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SanderEvers commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@zip, this is the same there. Different paths, different enemies, different settings. ONLY difference is that you didn't have a choice in Ages/Seasons. Or ANY of the Pokémon games.

Here you will have a choice, you can buy both paths for the price of 1.5 game (in Japan) and all three stories for the price of 2 games. Or you'll just buy one of the two. You will still be able to complete the game, just not the other path. Unless you buy it. Just like Ages / Seasons, Pokémon, etc.



SanderEvers commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@ningeek185 Even Nintendo did VR once, before it was "cool" ;) Remember the Virtual Boy.

IF NX is VR or a console with VR capabilities I want them to call it Virtual Boy 2 :)

And now people only jump the VR bandwagon because they said that it would "immerse" players into the games. But I don't think Iwata was talking about VR at all.

NX is going to be the Wii U and 3DS successor. Yes AND. It will have a x86 based low energy consuming CPU (like Intel Atom) and will be able to stream using Mirecast to a TV or Monitor. (With Mirecast built in or using an HDMI dongle) It will have on par graphical power compared to the PS4 and will play games off SD card like cardridges.
The console looks like a Wii U controller (but better designed) and can communicate with 4/8 other consoles or 4/8 "Pro" Controllers when connected to an external Display.

The device will be completely wireless and will use BT for headphones, wireless charging and WiFi/BT for communication.



SanderEvers commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

I don't think NX will be VR. Simply because of:

1. Sony is developing VR for the PS4 (Project Morpheus)
2. It will be too expensive or not very powerful.
3. It's what everybody is doing right now. Oculus Rift, Valve, Sony, MS, etc.
4. Virtual Boy.