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Tue 27th Jan 2009

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sectoidcorpse commented on Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Shooters:

To all of you bitchin about spending $50 on the game just do it, sega already announced it wont be doing any more teen/mature titles. its people like you making this system a "kiddie" system.
BTW $46.99 at amazon with free $10 credit



sectoidcorpse commented on The King of Fighters '95:

Ok at this rate this generation will be over by the time we get to KoF '98. Why pay $9 when you can buy the Orichi Saga (includes '94 thru '98 and classic controller support) most places for $15, or at costco w/ this months coupon for $10. Or if you have XBLA you'll do what i did and pick up KoF'98 dream match for $10. It's decisions like these killing the VC.



sectoidcorpse commented on OFLC Ratings Promise Street Fighting Action:

Not all of you may be thrilled but I will be downloading both of these. The tg16 SF2 was an amazing port, considered better then the genesis port by many.
Now capcom please give us an arcade port of alpha 2gold or alpha 3 and you will make a lot of people happy, the snes port was a waste.



sectoidcorpse commented on Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro:

ok, this is crap, heres what they should have done
1. take out the notches you can get stuck in on the anolog sticks
2. turbo for tg16
3. round d-pad
4. no handles added on half assed
where they did go right is cord on top and fixed the shoulder buttons