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Wed 6th May, 2009

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SanderEvers commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

This game should get an 11/10, NO LESS!

Also, who cares about a story mode? Really, story modes in fighting games are always horrible and the past Smash Bros games were no exceptions. In my opinion no story mode is a plus, so this game, as being perfect, gets an 11/10.



SanderEvers commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:


Because no EA-shovelware games on it.

No honestly, the Wii U has the best games of this generation. It has a ton of control options. 100% BC with all Wii games. Decent online service, better than PSN BY FAR. (See Driveclub, overall stability and price). Ah yes, free online. The best and most Indie releases. No EA games, yes that's a plus. Sales are improving. The best system software, I really hate the PS4 OS. The rest of the PS4 is decent at best,

If the Wii U gets any lower than an A, the other consoles deserve no beter than an F-.

(I didn't include the XBONE in this post, since I don't call that monstrosity a console)

So A+ for Wii U, C+ for the PS4, A+ for my PC. I even don't own an XBOX ONE so no score there. A- for 3DS, please release that New one, Nintendo! D for PSVita (no good games anywhere)



SanderEvers commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

Gonna put this on my 2DS. My 3DS XL will remain untouched.

@Starwolf: or change the 3DS region. I still believe that all 3DSes are the same with only a minor change in the firmware. So if a hack allowes you to install J firmware on an E system, you'll be fine.
Or emulate J / E / U firmware (like on the Wii).



SanderEvers commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu T...:

@Gridatttack You are correct, sadly. But it's nice to think about it.

They could make it that you upload your theme to the Nintendo server, they check it and allow you to load it onto your 3DS if it's not a remake. But that would require them to check every theme. Which could be millions. So no, they aren't doing that. Even if they automate the checking.



SanderEvers commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

@mjhopkins81 I know how downloading works. However on the Wii U you cannot install a disc based game, on the PS4 / XBOX ONE you are required to do so. And with games going up to 50GB. that's 10/20 games max. Either downloaded or disc based.

Also the Wii U uses flash storage (to save space) and a 500GB 5400rpm HDD (standard in PS4 / X1) is much cheaper than 500GB Flash.



SanderEvers commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.0 Adds amiibo Settings:

@Folkloner: Amiibo, or in more general NFC, can only store a very small amount of data (4KB to be exact) this is enough for one game. And most likely you won't ever get read/write support for the current Amiibo in other games than smash. For other games that supprt read/write you'll have to get different Amiibo, that are made for those specific games.



SanderEvers commented on "The Sky Is The Limit" For amiibo, As Nintendo...:

@DESS-M-8 That would be quite impossible. If you actually knew ANYTHING about programming ;) Games that support amiibo need to get support put in by developers of that game. And there is NO developer that is going to patch in support for all Amiibo in their games.

Take Hyrule Warriors for instance. Only Link and Zelda Amiibo unlock weapons. Other amiibo's give a smaller bonus, since the game won't have anything to do with them.

Also, storage on NFC chips is very limited. You won't be able to store any data from games that aren't supported by the Amiibo itself. (This goes for stuff like a costume, gear, level, etc)



SanderEvers commented on Pikmin Short Movies Available to Buy Now on Wi...:

Also people demanding crossbuy.

Do you actually know how crossbuy works? Well, you take something that would normally cost 5 euro's / dollar. Like this. You double the price. You release it and call it a "cross buy for only 10 euro / dollar!". THAT is how Sony does it.