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Wed 6th Nov 2013

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Serethirin commented on EA: Being Voted The Worst Company In America W...:

My problem with EA really boils down to the fact that I love some of their IP dearly. The day they bought Bioware I knew it could only be bad news. To quote Yahtzee, they are holding beloved IP hostage to force us to accept their anti-consumer business practices.

I'm sad to say that I do still buy EA games and spend money on their services because it was worth more to me to play Mass Effect 3 than the moral benefits of a boycott. All the same, I could feel myself loving the story and hating the influence of EA's generic style as it crept into my game.

Now they're against Nintendo and everyone is crying doom and gloom. I love my Wii U and my 3DS. The backwards business practices of Nintendo are far less offensive to me than the forward-looking but hostile stances EA has taken. To top it off, I feel at least occasionally like the Big N has heard my complaints, even if big change is slow in coming. I have never felt like anything but a credit card number to EA.

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