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United States

Sun 18th Oct 2009

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ShivihS commented on Texas Hold'em Tournament:

Okay so........ I'm really pissed off. I got to Vegas round 3. I was heads up with a guy who had around 4,000 chips and I had around 26,000. He disconnected and it said tournament canceled. This happened to me YET ANOTHER TIME in round 3, but differently. It would take me to a table with a bunch of computerized mii's, and I would be out of my game. I have been disconnected countless times in round 2 of Vegas. I have spent so much goddamn time trying to get this money so I can get a Tux and a suit it's ridiculous. I've chucked my wiimote way too many times because this goddamn game keeps disconnecting at the worst times. To top it all off, I usually get disconnected after I win a huge pot. I would have won 5 Vegas tournaments by now if the game didn't glitch. I find this highly retarded and really irresponsible of Nintendo. I've been a Nintendo fan till the end, but this is just about the dumbest thing I've ever seen them do. The game is really fun, and should be really good, but if you're any good at poker and make it to the end, you're going to be really pissed off when you're game disconnects. My internet is flawless and I don't have any disconnecting issues with ANY other wifi games, nor do I have any internet issues. Does ANYBODY have this problem or have a SOLUTION? Good Luck, and see you at the tables.