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Tue 27th September, 2011

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Sforzando commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:

How would kids spend money anyway? If their parents left money in the eshop balance and didn't password protect it, that's on them. No idea about phone game micro transactions, but Nintendo has enough restrictions in place already. I suppose a sad bunny might be seen as emotionally manipulative to very young kids, but older fans ought to be able to see through him!



Sforzando commented on Video: This 200cc Mario Kart 8 Comparison Foot...:

@B64111980 Not sure which one you're talking about. Crash Nitro Kart tried to be Crash Team Racing 2, but ended up being a little slower and heavier. Crash Tag Team Racing had some interesting ideas, but was flawed in its own ways. Neither of them innovated the genre in the way Crash Team Racing did on the ps1. Yes, it was definitely influenced by Mario Kart and DKR, but it more than stood on its own. And it's probably my all-time favorite game.



Sforzando commented on Video: This 200cc Mario Kart 8 Comparison Foot...:

@AlexSora89 Damn, this looks even faster than Crash Team Racing to me! Mario Kart takes a TON of influence from that game. The boosts from drifting, the "hang-time turbos" you get from jumping off ramps. Hell, even the "gravity" gimmick in Mario Kart 8 is ripped right out of Crash Nitro Kart.

I really, really, really want a faster mode in Mario Kart 7!

>tfw still no Wii U.



Sforzando commented on Feature: Gawk at Fancy Super Smash Bros. Mewtw...:

So for an extra dollar, you get a download code for the other version?

...I'm guessing people are going to be selling download codes on eBay thanks to the "both versions" discount.

I could spend $4 on a 3DS Mewtwo, or I could spend $2.50 by buying both, and then selling the WiiU version for $2.50 on eBay, saving both parties $1.50 total.

It might look like chump change, but it's still interesting.

(Mostly I'm curious about the prices that the Club Nintendo codes will go for, a week or two early.)



Sforzando commented on Gallery: These Artistic Recreations of Women C...:

Eh, this kind of thing is just pointless. If you want "realistic" or "practical" character designs, make your own characters.

Peach: this is pretty badass, and a well done picture. It shows a post-apocalyptic version of Peach with a huge bazooka. But it's only barely influenced by Peach's original design and personality.

Zero Suit Samus: The armor is pretty well-designed, and at least it knows what statement it's trying to make, unlike the Peach one: less sexy, more "practical." (No fun!)

Great Fairy: Not bad I guess, but doesn't really fit the style of Ocarina of Time. I do prefer it to the original, since those fairies are the most terrifying characters in the game. 0_0

Chun Li: No complaints about the new outfit. But that face is pretty ugly.



Sforzando commented on Monster Tale on Its Way to the 3DS eShop in a ...:

This game is so obscure it's an exception to Rule 34. (Don't ask how I know this.)

It's definitely a "mid-tier" game, though! It's far from perfect, but it has a lot of charm to it. Bought it a few months ago, but haven't beat it yet. Hope it's released for a reasonable price, it deserves to be more well known.



Sforzando commented on Opinion: Splatoon Is to Shooters what Mario Ka...:

@Ralek85 Oh, I definitely hope improvements are made in online. Smash has had huge improvements, but strange limitations still exist. For Glory should really include more than Final Destination. Customs should be an allowed in "With Anyone," even just as an option. So yeah, it won't be perfect, but I'm cautiously optimistic.



Sforzando commented on Copyright Owner of 'Trollface' Image Explains ...:

Ironic that the creator of the trollface is a copyright troll.

It's such a common and iconic part of internet culture. Why not just release it into the public domain??

EDIT: That said, Ninja Pig Man has made far more money than he deserves to from this mess.



Sforzando commented on Woah Dave! Getting Free Deluxe Update On 3DS, ...:

This game is so fun!

...Although I'm a little worried about the Deluxe update hurting the simplicity which made the game so unique. Makes a minimalist game, well, less minimal.

That said I can't wait to ride some UFOs and [censored] some [censored] up.

EDIT: Any word as to when the update will be available?



Sforzando commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):

"one of the darkest eras of gaming" lmao

Flappy Bird is a quality game and there's nothing wrong with it. I'll stand by that. Flap Flap, on the other hand, smells like trash from a mile away.



Sforzando commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):


Moving around an SD card isn't that hard, is it? If you've got a New 3DS (XL), you don't even need to remove the card.

I don't mind the lack of an online community — Sudomemo still has us covered there, although you need to use Flipnote Studio DSi to access that. My biggest gripe is the gross-looking compression present in exported AVI's.

Exported AVI's actually ARE 3D, though. You just need to do some converting, and you can post them to YouTube as 3D videos, and even watch them in 3D on YouTube with your New 3DS (XL).

As for where to share your Flipnotes? I recommend the Flipnote Studio 3D subreddit:

Great review, NL. Keep up the good work.