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Fri 1st Apr 2011

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Samholy commented on Review: Unchained Blades (3DS eShop):

3 atlus games in a row without even planning it. im currently playing both radiant historia and code of princess, and next is gonna be this... atlus sure brings some wicked rpgs. they took gallons in the handheld gaming scene.

its going straight into my sdcard.
im gonna keep it for later altought, i got other rpgs to finish first



Samholy commented on Nvidia Unveils the Daunting Project Shield:

so...its a handheld console that is not really a console.
it plays android games... but who would buy an expansive thing to play androdi games when they can buy a phone or something.

it plays pc long as you are close to your pc?! the point.

at first i was super excited. an handheld console that can play pc games, imagine de possibilities!!! ends up it only streams your game wife. plus it will stream them from steam,cutting even more options.
there are games like dungeon keeper i would play handheld. looks like it wont happen yet.



Samholy commented on Mario (aka Charles Martinet) says hello to Nin...:

it funny to think he also made a deep throat voice in skyrim. that old dragon on top of the mountain...
so he can make an effiminate obese plumber (that likes to dressup as animals.) as well as a centuries old dragon.



Samholy commented on Square Enix Working On 3DS Game Featuring Tran...:

never gonna come in North america.
but you know what. nintendo has a neat feature called eshop, where anyone could download and buy imports,even if theyre not translated. there is a niche market for this,and some titles i would definitely get.
But nintendo is stupid, and will not do so. They keep their 80s-90s philosophy and marketing ways.

you know what.
ill stop making comments on nintendo life from now on. Except the 3DS, nintendo failed to gain my confidence and love. it failed big time, too many times. even the 3ds is near limit. thanks to the ds game library and the cheap prices of old games, its worth it. elseway,what a bunch of bull$%T%#@

Sayonara nintendo, i loved your snes. but i learned to be deceived by your poor decisions. love the games altought,but they just dont make it good enough anymore.



Samholy commented on Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn't In...:

no online is stupid.
my gaming time are late the evenings...when people usually sleep or just wont hang out in the middle of the week.

whatever. nintendo only tries to explain their failure once again by inventing reasons.



Samholy commented on SEGA Takes Legal Action Against Level-5 Over N...:

About nintendo's zelda , maybe they paid sega their royalties?
So as bad as it seems, if level-5 didnt pay royalties or didnt care to do a patent check, then its their problem. Intellectual property is something important, and SEGA is only trying to keep his rights.
how would you feel to see your creations were stolen or used somewhere without your permission ?
i would be pissed too.
What tickles me is why level-5 didnt do a patent check after so many titles of the same franchise.



Samholy commented on 3DS Remake Of Dragon Quest VII Features Visibl...:

i dont mind. it did well with DQ9, so it should do fine with DQ7. Altought, the random encounter added a lot of stress,pressure and tough moments. it wasnt an easy game at all, some areas are the toughest in the series.

as long as they keep the scenario and text untouched... it was a freaking long game, you can bet it will rule over my 3DS as soon as it launches. this time, i will try to get the Hero job



Samholy commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

wait. you tell me it has no online multiplayer ? huh... what's the point then.
what the hell. how can it score so high without online multiplayer ?
seriously hahaha this is just lame. comon. This is supposed to be nextgen? with no online? online been there for years already. this is a standard feature since 2007, and yet they still didnt learn?
oh man. i did so well not buying the WiiU hahaha

dont get me wrong, the games must be great. its nintendo. they make great games. but since the n64, they make stupid consoles.
oh man,still laughing. go toy around boys, ill wait for sony and microsoft to bring their beasts on the scene.



Samholy commented on Nintendo's Wii U Marketing Currently Focusing ...:

just stop manufacturing consoles,and make games for other consoles. this is what nintendo is best at. GAMES.
so... just make games and handheld consoles. i dont wanna pay 400$ for the only purpose to play with a mario game, or a zelda title.
no way,its too much. this era is past already, im thru with it.
and frankly, the last 2 zelda just didnt make it even close to the new gen games in term of narrative story and depth. they were fun, cause with the N, you get fun.
but they werent as deep,challenging or immersive as they could be. im curious to see if they will reapeat their process again with the next zelda.



Samholy commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Shrinks Prices and Con...:

geez. i was going to buy the wii mini for the kids online ? hahaha BIG FAIL
i wanted a wii for the snes games and Wiishop. well, another nintendo system i wont get...
oh well. at least, i might be getting another 3DS eventually when my ambassador will show sign of death. the guy is tough, and still plays without fail!



Samholy commented on Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U):

liked the series,but found the french version broken at best. since im mainly french, doing the english version limits me from going deeper into it without a dictionnary or wikipedia :-/ kinda screw the portability of the thing.

whatever. i dotn have budget for a new console yet, and when ill do. Well you know...the PS4 will be there.



Samholy commented on 47,096 Perler Beads Made This Awesome Chrono T...:

wait...what ?
the guy did that for real ?
it looks absolutely fantastic! you can bet this could sell easy anywhere. the guy sits on a gold mine right there.

what amazes me is that the guy actually found the nearly exact color palette made of plastic beads. there is a lot of tones in there.... where did he supply all of this hahaha



Samholy commented on Wii Mini Is Official And Has No Online Connect...:

no online support ? so... the only real reason i wanted a wii was to get snes classics since nintendo is too dumb to put them in the 3ds eshop.
nintendo fails again.

its a good thing the 3ds pleases me,cause im 2 inches to leave the brand entirely. And the 3ds lives longer due to its massive little sister's DS library



Samholy commented on Microwave 'Artist' Returns to Melt a Wii U:

viva america
where anyone can freely do stupid things.
last week i saw a guy chopping water bottles (tons of them) with his knife and sword collection, now this...
somehow im losing faith in humanity. american people at least.
seriously, this guy deserves multiple things up his butt without lube.

whatever. the guy just love the hate and feeds on people who gets angry at it.



Samholy commented on The Wii Was Born Thanks To Microsoft And Sony'...:

i loved the snes. after that, nintendo consoles were MEH. (exclude the DS and 3DS)
solely a purpose to play mario and zelda games.

ill say it again...but nintendo should do like sega. make games, but stop wasting time on consoles.



Samholy commented on Talking Point: Life Without Wii U Achievements:

actually. trophies are a pain in the butt on ps3. everytime i need to check a player profile or my own profile, it has to synch the damn trophies and sometiems it takes just too much time.

the crazy thing is that i think im around 600 trophies on ps3 and i never EVER tried to get one. they just pop out now and then.... how stupid is that ?
So i dont mind achievements like kid icarus did on 3DS. but silly trophies like ''start a new game'' or ''kill first boss'' is simply useless.
And in kid icarus,you actually get items and stuff. with trophies you get huh...wait... a bigger number on your profile ?



Samholy commented on Molyneux: "I Struggle To See Anything Amazing ...:

peter gave me amazing games back in the days. Especially dungeon keeper 1 that still remains in my best of all time top 10.
But pc gaming is a lost for me. no more pc gaming. for many reasons.

i ratehr agree with molyneux on the WiiU. that tablet thing is cool...but its the kind of thing i dont wanna pay for. i wouldnt mind getting the wiiU if that thing was a gadget you can buy on the side, like the psmove or the knect on other consoles. it has uses, but its not essential.
Now you pay your console a higher price for this thing, and its a FAIL.

keep your WiiU nintendo. i hope you come back to your sense on the next generation and stop that Wii line.



Samholy commented on Wii Owners: Microsoft Wants You To Buy The Xbo...:

stop screwing around and get a ps3.
microsoft is there just to eat a part of the market while sony and nintendo create games and amazing exclusives.
think about it. behind the xbox is the evil creator of windows!



Samholy commented on Dragon Quest VII Set to Venture Onto 3DS:

youre telling me that the deepest dragonquest arrives as a port on 3ds and not expect me to be happy ????
best gaming news for 2013 to me !!!!!!!
this game really marked my soul, cant wait to do it again !!!



Samholy commented on n-Space Not Happy With Heroes Of Ruin Sales Fi...:

really enjoyed the game. all 4 characters. but i had 3 complaints:

  • waaaay too easy and no difficulty settings. potions gallore abuse
  • no replay value when you beat the last boss, not much sidequests.
  • graphics could have been better in a lot of areas. some were fine, some others felt outdated.

doesnt mean its a bad game, but i give it 7/10. which is a score that provides enough fun to be worthy.



Samholy commented on Mario Clone Super Maria Land Jumps Onto Android:

plagiarism ? its not!
they even say its a clone!!!
as long as they give it for free, its fine. Parody is legal anyway.

people demand nintendo games on other platform. nintendo refuses. then the clones start appearing... i would like old nes games on my ps3...oh joy, there is that RETRO CITY RAMPAGE available. wait, it might be a ripoff?



Samholy commented on Feature: Looking Back at Six Years of Wii:

nintendo should do like sega, make games.
stop crappy consoles,just focus on games, thats what they are fantastic for. When i buy a nintendo, i buy it for mario,zelda and the other nintendo-only franchises. thats it.

but if i want other games, sony delivers them with power. Sony now has a solid first-party exclusives too, which in my taste, makes me wanna get the next playstation over the next nintendo.

sorry mario, but you just cant compete with Kratos. Sorry link, but your adventures arent as CRAZYWHATTHELLWOOOWAMAAZING as uncharted games.
sorry metroid, but you just cant beat Ratchet and clank in term of missiles and guns. and fun.
on top of that, Cole of infamous just rip you appart.

but i really wanna play mario and zelda too...
so for your own good sake, just stop making consoles, and make games.



Samholy commented on Review: NightSky (3DS eShop):

cave story and vvvv are two masterpieces too. and both from the same dude.... hmm
and this one is also form the same guy. This designer is a genius ! gotta get this this game ASAP



Samholy commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Takes One Step Forward...:

highly considering mario kart 3ds as a digital download.
but i also highly fear that if my 3ds dies, i wont see it again on another 3DS.

they really should do like sony and mane the eshop store available on any machine. this way it will save so much stress and trouble when switching machines or buying a new console.
They have their nintendo club going good, why not simply registering games there and receive a code of some sort to download it again in these cases. it doesnt require much coding else than a menu on the eshop. and its partially done already with the redeem code menu.

anyway....mario kart 7 always ready to launch



Samholy commented on Review: Angry Birds Trilogy (3DS):

i really want it. but the price is ridiculous.
i dont mind paying 40 dolalrs for paper mario as an example.
but just like cave story 3ds, paying for a game that is free or not above 3$ originaly is kinda lame.

if they had lauched the game at 20bucks, i would have paid for it. and frankly, its not a game i want physically, i would rather get it digital for some angry bird now and then without switching carts all the time.



Samholy commented on Nintendo: Phones And Tablets Aren't Games Devices:

totally agree with that. while ipad can do impressive graphics sometimes, the games remains for toilet usage. perfect for pooping and kill time.

plus, controls on a touchscreen is CRAP. really. nothing beats buttons and joysticks/dpads. yet.



Samholy commented on Etrian Odyssey IV Coming To North America In E...:

i must agree once again. region locking is one of the stupidest thing nintendo ever done. someone please tell me why they lock systems by regions. Theyre afraid people will buy games from gamestores around the globe ?
how would this hurt them if i wanna play a japanese game on my 3ds,even if i dont read japanese ?
monster hunter would already rock my 3ds at this time.

please give me good reasons they do so, i jsut dont get it.



Samholy commented on Spirit Hunters Ghosting Onto DSiWare on 22nd N...:

hey that looks quite interesting. not really gonna play this in the bus hahaha but in my house,it could be funny to play it with my kids. or nightmarish, if they just bump my 3ds on wall corners or house elements... ugghh...

ill check it out for sure, and its cheap



Samholy commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star Arrives in Europe 7t...:

we receive it before japan ? that is WEIRD.

i will wait until christmas pass, i might get it as a present. but i will end up buying it the next week of christmas if i didnt. The gamecube paper mario was absolutely charming, and very innovative. i hope this one will be fun too !
maybe a little more replay value would be appreciated, its my only downpoint from the gamecube paper mario.