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Fri 3rd September, 2010

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shinesprite commented on Splatfest Details Are Confirmed for 18th July ...:


The first day since the game's launch that I go on vacation and can't play the game, they announce a new splatfest (which I also won't be able to compete in).

Oh well, at least I got to try out Moray Towers . . . and go team Waterslides!



shinesprite commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

If people want simple controls and simple game-play mechanics, then maybe mobile is the platform for them.

I remember the days when people actually needed to read their instruction manuals before booting up their new game. :O



shinesprite commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

@ThomasBW84 I couldn't have said it better myself. Portability is an important factor when it comes to raising public awareness of a new product, growing the street-pass community, and just serving as a portable console in general.

That said, it looks like my new micro SD card might be spending quite a bit of time alone in its package. Sigh.



shinesprite commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

Ugh, can't we just go back to reading/writing saved data to game controllers (like how you could use Wii remotes to store Miis/Brawl controller mappings), and then scanning AR cards for games which simply read data (like KI:Uprising)? ;)



shinesprite commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I think it looks great, but I would prefer matching button colors, full-sized SD support, and the power button not being on the system's exterior (I can just imagine accidentally pressing it when its in my pocket).

I'm also not in favor of the gap caused by the touch screen's bezel when the device it closed.

Otherwise, I'm all for it! ;)



shinesprite commented on Nintendo Scoops Three "Best Of E3" Game Critic...:

Its okay. What we saw of Splatoon was actually a very well-developed prototype. Splatoon is still heavily under development, and it (sort-of) makes sense that they would want to focus on awarding games which release this year. ;)



shinesprite commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

Previously, I was on the fence between Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3. However, seeing as I have already played through the original Wind Waker, I'll probably go for this one.

The new control option sounds great, but like many others, I would appreciate an option for lefties. . . . Oh well, if I could make it through Kid Icarus: Uprising, I can certainly handle Pikmin 3. ;)



shinesprite commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Personally, I am most looking forward to the Wii U edition.

I would have preferred that they both released at the same time (even if that meant that the 3DS version was delayed).

As it stands, I'll probably wind up getting both. ;)



shinesprite commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why The Legend of Zelda I...:

No, keep doing what you do best Aonuma. Solid, spaced titles are the way to go. Perhaps Mario could even learn a thing or too. I'd actually like to see Nintendo offer a better balance of franchises (eg. Kid Icarus, F-Zero, and Star Fox). . . and if that means less frequent Mario titles, than so be it. ;)



shinesprite commented on Nintendo Considering Cross-Buy eShop Purchases...:

Honestly, I think I'd rather first have cloud-saves, a proper Club Nintendo game-linked account system; and the ability to buy games for mobile/console games from either eShop, mobile devices, or a computer, and then having them auto-download, so they'll be waiting for me when I want to play them.

Cross-Buy purchases would be great for consumers, but, more realistically, I can see this as being an option which would probably be left up to the developers.



shinesprite commented on Dan Adelman - Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of...:

I for one am not the least bit worried.

Poking around, it looks like Nintendo is advertising like crazy for Network Software Engineers (eg. for the eShop & Miiverse) on job sites such as

If this is the case, I think its safe to say Nintendo has heard our pleas, and it's less a matter of "if?", but more a matter of "when?". ;)



shinesprite commented on WayForward Launches Kickstarter Campaign for S...:

Hmmm, I really really like the Stantae series, but I have my reservations about the new art/music style. The enemies look fine, but the 2.5D world reminds me of Lost Winds (in a bad way), and frankly I just don't think the cartoon/kid style suits the main character. :|



shinesprite commented on Weirdness: This 1DS Spoof is Remarkably Well Done:

Do I spot some Photoshop mistakes on the 1DS, nah those are just separate plastic pieces.

But seriously, Nintendo needs something like this so that players can enjoy their games on the big-screen. It could somehow connect to the Wii U, and perhaps even allow 3D TV owners to experience the games you know, in true 3D. ;)
Make it so Nintendo!