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SethNintendo commented on Parent Trap: ​Does The Wii U Still Make Sens...:


The screen provides some cool functions but it was also a good excuse by third parties (besides the power) not to port games to the Wii U. I remember quotes being flown around "well we would put it on Wii U but not sure what to do about the gamepad". They could have just used it for offscreen play or for managing items.

I believe the gamepad is a little too big. Perhaps a smaller screen which would allow the controller to be smaller would have been better (make offscreen play worse though). The battery life last 3-4 hours on average (starts to go lower with age). I'm happy with the new battery I bought but one shouldn't have to drop 40-50 dollars for an extended battery.

They would have probably sold more systems if they didn't have the gamepad and just released it with a Wii U Pro controller at $250 with NSMBU and dropping it to $200 once PS4 and Xbox One were released. That is the past though and perhaps they learned from their mistakes. Their ads went from awesome during the Wii years (with the we would like to play commercials) to terrible Wii U dubstep ads. I believe they will rectify a lot of the issues they had with the Wii U. If anything they will be able to develop for both hand held and home console systems with the same team and not have development fragmented between home and hand held.



SethNintendo commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

These spin offs probably prevented a main line AC game being released on the Wii U this year and possibly even next year. The real shame is that there is zero word from Nintendo of a main line AC going to the Wii U. They can take these spin off games and shove it.



SethNintendo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

I don't know how much he spoke about Nintendo's practices but I don't really care that he got fired for it. Like a few others said Nintendo can't allow this to slip by opening the door for others to follow.

I'm actually kind of happy that he got fired. Screw social media.



SethNintendo commented on DeNA West CEO Believes Nintendo Smart Device R...:


If they can pull a Rusty's or Pokemon Shuffle then they can make games that have no ads except in game purchases. I don't play smartphone games anymore but there are free to play games on the 3DS. They are done without any annoying ads and based solely on trying to sucker you into in game purchases.

I've played Shuffle and a little of Rumble but never spent any money on those games. I did buy all of Rusty's though because the challenges seemed pretty fun. Never played Steel Diver: Sub Wars or Ironfall.



SethNintendo commented on Feature: Taking to the Skies for a Final Look ...:

I hope they have other control options available like the nunchuck and Wiimote combo. Using the Wiimote to shoot and the nunchuck to steer. As much as I appreciate them trying to incorporate the gamepad they should have the game be playable with the Wii U pro, classic controller, and wiimote/nunchuck.



SethNintendo commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:


Sony was trying to steal Nintendo IPs in the deal. Somehow Nintendo lawyers missed that clause and then they backed out once they discovered it. Learn some history first before posting about it. Both sides were trying to screw each other. It was a good thing for both parties to back out of the deal.



SethNintendo commented on Interview: Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld H...:

Loved Steamworld Dig even though I finished it within about 6 or so hours (suppose I'll do another play through sometime in future perhaps when Heist is about to come out).

I will gladly buy Heist at full asking price. People wait for sales on most other shops (especially Steam) but if the game is good enough then 3DS owners will support your game at full asking price (as long as the price matches the content and quality).



SethNintendo commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Splatoon, Project CARS, ...:

Yea, they might as well not even release Project Cars anymore. PR disaster and no respect for the Nintendo community by keeping them in the complete dark for ages. I was once pumped for this game but I'll wait for 90s Arcade Racer and Road Redemption if they ever come out.



SethNintendo commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

I think I might wait for a price drop on this one. It should have been 40-50 dollars considering pricing in Europe seems to be so cheap. The dollar has been climbing against the Euro as of recently to .92 of a Euro.

I'm sure in a couple months I'll find a decent price drop on Amazon. I'd like to join in on the fun now but I might wait after seeing drops on W101 (bought it new for about $20) and a few other games. I'd like to support new IPs buying at full price but the lack of single player and limited local multiplayer make me want to wait for price drop. I still might splurged in a few weeks if tempted enough.



SethNintendo commented on Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Smash...:

I don't understand why people like watching other people play video games. Sure it used to be cool to watch really good players at SF2, MK, etc back in the arcade days while waiting your turn to play but I just don't see the appeal of watching tournaments or youtube "lets play crap". I can maybe watch about 5 mins of gameplay from video game before I start getting bored.

Video games are to be played not watched. I've been to a few friend's places where they were playing single player games like Skyrim and it was so boring after watching for a few mins. I was actually almost embarrassed the first game convention I went to when I saw people cheering to what I assumed to be a LoL tournament on the big screen. You couldn't pay me money to watch other people play video games. I didn't read any word of this article. I just wanted to complain.



SethNintendo commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

I am pretty interested in Mario Maker even though I have sought little to no information about it (I barely skimmed this article too). It is pretty obvious what the game is about. I expect a decent amount of things in the game but understand it will probably be lacking in some areas of customization.

However, I wouldn't like to see a lot of spin offs of maker titles. Track editors are fine enough for a racing game (would be nice even if you had to pay 5 or 10 for DLC track editor (which hopefully keeps getting things added (for free)) to the editor over time and allow users to share their levels through Miiverse/online. Basically, they should stick to having level editors in their games besides making a lot of maker type games. Metroid and Donkey Kong would be the only other series that would really good for a maker game. Fire Emblem Maker would be crazy if allowed to make entire stories and characters. Most would probably use bad language in the story. I know I would.



SethNintendo commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@evosteevo Yea, I was disappointed that the Wii VC arcade selection pretty much stopped right when it got started and that they never got to 90s arcade games. I don't see why they can't get more VC releases going. They should upgrade the entire (or at least the higher selling titles) Wii VC to Wii U eshop with save points and Miiverse integration.



SethNintendo commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

Nintendo needs to step it up even more considering 3rd parties have abandoned the Wii U. Hopefully, they can court them back with their supposed unified next gen system. However, I am sure the major 3rd party companies will always be able to find an excuse to neglect Nintendo systems.