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Thu 17th May 2012

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Shayna345 commented on Review: Go Vacation (Wii):

This review is awful and an injustice to the game. I have played this game and myself and my whole family likes it, which is surprising because everyone in my family who likes it likes different types of games, and they all like this game for different reasons, exp. My little sister likes it because it's entirely free-roam and you can have your own house which you can use all the furniture in, and your own pet dog. You really don't run out of things to do in this game, and I have no problem with the controls and neither does my 11 year old sister. There is no way Wii Sports is better at all, this game gives you more things to do than Wii Sports ever has and neither myself nor my family or friends even like Wii Sports, it's just the game that came with the Wii that we tried playing and ended up throwing out