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Fri 19th Apr 2013

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SethADrekin commented on Interview: RCMADIAX on BLOK DROP U and Working...:

This is the kind of developer you absolutely have to support. A Pioneer of a new development system that is a potential gold mine of new and unique Content. $2.00 is a steal for just about any game and a small price to pay for Solid Indie Support. I can already tell, despite it's visual simplicity, this is going to be one of those games that makes me want to throw my gamepad.



SethADrekin commented on Leaked Ubisoft Games Confirmed, but Skipping N...:

@MrGawain Would have to agree. I'd be willing to bet Liberations will be announced at a later date, but I would completely understand if Valiant Hearts doesn't make it to Wii U. It's a very dark game. Not light-hearted dark, if that's a thing, like Little Inferno, but a really dark game and it doesn't quite fit the Nintendo Market of games for Everyone.



SethADrekin commented on Exclusive: Pure Chess eShop Releases To Featur...:

Out of every policy change Nintendo has Made with the Wii U, this is by far the best one yet. Allowing Developers to Pit Wii U players against other platforms is a brilliant way to stomp out that pesky lack of an Online Multiplayer Community Problem.

Someone should petition Activision to make Call of Duty: Ghosts PC + Wii U Multiplayer.