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Thu 13th May 2010

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Sarick commented on Sales Charts, Meet Your Future King: Wii Party:

Much better suited to my collection of quick and easy pick up games for multiplayer. Mario Party and it's long board games just doesn't work for anything else other than a family activity (fine in its own right), people who come over just don't have that kind of time.

The games that it appears to have I'd say look nice enough to make this a fair purchase. Maybe not an immediate or urgent one and if it comes too early I'll most likely leave it for a while until I can afford such a purchase.



Sarick commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

Considering the way things have recently been running Australian's should have no idea if they will get this or not. In fact recently we have been getting more and more American versions of games (Nintendo official ones). That said we have been getting the Europe packaging and manuals even if we get the US copy of the game. So it truly is an outcome based on luck alone.

That said Australians could always order this from the UK if the DVD is necessary addition to the package for them.