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Tue 17th Jun 2014

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Shadraw commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:

It is pretty clear that Nintendo didn't infringe on the patent of the first count.
The second count looks less convincing. From what I found, the patent was filed in 2009 but is very similar to the Wii remote setup.

The invention relates to a user interaction system, comprising:

◦an electrical apparatus;
◦a portable pointing device operable by a user for pointing to a region in space;
◦a camera taking a picture; and
◦a digital signal processor, capable of receiving and processing the picture, and capable of transmitting user interface information derived from the picture to the electrical apparatus wherein the camera is connected to the pointing device so that in operation it images the region pointed to.
The invention also relates to a pointing device for use in a user interaction system.
The invention also relates to an electrical apparatus for use in the above mentioned user interaction system.

Which this is also why Sony/Microsoft won't be sued. It is specific to a remote like device with a camera in it rather than a camera that reads movement. It would almost appear that Phillips bought the patent to imitate the concept but I don't know when or if Nintendo had a patent for the tech. This would be why Phillips would want to stop distribution of Wii/Wii U. They could be wanting to sell their own product with a similar design and function. Pulling people in and possibly trying to, for example, sell their own product to the wii crowd.

I am unsure of what the third patent Nintendo infringed on is. I, personally, hope that Nintendo wins this in appeals. Patents are not universal between countries and there is no central orginization that monitors and enforces them. That makes patent disputes with international orginizations ugly and difficult.



Shadraw commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

First I would like to complement the article. It's very nice and well written.

Anyway, I enjoyed Nintendos digital event. It would be nice if we could see more gameplay with some of the other games shown by other companies. The way Nintendo handled E3 made it feel more like an "event" rather than a simple announcement. Nintendo likes to rock the boat, so to speak. Even if it doesn't always lead to good things, their methods seem to help them a lot and help to expand the gaming industry in a number of ways when things work out well. I hope there is always a "Nintendo" around to keep the gaming industry from going stale.



Shadraw commented on Nintendo Executive Suggests Wii U is at a "Tip...:

I think it is at a tipping point. I have enjoyed the games released on the system so far and I am greatly looking forward to the games coming out. It is nice to have some games to look forward to rather than hoping they announce something of interest soon. Any delays for games this year, I'm staring at you SSB Wii U, could cause some serious problems and set Nintendo back again. I hope they space out their game releases well for next year. I know my wallet would appreciate that as well.



Shadraw commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:

I see this as a positive thing. I do hope it starts to drive anime and video games away from this kind of content. I have had to pass on some good games because of the sexual "humor" and "fanservice" that have been added in. I enjoy a number of japanese games but some of them go too far to overlook or pass over and it ruins any desire I have to play or own it.



Shadraw commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

I don't think that a price drop would help Nintendo in any way. My opinion is it is already at the "right price". I do think he could have phrased his words a little more politely towards Nintendo. I can understand not investing in the console to heavily with the install base it currently has. Ubisoft is still a business and has to be run like it is. I know I am waiting for Watch Dogs to come to Wii U before I purchase it. I don't think I will feel too bad if they do decide to drop their support for Wii U. Developers and Publishers seem to be shifting around a lot with the current generation of consoles.



Shadraw commented on Don't Worry, Nintendo Hasn't Forgotten About T...:

I have been up and down about the VC. I like what they have done with it so far and I am excited for DS games to come. I am typically unhappy about the inconsistancy that is shown with it. Game releases don't really seem to follow any predictable pattern. There may be a fair amount released for a few weeks and then nothing for a while. I was a little disappointed about the lack of mention at E3 but so many other good things were revealed and shown that it's hard to be mad over it. At least me be mad.