Palutena Amiibo I will get that too.



shonenjump86 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

I got the Wii U last year so I could be ready to get Bayonetta 2 and Smash. Picking up SM3DW and Monster Hunter 3 was a nice bonus for me as I enjoyed those games. The VC is ok, but most of the games that are coming out for em I already got on the Wii. I did get Earthbound, great game, and I will pick up Dunk Hunt. I wanted to get some of those GBA games, but I gotta wait on that. Looking forward to see what's in store for 2015. Now I'm getting an Xbox One this year. So yeah, looks like I'm gonna be a Xbox One and Wii U guy.



shonenjump86 commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

To me, Sonic games went bad when Shadow got his own game. Sonic was my game to play back on the Genesis days. I would play those over Mario any day. I enjoyed the Sonic Adventure games on Dreamcast, and I liked the Sonic games on GBA. But like I said, once Shadow got his own game things went bad. Sonic 06 was just bad, the storybook Wii games sucked, I didn't even bother with Unleashed, and honestly, Sega didn't even get Sonic 4 right. I have yet to play colors. I meant to, but just never did. The Sonic Sega All Star racing games are fun, but they are not true Sonic games. Sonic Generation was good though, but Lost World and Sonic Boom just killed it for me. I don't know what Sega can do now for Sonic. People say Nintendo should pick up Sonic, but I say why? What are they going to do with it? Nintendo has a lot of their own franchises to look after.
Off Topic: I'm still annoyed that Sega won't bring anymore Yakuza games outside of Japan.



shonenjump86 commented on Anniversary: The Nintendo DS is Now 10 Years Old:

Happy B Day!!! The Ace Attorney games and importing the Shonen Jump games were my main reason I got a DS. I also enjoyed Kirby Superstar Ultra, the Castlevania games, 9 hours 9 people 9 doors. Ghost Trick was a good one too. Ah, can't forget about the Pokemon games either.



shonenjump86 commented on Little Mac Is Officially The Least Successful ...:

I don't have much of a problem with Little Mac players, there are a lot of em that's for sure. I was in a team match for fun mode and a Little Mac player was on my team, he SD like twice in the match because of that bad recovery. Lol.