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Mon 26th Jan 2009

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shingi_70 commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:


I would say there is plenty variety on the other systems. I have an Xbox one and my game libaray SL far is

Another World
Battlefield 4
Crimson Dragon
D4: Dark Dreams don't die
Halo Spartan Assault
Killer Instinct
Madden 25
Max and the cursed brotherhood
Power star Golf
Project Spark
Sixty Second shooter prime
Super time force
Tomb Raider
Volgar the viking
Voice Commander
Zoo Tycoon

Sutley that must be a variety of different genres right.



shingi_70 commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:


Well Tomb Raider did well but the game was in development for a while and was at least three different games before we got the final product. That coupled with the big blow out AAA marketing didn't help things. Dues Ex by the end of 2011 had sold 2.18 million and since the game didn't have troubled development or big marketing budget that was all profit,

Unsure why Capcom wants 2 million in particular.



shingi_70 commented on Pier Solar HD Delayed, Wii U Version Will Now ...:

Here's the blog post.

Coming from Watermelon's dev blog...

We're starting the submission process for PSHD. Valve already approved it for release on Steam so that's done and done. We may contact some of you who subscribed to beta test to test the game on Steam using a beta key. Stay tuned. Microsoft already evaluated Pier Solar as well but we failed some internal requirements on the certification and we're correcting them for the next submission. This also impacts Wii U and PlayStation(s) submissions since we want to send it as clean as possible so that we don't get another failed certification. Luckily, the process doesn't take as long as we thought, so the perspectives to getting a release date gets better. As soon as we're certified on all platforms we'll announce the date and put it on the street. We're also submitting PSHD for PEGI, which is slightly more complex than ESRB, but required for a release in Europe. We're expecting a rating of PEGI 7. One last thing, we're working to get a publisher to release PSHD in Japan. Due CERO regulations it's only possible to release a game if a studio has an established working office in Japan and we don't have it. So once we get it we're secure to release in Japan, this, hopefully could also lead to having a publisher for 360. Fingers crossed.



shingi_70 commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

Watchdogs was the obvious #1 and its good to see new IP doing well. Mario Kart 8 isn't a shocker but hopefully this shows what a strong marketing campaign can do for a title.

Minecraft legs are amazing and Titanfall seems to be doing well.



shingi_70 commented on Review: Stick It To The Man (Wii U eShop):

Got the game Tuesday as apart of the PS+ IGC and have been loving it so far. Provably woudpmt have bought it other wise which would have been a mistake.

It reminds me more of a point an click game than a regular platformed.



shingi_70 commented on Activision Enlists Kevin Spacey To Sell Call O...:

Game looks to change up a lot and its Kevin spacey so I'm there day one. I hope the campgain takes a lot of ques gameplay wide from black ops 2.

Activision has quite the pay day ahead of them between this Destiny and Skylanders.



shingi_70 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's E3 Plans Are Full of...:


Well that's because the industry has been pulled like that. Plus the gaming industry on a big scale is more like hollywood where games are announced in advanced.

But to play devil's adcovate here were the first party stuff anounced at Microsoft's E3 last year.

Max and the magic Marker
Crimson Dragon
Ryse Son of Rome
Quantum Break
Forza Motorsport 5
Dead Rising 3
Project Spark
Killer Insticnt
D4 Kinect sports rivals

Out of all the game announced the only ones that only show video during the presentation were D4 (which was gameplay trailer), Kinect sports, Max (again a gameplay trailer), and Halo.

All the rest were gameplay demos followed or preceeded with a cinematic trailer, or were in engine like Quantum Break's (think the Zelda Wii U tech demo).



shingi_70 commented on Curve Studios Announces Wii U Exclusive Stealt...:


To be fair you get indie games on the store front as well. Octodad, cell damage and pure chess were on the front page for a while. But it is a very valid concern especially when the front page also has movies on it.

However you look at it on both the indie and AAA front their less competition so putting the PS4 on the port list would be the smart thing to do.

With Curve making the eshop hit fluidity I'm surprised they're other games are just coming to Nintendo platforms.



shingi_70 commented on Curve Studios Announces Wii U Exclusive Stealt...:

A bit surprised since the first stealth is on all PlayStation platforms and curve had been a PlayStation developer so they're a known quantity like what renegade Kidd is for Nintendo fans.

On the other hand like Curve said the competition is less steep on Wii U and platformers tend to do well on the eshop. There reasoning is sound when the PS4: go 12 nww gamws announced and is getting bug fast.

Still hope the game comes to PS4 but a good decision of a first platform.



shingi_70 commented on Review: Child of Light (Wii U eShop):

Sounds good. I like how Ubiaoft has embraced the digital space to put out titles that wouldn't work in retail or expanding upon other ideas. Between This Blood Dragon, and gunslinger they're looking pretty awesome.



shingi_70 commented on Download Developer Hits a "Brick Wall" When Tr...:


Shouldn't stop them from trying and it only strengthens the userbase even if it only hits the core of the enthusiast section of the market. Nintendo Direct achieves the same goal so why not start a blog similar to the PS/Xbox equals.

to your first point not pointing out their indie initiatives only hurts them in the long run.



shingi_70 commented on Download Developer Hits a "Brick Wall" When Tr...:

@Samurairu @ECMIM

The basic problem is that Nintendo is far more closed than say Microsoft or Sony. At the end of the day its far easier to get in contact with Adam Boyles or Chris Charla through twitter than it is Dan or any of the Nintendo indie stuff. Microsoft even supports guys like Shahed Chowdhuri making them tech evanglist and MVP's to help other developers to get into touch.

At the end of the day it isn't about not getting his way (though it plays some small part), but about having parity with the other guys when it comes to communication. Nintendo had big indie support since last year when the console kickstarter wave started but they got massivly over shadowed since Sony shouted from the rooftops that we love indie developers Y'all.

Even now Microsoft and Sony put major announcements reagrding indie games and developers on their respective news blogs, something Nintendo oddly doesn't have like so.

or all the ID@Xbox announcements

They both let developers make guess posts onto their newsblogs to further promote the games in question.



shingi_70 commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Update Available Worldw...:

Makes sense I guess. The xbox version was really hurt by the fact it cane later than the PSN. Most of my PlayStation firemds told me the game wasn't worth it so I skipped it.

After playing it the game is good but it definite something that is targeting a certain segment of the indie market.



shingi_70 commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Discusses Its Cult Cou...:


Of course but I was mostly stating that due to lack of Unity and power its harder to port games to the 3DS. I was merely stating that Lack of Unity isn't a good thing for the 3DS since Unity has become the big third party engine in the indie community. So in most cases it means that your having to make a whole new game.



shingi_70 commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Discusses Its Cult Cou...:


They're making the game with Unity which the Vita supports and the 3DS doesn't. To make a 3DS version of the game would be to make a brand new game from the ground up.

That and the power difference is the main reason why the Vita has so many indie games compared to the 3DS. Usually when you make a PS4/PS3 game its not hard to convert it too vita.



shingi_70 commented on Renegade Kid Confirms a Console Game Kickstart...:

Hoping its on the PS4 but i'll throw money RK's way either way. I am a bit worried that the studio is stretched too thin, The studio is pretty small and on the horizon we have
Moon Chonicles season 1
Cult county season 1
That Razor game
mutant mudds 2