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Male, 34, South Africa

Love my #WiiU and my #3DS Also digging my XBOX360, that I got July 2013. I know it's late to the prom, but It was a good deal, and I get to play a lot of the syuff I missed out on #wii That's about it. What else you want to know?

Mon 15th Jul 2013

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shad0w-7 commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

I reckon you're correct pal. Don't know what the deal is.
I can't put my finger on it.
It's like everyone is dropping NIntendo (Because let's be honest, 3DS isn't better off in terms of 3rd parties).

I never played any games from the Gamecube/PS2 era, so these remakes are relevant to someone like me.



shad0w-7 commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

guys, I hate to say it, but we just maybe need to forget about anyone but Nintendo making games for the WiiU.
It's just one 3rd party disappointment after the next.
You know, the sales thing doesn't fly anymore.
You have 10 Million Wii U's in homes.
You have an equal number of XBOX One's in homes.
You cannot say where your game is going to sell more, because you have the same base to work with.
And you might be inclined to say: "Mostly kids own Wii U's"
So ok, let's say that's the kids.
I'm sure a million of those users (such as myself) are grown ups.
So, if they sell close to a million on Wii U, isn't that worth it?



shad0w-7 commented on Nintendo's First Smart Device Game With DeNA t...:


50 million 3DS users and almost 10 million Wii U users seem to make a strong case for both Nintendo hardware and software pal. Go read the latest financials.

Theres nothing wrong with the hardware.
Never has been.

And if you havent noticed, Nintendo games are about the only thing that does sell nintendo hardware.

You point out that fans of Nintendo seem to like the hardware more than the games, and then go on to say that the games would sell better on hardware everyone wants.

That doesnt make sense.

You cannot have nintendo games on a console if the console isnt a nintendo.

Fans of nintendo games go for the whole deal.
they understand you need the console for the console games.

If you dont dig Nintendo, find a home at Microsoft or Sony.
Forget about Nintendo.
Move on.



shad0w-7 commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

I don't think it'd hurt if nintendo created a couple of IPs for mobile phone/tablet platforms only. For example, like Captain Toad was a spinoff of the Mario franchise, create a game that uses little known offshoot of a major franchise and takes advantage of the touch screen nature of these devices.
That way a separate experience can be had, and it would not encroach on Nintendo's primary platforms.



shad0w-7 commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

@Jmaster Ok, so because you drive a toyota yaris, or use a colgate toothbrush, you're interested in keeping up to tabs with their financial woes, units sold, how they are doing in the market relative to their competitors.
No. You don't.
Your comment stands just fine without the personal insults. Please stop — TBD



shad0w-7 commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

You know, there was a time that gaming sites and magazines were dedicated to games.
I remember it clearly. They would have reviews and previews, speculation and feedback from fans etc.
Now we have bullpoopoodoodoocacapoopsiedaisies like this.
No one ever mentioned if a console was doing well, or how it was comparing to the competition. They just showed the games that were out and that were coming out. Because that's what they were there for. The games.
Now everyone here is a pretending to be a loving financial analyst or financial advisor and investors in Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, owning shares and really caring about whether a product sold more than the other.
It's such bullpoopoocacadoodoopoopledeedoople.
All these sites need to stop it.
They need to get back to what matters: the games.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



shad0w-7 commented on Research Firm IDC Anticipates Worldwide Wii U ...:

@JaxonH Nice one dude, I agree completely. I feel dirty when I play on my 360. I feel happy when I play on my 3DS or Wii U. Nintendo's system isn't for every gamer, even thought that's how they tried to position the Wii U this gen. That means success will always be fleeting. And that doesn't mean Nintendo sucks. It just means that if you want to complain and moan about everything they do or do not do, you need to move onto a system that aligns with with the kind of content and features you want. Because you are not going to get everything you want from Nintendo.



shad0w-7 commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Del...:

@DESS-M-8 How to switch to Gamepad mode on Arkham Origins without using TV:

1) Start game. When Gamepad shows WayneTech logo, press +. Wait 20 seconds.
2) You would have started at the default save location, so just press a to select it the default one.
3) Wait two seconds, then press down and a.
4) Wait two seconds, press up and a.

That should switch you to Gamepad. I do it all the time as my TV is not with me at the moment.



shad0w-7 commented on Wii U Console Sales Climb in Japan as 3DS XL M...:

Don't want to bust anyone's balls, I'm going to simmer down on this. The PS4 and XBONE have yet to come to the fight in that part of the world. I do hope Nintendo gets to take advantage of the Christmas while they are still absent.



shad0w-7 commented on The YouTube Wii U App Update is Now Live:

@unrandomsam While I cannot comment on how good or bad IE on XBOX One is when combined with a tablet and Smart Glass, I must point out that your statement is not relevant. To reiterate:

"Wii U web browser is the best browser on a console - ever."

Using Smart Glass with a third party tablet to browse with IE, while equivalent in terms of function and experience, is not the on par with to my statement.
Here's why: You don't get a $300 - $500 tablet with your $500 XBOX One purchase. (Do you need XBOX Live to use IE?)
The tablet is external 3rd party hardware. It is not a peripheral that is part of the console's function, and it is not purpose built for use on the console.
So, you need to test browsing with IE from your XBOX One using your XBOX One only, and then compare that to the Wii U. That is inline with my statement.

And for the record, if I had a tablet, I'd just use the tablet's browser.
But I don't have a tablet, so the Wii U fills that requirement for me.

That being said, if I had an XBOX One and a tablet with smartglass and IE (And XBOX Live - if required - I don't know), I might use it to browse on my XBOX One. But the feature would never be that relevant, as I'd still use the tablet if I wanted to browse something.

So I stand by my statement:
It is the best browser on a console - ever.

And remember, it is not a statement intended to start an argument. It is my opinion that I am sharing.

I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.



shad0w-7 commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

@Caryslan Erm. Dude. The Wii U fully takes care of the Wii issue. You can migrate all your saves, WiiWare, VC games over to a Wii U to continue that expeirieince there. And then you still have Nintendo's next gen system to expeirience. Things like the new controller, the best Internet Browser across any gaming platform, MiiVerse and a new improved eShop with Indie titles dropping in on a weekly basis. Your Wii has been replaced by the Wii U. That's the next evolutionary step for you as a Nintendo gamer.

In regards to your statement about XBOX and PS3 being pure profit for their respective manufacturers. I seem to be reading fairly recently that MS or Sony were only now breaking even with their production costs on these 7 year old consoles, while the Wii was profitable from day one.

Nintendo hasn't abandoned anyone. They just have a new better Wii out there. It's called a Wii U. If you haven't abandoned them, you'll go and pick one up. Simple.



shad0w-7 commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

Wii U was a natural move for me. I transferred all my stuff over, and I've packed my good ol' Wii away. It's now part of history for me. There is no need to keep it out and powered up anymore. I'll never get rid of it though. But back to the point. The Wii U is a complete replacement, because it's got a Wii built-in. If i want to play my old Wii games, or my old VC games, I just click a channel. Done deal. Who else has done that in Next Gen?
And don't even get me started on why the Wii U rocks.



shad0w-7 commented on Nintendo Wants Wii U To Be "The Console That E...:

@bizcuthammer Dude, there's no reason any of those games can't run on Wii U hardware, with or without making use of the Gamepad. Bottom line is, there are devs who are happier to be identified with PS and XBOX than they are with Wii U, while other devs (the lesser of the two groups) don't care and make things for Wii U.



shad0w-7 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

@Yorumi Agreed dude. I will put money on this: When Bayonetta 2 releases, we will get a true hardcore, HD, donkey-kicker. I predict this:

  • Super smooth frame rate
  • Quick loading times
  • Amazingly awesome HD graphics
  • Over the top, "hardcore"-kick-you-in-the-balls action

Can't wait for this game.
It will be a benchmark I reckon. At least for the Wii U's early life.



shad0w-7 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

@SkywardCrowbar right you are. Bundle an external with the next deployment of Wii Us. Like a 250GB or something. Strike a deal with Western Digital or Seagate to get an awesome deal for it. Add $25 to the price if you have to, or if Nintendo feel like being champs, include it at the same price. Launch it this Christmas. Be awesome.



shad0w-7 commented on Former Nintendo Marketing Specialist Sheds Lig...:

People in the industry tend to hide behind corporate walls.
They don't explain their situation, and then the speculation begins.
For instance, I still would like to know how much of a saving WB is making by not including multiplayer in Arkham Origins, as this is the only reason I can see them making the cut in the first place. But is that saving worth the damage to the WiiU version?