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Re: Mario Kart 7 Mobile App Makes Kart Combos Clearer


@StarDust I've dropped my phone, old DS (How it chipped off the hinge), 3DS, my glasses, and iTouch countless times. But holy cow, are they little MIRACLE WORKERS that survive each fall. ...Well, mainly my glasses... They're built like a TANK.

Re: Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life!


This will be me tomorrow. XD
Touching story, Mr. Kappa. I was moved in ways I've never been moved before. Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year Birthday to me!

Re: Guide: Mario Kart 7 Top Tips


There's this "Player" idiot who keeps exploiting the Maka Wuhu glitch. Grr... I get legitimate 1st place and HE just warps to the finish. >

My tips:
*Driiiift. That's how you win.
*Did you know there's ACTUALLY a way to dodge blue shells? Yeah! Simply get a

Re: Nintendo Faces More Calls to Embrace Mobile


Even if they made games for the super freakin' awesome Xperia? Nope.avi


Precisely. Let's say hell froze over and Ninty began making iOS games: Why buy New Super Mario Bros WiiU when there's a new Mario game on this iTouch for $.99? Console sales plummet, iPhone/iTouch sales soar. Bye Nintendo consoles, hello shivers Apple brainwashed Nintendo.

Re: Miyamoto Not a Huge Fan of Mario Kart 7 Customisation


Or, he pulled a BF3 development team and worried about the almighty "Superkart." I understand that, I wouldn't want the kart customization to go to hell like it did with CoD (Unfair Lvl. 9001 Prestige weapons, etc.), but why sweat a game like MK7? If there's only like 5 parts for each customizable feature, it really shouldn't be a biggie.

Re: Nintendo Promises 3DS DLC for Next Year's Titles


Many people see it as "Who cares if they're adding on to it, they could've done that at launch," because they obviously aren't using their noodles (And obviously don't know what it's like to develop a game). If they actually thought about it, Option 1 DLC is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Re: Rumour: 3DS Expansion to Be Called 'Circle Pad Pro'


Thank you, sir, for stating my opinion.
I agree, though. You really have to question why Ninty would do this when they clearly have something better.

I can just imagine the end of Nintendo with this thing...


Nintendo sides with Activision to bring you Modern Warfare 5!
Critics say "It plays exactly like the consoles, thanks to the dual analog." -IGN "Why didn't it come sooner? Mobile Call of Duty!" -GameInformer

If, and I say IF, Hades freezes over and this happens, I will quit video games forever.