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SethNintendo commented on Nintendo of America Announces StreetPass Weeke...:

I've never been able to get Nintendo Zone to work. I would try to load it up at a supposed Nintendo Zone location and it would take about 4-5 mins loading (something?) then I would get some error message. Perhaps the McDonalds location isn't a Nintendo Zone but I believe it is. I've given up on it after getting 3-4 failed attempts. Plus, I hardly eat fast food so I'm not going to go there just to get another failed attempt. I might try one more time just to see if I get any street passes.



SethNintendo commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europ...:

So that is what the stand is for... I suppose I could use it for Netflix and Hulu. Why hasn't Pandora put itself on video game systems... It would be nice if they had an app on the Wii U. One could use their website possibly. Going to try that out right now.

edit- Doesn't work due to not having Adobe Flash or update version. Not even sure if internet browser has Flash support.



SethNintendo commented on Review: Star Wars Pinball (3DS eShop):

So if they fix the bug would you increase the score to 7? I applaud you for docking them for releasing a game that has a serious bug. However, I also believe if it is fixed within the first week or two they should at least get a 7/10.

I'd love to see you review a Bethesda game...



SethNintendo commented on Howard Lincoln: Nintendo Has "No Plans" to Sel...:

You sure MLB handed out exclusive deal to 2k? Then why the hell is Sony making MLB The Show games still if they don't feature actual players? I am against exclusive deals (mainly because of EA and NFL/former NCAA exclusive deals but 2k is far better than most studious at producing sport games. I don't believe MLB has an exclusive deal with 2k. I'm about to google it. If I am wrong I will admit it.

edit - I looked it up...
"Take-Two Interactive signed an exclusive third-party licensing contract with Major League Baseball (MLB), MLBPA and MLBAM to produce MLB games. The agreement, which runs from Spring 2006 to 2012, allows for the console manufacturers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to produce MLB titles for their respective platforms, but bars third party developers such as EA Sports from continuing or developing their own MLB games."

So third party companies were barred but didn't exclude first party companies so at least this isn't as a crap deal that EA has with NFL. So the deal didn't stop Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo from making a MLB game. 2K constantly schools EA in sports games. When was the last time you saw a NBA Live game? Only reason why EA can "compete" is through exclusive contracts.



SethNintendo commented on Hardware: This Custom Tron N64 Makes Us Want T...:

There are far worse controllers than the N64 such as the Atari Jaguar and original fat xbox controllers. N64 controller made the analog stick popular. FPS handled just fine on the N64 and many other games. It took a little getting used to but I believe you are in a very small minority that thinks the N64 controller was the worst or even bad.



SethNintendo commented on Weirdness: ABC News Tells Us All About How the...:


Most Americans probably would need about 3 weeks to save up for a Wii U in between paying bills and living paycheck to paycheck.

Still not the smartest move but they should have announced an ambassador program for those who buy one before the drop. I'll be a little upset if I don't get something similar to 3DS. I missed out on that program since I bought after the drop. So far only thing that I can get special is the digital promotion (forgot about the 30 cent VC promotions...). However, it appears there are no plans so far for one.



SethNintendo commented on Feature: A Glimpse Into Nintendo Life's Animal...:

Morgan has a nice house placement. I went with the where does my house best fit (going to beach and bridge access) in my town approach when I did my house placement. My house is very close to the re-tail, close to one of the beaches access, and near a bridge to take me towards main street/town hall/train station.



SethNintendo commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

I prefer physical copies for all my games (only took the Club Nintendo extra coins offer for NSMB2 digital). So NSMB2 was my only retail game that I bought on the eshop. I however saw many benefits of having Animal Crossing always on my 3DS. I believe this is a perfect game for digital. So I am very happy to buy it digital and this is coming from someone that wants all physical copies.



SethNintendo commented on Don't Expect Retro Games to Play in New Animal...:

Funny that classic NES games on ereader were about 5-6 dollars (for the cards to scan to play the NES game). Ereader obviously didn't become much of a hit but I believe Nintendo killed it sooner than it should have due to realizing people were willing to pay $20 per NES classic on a GBA cartridge. While you had to invest 20-30 for the ereader (believe it was more close to 30 when it came out) the NES games were a 1/4 or so of the cost of the GBA NES classics. I mainly bought the ereader for the GC Animal Crossing cards. Some cards had cool Nintendo patterns for Able Sisters, clothes, furniture, etc.. Plus I used to collect sports card when I was younger (sometimes still buy rookie singles or past players I used to like a lot) so the whole ereader card thing was more appealing to me than most people. The multiple card swipes was a little pain though but not unbearable. It is a shame they couldn't get it down to two or so swipes instead of 5-8 or whatever it was to load a game.



SethNintendo commented on Don't Expect Retro Games to Play in New Animal...:

Care to share those or gift Super Mario Bros and LoZ to others? I haven't spotted a code for either game on the internet for AC:GC. I know Punch-out!! is on the AC (GC version) which is a rare title. To my knowledge they were going to release Super Mario Bros and LoZ on AC but never did due to releasing the games onto GBA for $20 each. Did you get the games through ereader (AC had a ton of ereader cards)? I still have the ereader and it was a "cool" idea at the time even though you had to scan multiple cards. The games were only about 5 dollars on ereader while they released the other classic NES Nintendo games on GBA for ~$20.



SethNintendo commented on Feature: The Making Of Street Fighter Alpha 3:...:

Loved this game and I still have my copy. It was a mighty fine port and I don't think they could have done a better job with hardware limitations of GBA. Shame that it was one of many factors that led to the collapse of Crawfish.



SethNintendo commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

@Peach64 Now it is ranked #40. Seems to be still climbing. If it cracks the top 20 would you at least admit that it is positive news. You seem to love to spin anything positive about Nintendo into something negative and anything negative you jump all over. You make yourself seem like a Nintendo troll. I will ignore your posts from now on.



SethNintendo commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live:

Yep, been getting ton of playback issues on mainly ad loads for Hulu+. I've been complaining on Miiverse for quite sometime (along with a ton of other users). I finally had enough and cancelled my subscription. If they release a patch for Hulu that makes streaming as decent as it is on Netflix then I might consider paying for a subscription again. They seemed to fixed the hard freeze during Hulu streaming but then caused playback errors (never had them before the last recent Hulu patch). So they fix one thing and cause another problem. Hulu is highly incompetent. Heck, they were supposed to release a 3DS app last December...



SethNintendo commented on Skullgirls Wii U eShop Release "Unlikely" Unti...:

@Rafie SF4 is pretty far down the list. Nice attempt though because I thought it did better till I looked at sales.

Smash Bros Brawl - 11.63m
Tekken 3 (PS)- 7.16m
Smash Bros Melee - 7.07m
SF2 The Road Warrior (SNES) - 6.3m
Tekken 2 (PS) - 5.74
Smash Bros - 5.55m
SF2 Turbo (SNES) - 4.1m
Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2) - 4.05m
Tekken 5 (PS2) - 3.87m

Brawl decent increase from Melee was probably thanks to the much larger console sales from GC-Wii. Melee would have probably hit 10m if the GC sold more than 22m. So a few games come close to Smash but they were released on PS1 and SNES. Basically, Smash smashes the competition.



SethNintendo commented on Skullgirls Wii U eShop Release "Unlikely" Unti...:

@Ristar42 Yes, there is room for improvement. I knew you were really meaning account linking and dealing with lost or stolen systems (one doesn't have to worry too much about reliability considering this is Nintendo and not Microsoft/Sony although there is still chance of reliability issues). I mainly wanted you to put the full response down to clarify the situation.



SethNintendo commented on Darts Up 3D Steps Up to the Oche on 3DS eShop:

I'm glad they included touch controls to locate my beer in the bar. Hopefully, I can use it to zoom in on body parts of an attractive female. Just needs to include a drunk jerk that tries to pick fights. Beer goggles mode would be awesome too.



SethNintendo commented on Skullgirls Wii U eShop Release "Unlikely" Unti...:

They can be like EA and be late to the game if they so desire. There will be a decent amount of indie success stories (Trine 2 can be considered a success already) before they even get around to thinking about releasing. If your game is good then people will buy it. Wii U userbase will be around 8-10m by years end with this company still twiddling its thumbs. Their game probably isn't that great just like the EA games they sent to fail (NFS only port that actual effort was put into). This title looks okay for a 2d fighter but nothing special.

If they are so concerned about eshop presence why not put it on 3DS? I believe this game would perform better on 3DS which obviously has an established eshop presence with many success stories.



SethNintendo commented on Pachter: Nintendo Made The Right Decision In S...:

@Gameday Looks like you fell victim to Pachter's lies. Nothing to show = lie , Not going to be at E3 = lie. Try not to obtain your Nintendo information from a Nintendo hater like Pachter.

I am pretty upset that NintendoLife would even publish this bs and not refute his obvious lies. Just a copy and paste job with a half butt attempt in first paragraph not even fully explaining the situation. Get better at countering obvious lies NintendoLife or get another job. Nintendo will be at E3 showcasing the next Mario, Mario Kart, Smash, etc. They just aren't doing the big event. Instead they are doing smaller events (aka Wii U showcase). I'm done with this site till they get better "journalist" that actually stick up for Nintendo by countering false information.

Goodbye NintendoLife till you get better at reporting the actual truth and not just posting flame bait articles for hits. Cheap tactics used by crappy video game sites. You obviously only care about hits and not reporting the facts. Do me a favor and ban me from this site.



SethNintendo commented on Pachter: Nintendo Made The Right Decision In S...:

Nothing to show.... Why is article labelled skipping when they are just not holding a traditional conference? Wii U software showcase at this years E3 says hello. They are still showing a lot of Wii U games at E3. Pachter is a joke and this is a typical Nintendo troll response from him. Screw Pachter and I will never click on a Pachter article again. Good riddance. Shame on you NintendoLife for publishing this crap.

Nice to see you clarify traditional conference yet keep the false/misinformed article title. Title should be changed considering you are just fuelling the false information of Nintendo "skipping" E3. Way to drop the ball NintendoLife. At the very least put quotes around the word skipping. Easy to see how big of a joke video game "journalism" is.