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Sforzando commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

They are not releasing the exploit! The exploit was on an old firmware! The online play will not be corrupted. And if it does, Nintendo needs to put other measures in place. Such as the ability to boot cheaters.

As for "piracy" I would bet that R4 cards sold more DS hardware than any one game!

Actually, what really annoyed me about R4 cards is that a lot of kids got them from their parents, having no idea every game on there was illegal.

In any case, it's difficult to show that piracy actually hurts sales much, since every pirated game does not equal a lost sale. The DS games I pirated, I never would have bought, either because they were only released in Japan or they weren't very good.

(Also: I bought far more games than I pirated. Also: I frequently bought used games, so the publisher got just as much money from me as they would have if I pirated.)



Sforzando commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

Flipnote Hatena is not back.
Sudomemo is cool, but doesn't make up for Nintendo's failure to deliver.
Especially since, you know, Nintendo had nothing to do with Sudomemo.



Sforzando commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

NOE "explained" the Flipnote delay too, at least at first. NOA on the other hand hasn't said a word since the Flipnote Direct in March 2013. Meanwhile in Japan, it's very popular and successful, having been updated three times.



Sforzando commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

@atariman Doctors have patients.

And we have had *patience for almost a year. Over a year, if you're counting from when Hatena shut down.

Believe me...the fans are justified to start taking action.



Sforzando commented on Review: Comic Workshop (3DS eShop):

Well, what has happened to Flipnote Studio 3D?
It was delayed at one point. And then they never released it, even after the issues were resolved.
The Friends (SpotPass, like SwapNote) Gallery feature was removed in Japan. But the World (like Hatena) gallery is still alive and active.
The app has received at least 3 updates, adding cool new features.
Nintendo of America and Europe have pretended it never existed since then.



Sforzando commented on Tomodachi Life Stage Drops Into Super Smash Br...:

Not that impressed...because I'm almost getting as tired of Tomodachi Life as I am with Animal Crossing!
I think a Flipnote themed stage would be cool. It would be similar to the Pictochat Brawl stage, but with a Flipnote Frog!!



Sforzando commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:





Sforzando commented on Flipnote Studio 3D European Release is Delayed:

This is my least favorite article. Of all time. I remember the good old days, when I commented above. I was so frustrated, yet so naive. I expected them to actually care about this application they had promised, and even created a Nintendo Direct for! But has been ignored outside of Japan for about a year now.



Sforzando commented on Review: 2048 (3DS eShop):

Threes wasn't free.
And the concept was so simple. A clone was bound to happen. If you want to come out on top, add more features. Or release it for free with occasional advertisements, with a 99 cent cost to remove ads.



Sforzando commented on Weirdness: These "Anywhere Buttons" Look Daft ...:

Hey, don't diss...I had this idea a while back! Like, elementary school...
Actually, I envisioned a console that was a tablet as well--the WiiU if the Gamepad was the console. It had a touch screen, and you could place and move buttons wherever you want on the screen.
Of course, in retrospect, it makes more sense to have the buttons built in. But Nintendo should pay me for inventing the WiiU.



Sforzando commented on Senran Kagura Burst:

My dad thinks I'm a pervert because I bought Dead or Alive Dimensions...and in this game, girls lose their clothes as they fight better? That idea just gives me a yucky taste in my mouth...and for the record, the perviness in DOAD is my least favorite part of the game.



Sforzando commented on Flipnote Studio 3D World Gallery Priced and De...:

Ah, to read about Flipnotes in English... I've been using Google Translate to read Japanese websites since the 24th!
I really like how much thought has been put into the World Gallery system, with everything from Coins to Collectors designed to eliminate problems with the DSi Flipnote Hatena. The more I read about the Collector system, the more reassured I am that it will work really well. I have such big plans as a Creator and Collector. Love flipnotes so much.
Although what the heck, NOA? No word for us? It better be released Thursday!!



Sforzando commented on Nintendo Wins Another Court Battle with R4 Car...:

I think Nintendo should allow anyone to self-publish games on the eShop, with some reviewing process, of course. The main enemy in the way of this idea is ESRB...maybe if gamers submit "ratings" of games they download? Like, 98% of people who played this said it should be rated "E."



Sforzando commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

Hopefully we can see footage of the app after its Japanese excited to figure out how the app works, so I can get right into animating come August.



Sforzando commented on Footage of Renegade Kid's Crash Bandicoot DS D...:

For those who don't know, there was a leaked poster in a Vicarious Visions Facebook post that featured a new design of Crash, and this was noticed by Crash fans just a few days ago. Seeing this footage of a previously unknown DS version of Crash 2010 (Crash Landed) just makes me pessimistic about the spotted poster. How many studios has Acti had work on cancelled Crash projects?
1. Radical: Crash 2010 (Landed) main version, to see the screenshots and concept art found of this game, look at the Finish Crash 2010 Facebook page
2. High Impact Games: Crash Team Racing, it had a similar art style to the cancelled Crash Landed, and
3. Renegade Kid: now, the DS version.
4. Vivarious Visions: Crashlanders?

Anyway, good article and good to see the footage. Would have liked to see this completed. If you want to support Crash, sign this petition as always:



Sforzando commented on Review: Castle Conqueror - Heroes 2 (DSiWare):

DSiWare is so amazing. Every time I come on NintendoLife I read reviews for more and more awesome DSiWare. The amount of high quality games for download on this system is incredible. (The range of quality is pretty incredible too...look at Cake Ninja. Although that little series is fairly fun for 5-minute sessions.) I only have a handful of DSiWare games, including Pop Island Paperfield which I never play because I never have lots of people to play it with. I also have the Tower defense game by that dev which I can't remember the title.... Go! Go! Kokopolo!! is my favorite DSiWare game, with it's ultra-indie roots, fun soundtrack and gameplay...DSiWare is amazing, for a service that so few use. And now I have to play Castle Conqueror - Heroes and Heroes 2. Plus the rest of the Art Style and Electroplankton.... And I want to look into Petit Computer... and Inchworm Animation, and maybe Rytmik. Gosh. DSiWare is amazing. (And I didn't even mention flipnote.)

Sorry for such a long, irrevelant comment. But DSiWare is amazing. The one area it lacks is Rhythm Heaven-esque games. Seriously, does it have any rhythm games?



Sforzando commented on Cake Ninja XMAS:

Wow, NL...not even going to grace this one with a review??

EDIT: Though I hardly blame you, what with the way Cypronia handled your reviews of the first 2. XD



Sforzando commented on Japanese Import Ban on R4 Cartridges Becomes Law:

@rayword45: Amen and hallelujah to that! (the devkit) I don't see why they don't do it. They could release a separate download platform, or section of the eShop for homebrewers to publish their game for free or even for profit. They could even support prolific homebrews for the system. Doing this would remove all rationalization and need for flashcarts, provided they don't put ridiculous limits on the homebrew devs.



Sforzando commented on Review: Jump Trials (DSiWare):

Ugly, awkward version of the stylish, simple, tightly controlled 10 second run. 10SR is harsh, and the controls take a bit of getting used to, but when you do, it's a great game.



Sforzando commented on 3DS System Update Locks Out a Lot of Flashcard...:

I am totally against piracy.
If Nintendo made an SDK and let indie/bedroom programmers make 3DS and DS games and distribute them on an online service provided by Nintendo, then flashcarts wouldn't be needed. I understand this could drop the quality of the average 3DS game but it would be on a separate store from the eShop...maybe the Indie eShop or something. Or here's an idea: How 'bout downloading DS and 3DS games onto the system? A few jerks might download it and then sell the original, but they could probably come up with a way to wipe the original when you back it up, and then you could re-download the title from your account if the game gets deleted.