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Sat 2nd February, 2013

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ShanaUnite commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (Europe):

In other related news, the guys at nintendo need a new pair of glasses since they don't seem able to see the difference between a wii u and (3)DS.
Oh well nothing for me this week.



ShanaUnite commented on Surprise eShop Sale Discounts Up To 30% Off Do...:

3DS:For Europe(in euro's)
chibi-robo lets go photo €9,09
Pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity 27,99
Mario and luigi dream team 27,99
Mario tennis 3,49
Mario tennis open 31,49
star fox 64 3d 31,49(lol)
Animal crossing new leaf 27,99
Fire emblem awakening 31,49
Legend of zelda: Link Between worlds 31,49



ShanaUnite commented on Here's A More Detailed Look At Nintendo's E3 2...:

I am the rider of my hype train.
Ready is my body, Fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand wishes.
Unknown to Nintendo,
Nor known to internet.
Have withstood pain to create much free time.
Yet these hands will never hold enough money.
So as i pray Unlimited Games Works.