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shimage commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I don't really see the point. I can't see any big devs supporting it, especially if everyone is looking at it as just a stopgap before the Next Big Thing. I wonder if it is possible to support the extra analog nubbin but also work on the "old" 3DS, like with the Circle Pad Pro.



shimage commented on Review: Super Dodge Ball (3DS eShop / NES):

While I recognized that it wasn't the greatest game around, it was my favorite game when I was a kid. My cousins and I played the crap out of it (no siblings). I know I'm not the only one, because I had a friend in high school that desperately wanted to get nesticle running on his computer so that he could play the game again. I'm tempted to pick this up just for the nostalgia.



shimage commented on Iwata Asks Connects With The Team Behind Stree...:

Still haven't streetpassed at any relay points, and I've been to various ones dozens of times. My wife takes the 3DS with her on the bus and gets 2-3 tags a week, so either there's something wrong with our 3DS, or the relay points here don't work.



shimage commented on StreetPass Relay Issues Reported in North America:

I've never gotten a streetpass from a nintendo zone relay. My wife gets streetpasses pretty regularly on the bus to work, so I know there are 3DSes out and about. However, even though we've visited each of the 5 or 6 nintendo zone stores within a few miles of our apartment several times looking for streetpasses (pretty much just for showcase houses in ACNL), we've never gotten a streetpass from them.

Incidentally, I do know these nintendo zone locations are functioning. I've been able to get all the nintendo zone DLC from them, so that isn't the problem.



shimage commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

Kickstarter is just a way to connect entrepreneurs with investors, and like all investments, it is not unheard of for Kickstarter projects to fail to meet expectations. The idea that individual investors have any meaningful amount of control over our investments is a bit silly. I own stock in Costco. Does that mean I have any control over them? In principle, I guess I do, but as a practical matter, the answer is no.



shimage commented on Intelligent Systems Isn't Done With Advance Wa...:

I've always liked advance wars more than Fire Emblem, and Dual Strike was one of my favorite DS games, so yes, I would be all over a new one. I will say that I didn't care for the "gritty" theme in Days of Ruin, though.



shimage commented on Shovel Knight Confirmed For Wii U And 3DS:

Get your wallet out and buy the PC version? I don't really want a copy of the PC version, and I don't really feel like buying it twice. I'll just sit on my wallet and hope enough people want the PC version of it.



shimage commented on Team Meat: We'd Work With Nintendo If Meat Boy...:

Team Meat hasn't been successful enough for them to make any demands of any of the big 3. If they want to develop for any of those platforms, they can do it like any of the other indie devs. No one is going to guarantee them anything, though.



shimage commented on Review: Cave Story (3DS eShop):

Hmm. I prefer the sprites in the WiiWare version. Maybe it's just me. And I thought the only reason people complained about the "improved" music was because Nicalis somehow forgot some of the instruments. I think it would have been nice to at least give us the option to switch between the two; it's not like the assets don't already exist.

Also, it would have been nice to be able to copy save files, since there are so many branching points, but I guess that would make things too easy.



shimage commented on Pachter: Expect a Wii U Price Cut Next Year:

Seems reasonable, but it all depends on WiiU sales through summer 2013 and the next gen Sony and Microsoft consoles. My understanding is that everyone is expecting them to launch in holiday 2013. Nintendo has shown a willingness to drop prices to protect holiday sales, so I wouldn't put a holiday 2013 price drop above them (provided that it's necessary).



shimage commented on Review: Fractured Soul (3DS eShop):

@Happy_Mask Not metroidvania at all. Each stage is short and distinct from the rest. It's closer to Mighty Switch Force than metroidvania. And looking at the leaderboards, I see megarat is at the top of this one too, now.



shimage commented on Nintendo Offering Incentives for Retail Downlo...:

Free games are nice, except that most people probably either don't want that game or already bought it. As someone else mentioned, the ability to choose from a few games would be a lot more appealing. A few extra Nintendo points also aren't all that enticing. These days I tend to only buy games when they go on sale or after a price drop, so I'm sticking to physical copies. (Although, I will admit that Nintendo's first party games only rarely get price drops/sales.)



shimage commented on Iwata Explains Lack of Second Circle Pad on th...:

Even if they included the 2nd circlepad I don't think it would have gotten much 3rd party attention. Neither the balance board nor Wii Motion Plus really lit a fire under devs despite their huge install bases. Let us also remember that Nintendo clearly doesn't think too highly of the CPP, given that they don't have any games that make good use of it. Lastly, there's the issue of the triggers ....



shimage commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Fanbase Demands Are 'Insatia...:

I don't know about gamers in general, but gamers online are an especially whiny bunch. I have a few other hobbies I follow online and none of them are as filled with immature whiners as the gaming sites I frequent. A dev I know quoted Louis CK when I asked him about E3: "Everything is amazing, and nobody is happy"



shimage commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

I think it will be a problem for some people with some games. I pretty much don't use the map when playing racing games on my DS because it's too hard for me to pay attention to both screens at the same time. On the other hand, I think that that difficulty can be beneficial at times. The game doesn't have to pause when you go into your inventory, and that seems more realistic to me. I think that sort of tension will have a significant positive impact in games like ZombiU and maybe even Arkham City.



shimage commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

If downloadable copies are priced the same, then retail versions are effectively cheaper because they go on sale and you can sell them when you're finished with them, or you could even buy it used from someone else. As others have mentioned, there is even the cost of storage medium.

That said, I have had this argument before with people over the cost of ebooks, so I guess we already know how this will play out.



shimage commented on Analyst Calls for Mario on Non-Nintendo Platforms:

Are you sure the analyst is male? As far as I know, "Nanako" is only for women/girls.

Nintendo developing for other platforms is the same as getting out of the hardware business. Neither Sony nor Microsoft develop for any other platforms. Nintendo is clearly not ready to quit hardware just yet, but it's not obvious to me what they should do in the long term.



shimage commented on Got Room for One More Version of Cave Story?:

@kkslider5552000 Well there's VVVVVV and that old WiiWare game where you play as some sort of Greek winged creature. I'm sure they've done other stuff, too, but you're right that they seem to get most of their revenue from Cave Story ports. If people keep buying it, there isn't much reason to stop making it.



shimage commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Pushed Back in Europe:

Eh. I was going to get it on 3DS, but then got tired of waiting and picked up the Wii version for $20 shipped. I was a bit worried about the dev that's handling the port, and it seems my concerns were founded.



shimage commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

Just a nitpick, but I feel like the word "digital" doesn't really need to be used anywhere in this article. All videogames have been digital more or less since the late 70s (though there may have been an exception or two). Moreover, to call something a "digital download" is redundant; anything that is downloadable is necessarily digital. What you are actually talking about are retail downloadable games. You even manage to use that phrase in some places.



shimage commented on Watch the US Nintendo Direct Here:

Ok. So I guess Pandora's Tower isn't coming to NA? That was the only one of the three that looked interesting to me. I am guessing Fatal Frame isn't coming either. I still have some hope for picross e, though ...



shimage commented on Tekken Boss Harada Inspired by Super Smash Bros.:

@Koto If you read the interview, you'd see that one of the motivations for the macros is to allow people who understand the game but lack the dexterity to execute to play better. I remember someone telling me that SF4 on the 3DS could be played sort of like a puzzle game by using the touchscreen controls...



shimage commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

I know everyone and their dog is saying that a hardware revision with the second slider is inevitable, but that seems like a strange move to me. I can't see a hardware revision including the shoulder triggers, as that would make the device really thick, and it seems odd to have three different hardware control configurations (original, 2 analog sliders, 2 analog sliders + triggers) on a portable system. The latter would be especially odd since games supporting the circle pad pro might not work properly with just a second analog stick.



shimage commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Has No Multiplayer:

That is crappy. That said, when I found out this was being ported by Ubisoft Casablanca (who also handled the Rayman 3D port) I expected a bare bones port with framerate issues. Still waiting to find out about the framerate issues ... In fact, now that I think about it, it seems plausible that the dumped the multiplayer because they couldn't get it running smoothly.



shimage commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

How was this Capcom rep's comment not already obvious? They almost canceled the game months ago because there wasn't enough participation in the devroom. If Capcom thought there was a market for the game, they'd release it; they are a publicly traded company, and therefore are required to chase after money.