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Open the pod bay door, HAL!

Male, 36, Brazil

I am from Brazil and learned english by myself (Thanks final fantasy 2 to 8), so... Forgive me if my posts seems a little confuse!

Mon 20th June, 2011

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Savino commented on Guide: Everything We Know So Far About Nintend...:

Well.... If I know Nintendo I am sure they will come up with the most bizarre thing ever! (Not in a bad way)

I put my money on something like the gamepad, where the console itself is inside the thing, and some sort of wireless reciever to play on the TV! Probably, but I am not sure, it will be fully digital, since optical media on a portable device isnt the best option!

In fact, I expect anything from nintendo now...



Savino commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

Amazing how people are bashing the guy! i never bougt one game from him, but yet, I sae a lot of people happy in miiverse! But what you guys are forgetting is that he isnt the only one!

Shovel Knight was meant to be exclusive! And I bet @RCMADIAX isnt the only one! Not to mention the big ones like Actvision, Take 2, Ubi, EA, Eidos, Square... No one is realesing games for wiiu anymore...

So I guess it is time to sstop bashing the companies and start to look where the problem is! And the problem is you! Yeah! You!! Who only buy nintendo games no matter how crappy they are! i mean, that submarine game on the 3DS? Huge crappy game but everybody here seems to love it for some reason! Or maybe that shamelless kirby fighter, which was cool for a minigame, but a full retail? THIS you guys buy! Zombie U? nah! Lego City? Nah! CoD? Nah,,
Talking about CoD, the same people who bashes cod for being shallow and stupid is now praising splatoon... Which is a CoD for a family audience!
I bet majora's will sell a lot, a game that most of us played or have already... With more polys and better textures... And people here will sacrifice their weeks lunch to rebuy/replay this game!

No wonder nintendo is alone this gen!



Savino commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

@Quorthon Don't know the guy very well... All I know is that he screams a lot, but the point is that Nintendo, AFAIK, is the only one pulling this crap!

And for those who think that a Let's Play makes people not buying the game, because "they can watch it", well... Minecraft proves you wrong... Angry birds... GTA, Last of Us, Any Assassins Creed, CoD, you name it!

Oh, and by the way, Pewdiepie isnt the only youtuber around, so, stop treating all if they were him!



Savino commented on This Is What Happened When A Kid Pitched Super...:

@BensonUii It is not political issue... and I am not even talking about not supporting NIntendo products... but people worship the company like it is the best and most correct company in the word!

The article itself claims that other companies would throw the letter away and don´t offer a single piece of evidence, or try to look if other companies did the same.

I like Nintendo, I play their games, and I want them to stop the support of companies that uses slave work!

Just stop thinking that Nintendo is diferent from Sony or Apple in any degree of business!



Savino commented on This Is What Happened When A Kid Pitched Super...:

That´s absolutely not true! That "other companies would throw the letter in the garbage and only nintendo does it."

There´s a lot of company that makes products for kids that go in the same way, replying letters from the kids!

Ask the slave-children that mine some metals and nintendo buys it if they think that it is a friendly company!

*Lego Replies a Fan-Mail and send a Jay (and villan) figurine"




Savino commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

If mArio was oicture in Afrika as Mario with a Safari hat people would complain...
If Mario was picture in Afrika with a tongue people woukd complain!

The lesson here is: forget afrika, don't talk about afrika!!!

Dumb generation!



Savino commented on First Impressions: We're Really Feeling It Wit...:

I will eventually get this game, but I will wait until the New 3ds get more exclusives and wirth its price! I mean, how long it will be there? 2 years? 3 if nintendo really push it... So unless they show a lot of exclusives coming at E3 I wouldnt put much faith in this version... Not to mention money!



Savino commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

@daniruy I never said here is perfect, but things get a lot better in the last decade! I work with 3D modeling and rendering but I have a psychology degree and worked a lot in favelas and poor comunities and I saw how those people lived and they achieved.

My "diarista" (how I say that in english) have a PS3, a 32" LCD tv and was asking me about the Xbox One. She earns about 1.500 dolars month
And she is a good example how things are getting better.

I dont know how Alckmin treated the schools in São Paulo but here in Minas I have to take my hat for Aécio off. One time I was doing a 3D study for a school here and had to lunch there and was one of the best lunchs I ever had!

About SUS (our public health system, for those reading this) is getting so good that I cancel my private health system and now me, my wife and kids are only using the SUS... And you can call me a high middle class, since I make about R$ 10.000 month!

But, I agree, nintendo market here is ridiculous, no ad, no investments, no eshop... I mean, nintendo never really cared about Brazil and te result we are seeing now!

As I said before, if taxes were a real problem, Apple wouldn't rise their price even more here, nor MS woldnt open a factory here.

Things are perfect here? No, far from that! But we dont live anymore in the country that people are trying to sell us!



Savino commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

@GuSolarFlare the fact is that people dont starve!
What most foreigns dont get it is that this people have only to pay for food and shelter! They have free health care and free education, where they get books, mdecial atention, high quality food and even the uniform!

More than that, we got credit! Every single person here with a job gets a credit card and then they pay those things in 200000x!