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Re: Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon


How would the streetpass trading even work? If it were like gts, you would have to have up the mon they want and be looking for the mon they have, which is extremely unlikely. Of course you could talk to the person and set it up, but by then you might as well just trade with them. If it was just you trade whatever pokemon you have up, then most people would just put stuff like Magikarp, and you could either only trade 1 person per streetpass go or you could lose the pokemon you traded for.

I must give you props however, Mark, for not including the "Hurr durr they should have every region in one game" mechanic on your list.

Re: Game of the Year: You Decide!


Here is for me:

Wii: Skyward Sword- Oh my god the bosses in this game are incredible...but anyway, man I love the gameplay in this, and seeing as how only this and Fortune Street interested me enough to get it in the wii section, and I haven't played Fortune Street yet, this one gets my vote.

3DS: Oh yes. Mario Kart 7 is the reason why I made like everyone in my group of 8 who hang out at school get a 3ds. This game is absolutely amazing, be it in single player, multiplayer, online, customizations. Heck I'm even playing Time Trials a lot, and I barely even touched those in any other Mario Kart game.

DS: Pokemon Black and White. Up until about a month ago, the group I hang out with used to play this game almost every day. The gym leaders actually pose a challenge, especially if Nuzlocking, and while some of the new Pokemon coughDarmanitancough took some getting used to, it is a good game.

Wiiware: I didn't buy or even try any of those games :/ I voted Jellycar 2 as I liked the Ipod Jellycar.

3DSWare:3d classics Kirby's Adventure- Look I''m sorry Pushmo. I like you, really I do, but Kirby has you beat. I had said that I was not getting Dream Land because I didn't like not having power ups and then Nintendo releases this game. This game is the reason why I bought the points card that I also bought Pushmo(And SML2) on.

DsiWare:Ah Dsiware. You have had a couple of games that quite interested me when I played them, but mostly Ivy the Kiwi? and Escapee Go, and I would actually have voted Escapee had it not been from a dif year. And then you give me Legend of Zelda 4 Swords Anniversary. I would have actually paid for this game but nope, it's free. This game is awesome, and now that more of my friends are getting 3ds' instead of Ds lites then they can get it and we can play together.

Overall:Mario Kart 7(Runner up:Skyward Sword)- I would have voted Skyward. Really I would have, were it not for the behemoth that calls itself Mario Kart 7. Skyward may be an amazing game, but I have 3 reasons why MK7 was voted over it. For the first thing, it is portable so I can play it outside of my house, such as at school. The second thing is that it greatly improves over its predecessor, and while Skyward does too it isn't at all to the extent of MK7. The 3rd, and most important, is the multiplayer. I'm not saying SS should have multiplayer, as it wouldn't belong, but MK7 is amazing at this. My friends have 3ds' but not the game? No problem, just like MKDS, which our group has been using for our go to game for about a month, it has download play. I get home and want to race but don't like computers? No sweat there either, I can just go sit in my living room and play online. All of these things make MK7 GotY in my books, not just for Nintendo systems, but for any system