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Tue 25th February, 2014

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SamirMalik commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@OlicityBlows Japan defines rape as rape. Having forced unwanted sex. In FE, there is no child without a wedlock.

In that case, every character is a fetish character...sigh

and it still is used as something for characterization. the whole primary purpose of the social features in the game is to get to know the characters better since in many FE characters of the past only get screen time for 3 chapters for being a character on the sideline.



SamirMalik commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@OlicityBlows my comments are based off of cliches within scripts of Japanese media. If a character is of enough innocence they will say stuff like that even though they already agreed and said they were ready. in other words they are shy. and that is what they always expressed. rape is practically non-existent in most of Japanese media. Hell, not one JRPG even covered that topic. Unless they are AO level games which we all know Fire Emblem is not. and again if there was rape then who got raped? the game has been out for a few months now with eager fans who can speak Japanese picking up the game digitally so surely you would have been able to see who was raped. Because I sure didn't. this covers the incest. like I said this is not a foreign concept to Fire Emblem. you acknowledged it yourself that this is what the Royals did back then and considered normal, (most likely as a way of preserving royal values by making sure someone from the lesser classes does not come into the family and cause coruption within the kingdoms.) and what time period does Fire Emblem take place in? the age of Dungeons and Dragons. and once again like I said if they were added in just to be fetishes then they would have as much characterization as a Dead or Alive character and always have their butts and fronts showing 100% of the time.



SamirMalik commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@OlicityBlows Yet, even if it was balanced from what I hear, the Radiant Wii game had an easy mode so that part of your comment contradicts what you say.

The devs added pheonix mode because they heard back in Japan that people couldn't even make it past newcomer in Awakening. Stupid, I know. But that also contradicts what you say.

As I already said, incest was in Fire Emblem The Holy War. So to say that it was added in as a fetish is preposterous when not everyone who goes that route has the fetish. they are more curious on how those characters interact with each other. I've already said this before on GameFAQs but Fates is starting to shape up to be like, from what little I know about the following, a lighter version of Game of Thrones. those stories have incest yet the franchise is really liked despite that. and from what little I know about the holy war the context of that game also sounds the same.

also may I ask who got raped? and if rape was in the game then who got raped? like I said giving me out of context quotes is not going to convince me. especially when those comments can come from embarrassment and shyness, which is usually when those types of comments show up.



SamirMalik commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@Bagels You just said it yourself. "It's art" meaning it's not real. It's fiction, fantasy, imagination of people and potentially worlds that don't exist. The example you give is the behind the scenes truth about how the art, in your example music, is made. Not the art itself or of being of consent. Also, if someone can make money off of their talent then they should. They should keep their eyes and ears open though. Just sayin.

Also, incest was already in The Holy War, a age old FE game sooo...



SamirMalik commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@OlicityBlows then explain to me why games like dark souls are popular? it's because they are challenging. the thing with Awakening was not it was being most marketed Fire Emblem game here in the West. thats why its sold and reached a broader audience. coupled on top of the fact that it was treated like the way an anniversary game is because it was expected expected to be the last, taking almost every mechanic from previous Fire Emblem games, and you got a way to introduce people to most of Fire Emblem making it the most accessible. the reason why Fire Emblem awakening was too easy was because there's not enough attention put into balancing. pair up is the primary reason why as it was the only new mechanic to the franchise introduced in awakening. not because they added love to the war concept, which is actually fitting. and in the process they were given the option to flesh out their characters more because of that.

I was able to get through the latter half of awakening using just Robin and Chrom just by using the pair of feature to make one overpowered unit second strike twice, strike twice as hard and almost always get guarded by the partner. however they plan on balancing that out in Fates making it so that standing beside and actually pairing up are two different modes of Pair Up meaning different sets of advantages and disadvantages. couple that on top of the fact that the conquest campaign is supposed to be the harder one.

also do you really think that they just add all that stuff in to fulfill fetishes? if that was the case they could have left the characters with no personality. Heck, incest was already in prior Fire Emblem games. I cannot remember the exact one but Fire Emblem did have incest during its pixelated days. and I don't recall any rape being in the game. out of context comments are not going to convince me otherwise. just saying.



SamirMalik commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

@OlicityBlows are you telling me you think side content is taking away from the main game's challenge? When challenge was a huge criticism from FE fans of Awakening? And dude, compared to things that are actually odd in the world this is nothing.

@FierceRagnar the most? Dude, like Sakurai said, you can ignore it. It doesn't take away any sense of epicness to the franchise as it's "freetime" story stuff. Get to know the characters more. Start a family. (FE is a franchise about war, remember?) Battle the Smash Units. All not needed but add optional value and enjoyment for those who like that stuff.



SamirMalik commented on Video: Watch Acclaimed Manga Artist Kozaki Yu...:

@Chaoz I got into the Fire Emblem franchise before Awakening and even I believe that the art here looks better than the older ones. the characters are vibrant and colorful and varied. the art is clean and smooth unlike games prior. Hell, Marth looks better than ever in this game than his previous incarnations.'re misusing the term for a weeaboo...don't be a jerk



SamirMalik commented on Square Enix Shuts Down Dragon Quest VII Fan Tr...:

@manu0 once the work is done they distributed it for free which is where the issue lies in. plus the company's localization team would want to change some things around in order to more genuinely convey the characters and world to the Western audience.

anyways the last time they did this to the type 0 fan translation team type 0 got released. you cannot hide its Square. We know eeeeeeveeeerrythiiiiiing



SamirMalik commented on Fresh Details Emerge For Shin Megami Tensei X ...:

@PlywoodStick Personas don't have a will of their own though... When you see Chrom, that is going to be Chrom. You also don't fuse yourself with your Persona. That only happens in DDS.
Also, Music is only one of the arts to be explored. (And really, what is the issue with pop? It's one thing everyone listens to.) Another Performa is going to be based on the talant of acting.



SamirMalik commented on Atlus USA is Localising Stella Glow on Nintend...:

@Kaze_Memaryu There is hope. this is Sega's IP. this wouldn't be the first time does he have localized something for Atlus, a company they own btw. persona arena has been localized for us by Sega. we are also getting a manga crossover fighting game call the fighting climax which is also from Sega.



SamirMalik commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

" has stated that she has issues with developers making "entertainment" of objectification, "especially when there are no obvious elements of parody, satire or deeper message." She also said that Nintendo "has a responsibility" to prevent games of this type reaching market, and that everyone involved - developers, publishers, hardware makers and the gamers who buy the end product - is guilty of having a very "stale" view of women"

1. Isn't this game already a parody of sorts? I'm telling the truth right now when I say the franchise is basically a comedy that parodies the typical Naruto style ninja. Plus, there is going to be a male character as well who is also gonna be as ridiculously exaggerated as the girls being Ikaruga's brother... though he fights like an idiot.
2. Nintendo has no say in what can be released on their systems if they've already handed out a license. Plus, after Bayonetta and arguably Xenoblade and some Fire Emblem DLC, it's not like that they would anyways.
3. I didn't buy the game for the girls. (Though the personalities of them are quite entertaining) I bought it for the gameplay. It was a decent game overall and has my attention as a NINTENDO franchise. Not getting the PS games due to limitations. So am I really guilty? Especially whem my favorite character in the game more resembles Akuma from StreetFighter rather than a DoA girl? (She's more about muscle than looks)



SamirMalik commented on Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Confirmed For Eu...:

@LUIGITORNADO Dude, there's always gonna be games like this. On the plus side, Japan has a balance when it comes to games like these.

@Kirby_Fan_DL3 there really isn't any actual nudity in the first game and rarely has any sexual scenes. The PS games on the other hand...

@Quorthon Actually, the creator wanted to see boobs in 3D since the 3DS was announced. At the same time he loves action games. So he did just that and presented it all as a action/comedy game. Just don't get the ones on PS. Those go too far and aren't made by the same guy.