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Fri 18th Oct 2013

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Sethdarkus commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

I wonder just how long how long me and the rest of the U.S and Canada has to wait for Pokemon Bank to come to us.

Ich will wissen wie lange Nintendo erwartet alle von uns zu warten auf Pokémon Bank.

As a wise man once said "Die Hölle muss warten" meaning "The hell must wait" and it would seem it apples to even Nintendo.
For starters I am amazed people who are upset at Nintendo world wide about pokemon bank has not taken it up to their door steps. For starters if People were really mad at them they could of just went to the Nintendo in their Region and had a riot protesting them world wide but did that happen no so what is there to worry about it be here soon.



Sethdarkus commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

I want to see how well they can stop pokemon from being sent into a game by using a differnt DNS as a GTS back door by crating .pkm files with sites like
and uploading them to a game in such ways as
with pokemon from 4th gen to 5th gen I am sure someone out there is working on making the Y and X back door.

Think of it like this when a Pokemon is sent over by a fake GTS and not crated by a AR does that said Pokemon mess up the game file due to no code is being injected by some other device such as a AR.

Pokemon crated in that means can look 100% legit + if they were to make it look like it was their Pokemon they would have to use a AR code to get their secert ID to make it look like it was theirs and not crated by other means.

Pokemon that are blocked from WI-FI that I know of are any Pokemon over 510 EV or know moves they should not know only 2 things that I know is blocked from WI-FI but a Pokemon with say idk 252 EV towards its best stat then 252 EV to something like idk Speed to something lets say 6EV to something like attack or even 3 EV added to 2 other stats would look ligit and from what I know a Pokemon with 31 IV on all stats is possible by breeding and getting the nature you want is possible to by breeding and same goes with shinys you can breed a shiny takes a little work but can be done.

Just saying the GTS is a big back door that any hacker can use even in X and Y I think the coding is the same or less they made it route to another DNS but even so that can be bypassed every program has a back door.

AR may not work with the 3DS due to it can be patched but the GTS is the backdoor to a AR only differents is its free just internet fees about it really but other then that no going to the store and buying a AR for $20 USD due to all you need to do it is a Domain that can act as a GTS or just use one that is all ready made and just send Pokemon to your game over fake GTS.

I can assure you all only badly made hacks will be blocked from the Pokemon Bank when it comes out in Dec 27th.

Programs are like Humans in every way non of them are perfect and there is all ways a way to break them.