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Fri 28th Mar 2008

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sammy commented on New Adventure Island:

This is a good game and what the pc engine is all about.

Excellent platforming fun.



sammy commented on Dragon's Curse:

Excellent game. By the way you have to get the heart in order on the mastersystem version as well its not a bug.

I tested it in KEGA emulator the other day. The 3rd heart is easy to miss and from there on you could be in trouble so you should goto the other side of the pyramid to get it.



sammy commented on The Dynastic Hero:

This is a priceless game. I cant believe the selections that they are releasing on VC from the tg16 library. Top quality.

I finished it the other day and im sad. Did anyone notice that the sound is a little bit out of sync. Not to the point of being annoying.



sammy commented on Monster Lair:

Damo your review sucks.

This is a classic game worthy of at least 4 stars. Its more or less arcade perfect bar the paralax scrolling and the soundtrack is outstanding. I dont see what else westone could have done to make it more perfect.

Very fun game to play and the balance is just right. It takes me back to the pc engine days.

This was a very popular game in japan and I dont think that you appreciated this one properly. I still respect your other reviews but its a shame to see this game bashed on the website and other people being put off it.

Still it is a hardcore gamers game so maybe it should be left for them to enjoy.