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Tue 11th Dec 2012

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ShadowDragon28 commented on Dark Pit amiibo Exclusive To Best Buy In North...:

wtf? Nintendo, come ON.... oh and just because a character has an dark twin/doppelganger does not mean that character is "emo". smh
Dark Pit isn't wearing skinny jeans, neither is he listening to Blood on the Dance Floor or My Chemical Romance while pretending to be depressed because some girl he's creepin' on doesn't like him.



ShadowDragon28 commented on Castlevania: Mirror of Fate's Boxart Comes Wit...:

looks cool, but calling Alucard an "emo vamp" is really stupid IMO. Alucard is awesome and not "Emo", I think Damien has him somehow confused Alucard with Edward Cullen of "Twilight" sigh
I still wish Iga Kogarashi would make a new 2-D Castlevania for the 3DS...