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Wed 20th Mar 2013

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Sanqet commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

I'm not going to bother with the comments of the developer I'll just treat them with contempt they deserve but I never liked the game I got it free with ps plus on the ps4 I think I played it for about an hour then just gave up on it I just couldn't see the appeal of the game



Sanqet commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off More Xenoblade Chron...:

I'm still not sure if I want to double dip with this as I still own the wii version and I was in the minority that thought the last story was the better game so I hope the game is a hit so we might also see the last story getting a 3ds release



Sanqet commented on More New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates Headed to E...:

@Tommeh @RadioShadow yeah the boo glow in the dark cover plate is cool I imported from Japan but the back case is very thin and makes an annoying creaking noise every time you use the 3ds I also got charged for import tax and had to pay to get it released from them what cost me an extra £20 ouch I would hold of from importing them



Sanqet commented on Nintendo 64x64: Beetle Adventure Racing:

I remember this game for only one reason the pal version of the game having the worst black borders I've ever seen it has to be to this day the worst pal conversion ever



Sanqet commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's System Updates Bring...:

Anyone who can remember how bad and slow the firmware was at launch will appreciate the difference now but if they launched the wii u with the currant firmware they might have sold more consoles I remember trying to convince two friends to buy the wii u but once they seen how slow it was they lost all interest in it for some people it is the first impression that makes the lasting impression nintendo should have waited until it was in a more finished state before releasing the wii u



Sanqet commented on Zelda Williams Will Be at E3 2014 "Doing Somet...:

I'm looking forward to e3 this year not just for nintendo but sony and Microsoft as well with all consoles now out it is all about the games and all three have been quiet about games in development so this e3 should be good and hopefully nintendo will have a great line up and give the other two a run for there money



Sanqet commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

I think nintendo need to get rid of the wii u there is no way any off the games released on it can be turning a profit with the well known cost of developing games in hd I think for the next few years they should focus on the 3ds while talking with 3rd party developers on what they want to see on nintedo's next home console like sony did with the ps1 and the ps4 maybe then they will get the 3rd support they need to survive in the home console market



Sanqet commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:

Not surprised at the last of us winning best game but vita game tearaway winning the three big mobile game awards was a bit of a surprise as I could not get into it when I played it maybe I need to give it another go



Sanqet commented on Nintendo and Retro Studios Speak on Resistance...:

I hope they never go multi format like sega as it would cost a fortune to be able to play all there games if they gave certain formats an exclusive game maybe Zelda for ps5 or Mario for Xbox that's why nintendo games for there own console will always be the best way to go for the fans of the company even if they sometimes get it wrong with the hardware like the wii u



Sanqet commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Yeah I have to agree with him I've had my wii u since day one and I still don't care for the gamepad whatever it costs to make would have been better spent on more power for the console and maybe the wii u would not be in the sorry state it is now



Sanqet commented on Dedicated Video Game Platforms To Remain Ninte...:

If nintendo want to get all the fans back they lost they have to get back to innovating with the games instead of the hardware I think they have got really lazy with the games on the wii u if you look back to the snes and n64 and how many great ideas they had when making the games compared to now you realize how little effort they have put in to making the games for the wii u with little or no innovation and offering nothing we have not seen many time before, donkey kong and 2d Mario play just the same as the snes games and offer not one new idea and a remake of wind waker they are not even trying to innovate or do something new like I said nintendos problem with the wii u is they have got lazy and stopped trying when making the games



Sanqet commented on Analysts Weigh In With Estimates for Wii U Fis...:

The wii u will really be in trouble when even nintendo can't make a profit from the games then they will kill the console quick until then just enjoy the games that are out for it and leave the worrying about sales to nintendo