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Mon 23rd Aug 2010

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sam322 commented on Review: Doodle Fit (DSiWare):

so do you have to build things in this game, because i really didn't get it much. But it seems like a lot of fun. Great Review



sam322 commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

great review. But i'm not obsessed with mario games, but i like them. So i'm looking for an adventure game, could SM3DL be worth it? And remember, i like mario games but im not obsessed with them thanks in advance



sam322 commented on Donkey Kong:

will definatley buy this game with my next points card



sam322 commented on Let's Golf! 3D:

you know what, i just changed my mind. I think im going to buy this title.
I was surprised when IGN gave it a 9.0!



sam322 commented on Free Buy-In for Our Ante Up: Texas Hold'em DSi...:

Twitter account: atletico77

would anyone rate Texas Hold'em poker as the top card game? Well, i'll definately do so. That is because poker is actually an addicting game, not like solitare. Solitare could get boring after a while but I've never got bored from this wonderful game. And what makes me love this game at most is that you must use your logic and skills so that amount of chips could agree to sit in your hands. In conclusion, having such a brilliant Texas Hold'em title on a portable device is actually something really cool to have ready on your dsi, and what's even better is that the idea of giving five copies to five, lucky dsi-owners was actually a brilliant idea.
Good luck for who ever wants a free copy of the game!



sam322 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

this game has better graphics than the one on the nintendo 64 and that makes me want to get this game bad
so far i only have one 3ds game which is ghost recon shadow wars



sam322 commented on FIFA Soccer:

@singie1 well i'm also waiting for the date of release but i advice you not to hurry and buy pes instead of fifa on 3ds